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Man using invisible aligners to straighten his teeth at home

18 Reasons to Get Your Teeth Straightened

At any one time, millions of Americans are engaging in efforts to improve their smile. Many of those people are choosing to do so by straightening their teeth. There are plenty of reasons to straighten one’s teeth, and thanks to new advances…
Woman putting in her Impressions invisible aligners in North Carolina

8 Effects From Invisible Aligners That Shouldn’t Scare You

Congratulations are in order, because if you’re reading this piece you’ve likely considered straightening your teeth with invisible aligners, which is going to be a huge victory for you! While invisible braces are full of advantages…
Woman puts in her Impressions invisible aligner tray in Asheville, NC

How Impressions Invisible Aligners Move Your Teeth

Just over a decade ago, the only way to have your teeth straightened was through metal braces, rubber bands, and the accompanying “grin and bear it” mindset. While braces were always worth the end result, a company by the name of Align Technology…
Blog about fashion bloggers living in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Top Style Bloggers (Part 2)

Our last post about North Carolina’s fashionable ladies was such a hit, we’re back for a second round! You may not think of quaint Asheville or charming Charlotte as meccas for stylish looks and fashion on a budget, but in that case, you…
Woman just cleaned her invisible aligners with soap in North Carolina

6 Ways to Clean Your Invisible Aligners at Home

Invisible aligners, like the ones that we use for Impressions, were designed to make your dental correction easier and more convenient. Cleaning your aligners, however, can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re unsure how to do it properly.…
Wine being poured at vineyard in Western North Carolina

7 Delicious Wines that Won’t Stain Your Teeth

Like many good people in North Carolina, we enjoy a nice glass of wine on a pleasant evening. The problem is that wine can pose a problem for your teeth. Let's be clear, stained teeth don't look good when combined with invisible aligners. Fortunately…
Woman uses her library card to rent books in Asheville, NC

Impressions Celerbrates Library Card Sign-Up Month in NC

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Did you know that September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month? To celebrate that distinctive feeling from many pleasant hours spent scouring favorite corners of the local library, we’re encouraging everyone who doesn’t have a library…
Woman wonders how her diet affects her teeth and dental hygiene

How Your Diet Affects Your Teeth & Smile

We all know that our diet is impactful on the health of our bodies, but did you know that your diet can affect your teeth as well? It’s true! There are certain foods that benefit the health of your teeth, and others that degrade their physical…
Blog about fashion bloggers living in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Top Style Bloggers

North Carolina is quickly becoming a stronghold of fierce, fashionable ladies who offer inspirational stories right alongside their expertly styled looks. In the last couple of years, style has seriously improved in the Tar Heel State, and we…