How much does it cost?


Impressions is an at-home orthodontic treatment option that eliminates the cost associated with frequent office visits. With these costs eliminated, Impressions is half the cost of traditional Invisalign clear aligner treatment.

Our base Impressions treatment costs half the cost of Invisalign.

How can we offer you the quality and comfort of Invisalign at such a great price? Compared with traditional Invisalign, Impressions at-home clear aligners have:

  • No monthly check-in appointments – which saves you money! Impressions starts with and initial scan, has a mid-point check in, and we recommend a final records appointment at the end of treatment.
  • Impressions has no attachment buttons applied to your teeth that have to be removed at the end of treatment
  • Impressions is a home-managed system. Patients follow our guidelines – included in our step-by-step instruction guide – to transform their smiles wherever they are.

Like all orthodontic treatments, Impressions is right for some patients and not others. Impressions works best for mild to moderate spacing, crowding, over and underbite issues. If Impressions doesn’t work for you, our other home-centric clear aligner treatment, Impressions+ could be right for you.


Impressions+ is, like Impressions, a home-centric treatment option. However, Impressions+ can treat more severe cases and includes six office visits. Because of the cost associated with office visits and additional materials, Impressions+ costs more than regular Impressions and is approximately 20% less than traditional Invisalign. How does Impressions+ cost less than Invisalign, but more than Impressions?

  • Invisalign requires regular office visits, every 6-8 weeks. Impressions+ has six office visits included in the cost and treatment plan.
  • Impressions+ includes attachments, small enamel-colored buttons attached to the teeth, to help shift and move teeth into alignment. Impressions+ includes these attachments, our baseline Impressions treatment does not.

To find out which at-home clear aligner treatment is right for you, schedule your consultation – it’s completely free! Complete the form to request your new patient appointment, or call us at 844.856.8836.


For patients who have orthodontic benefits with their insurance, most plans that cover braces & Invisalign also will cover Impressions and Impressions+ – usually $500 to $1,500. Our team will be happy to check your orthodontic benefits for your particular policy at your complimentary. Schedule yours now online or call 844.856.8836