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before and after orthodontic treatment

Options for straightening your teeth with clear aligners

Option #1: Invisalign What is Invisalign? Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear, plastic aligners to straighten your teeth instead of traditional metal braces. When you start Invisalign, a 3-D digital scan is made of your…
before and after orthodontic treatment

Before and After Orthodontic Treatment

How will my teeth look before and after orthodontic treatment?  At-home clear aligner treatment, traditional Invisalign and braces are all options for straightening your smile, locally.   You can find out which option makes the…
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A day in the life of an Impressions patient

Day in the life of an Impressions patient What it is like to have Impressions at-home invisible aligners You just received a package in the mail.  It’s from Impressions!  Now what? Impressions is a local (to WNC) orthodontic…
Asheville Orthodontist, Dr. Roberts, created his own at-home teeth-straightening kit

Asheville Orthodontist, Dr. Roberts, created his own at-home teeth-straightening kit

Dr. T. Luke Roberts, D.M.D., M.S.D., founder and leader of the Blue Ridge Orthodontics practice located in Asheville, Brevard, and Hendersonville, has been on a journey of smiles for quite a number of years. “Having grown up in a medical…
Impressions clear aligners, the solution to your shifted smile.

Teeth Shifted After Braces? What Should You Do?

Have you ever experienced a greater sense of relief than the moment your braces were removed? If you have, you can imagine the shock a person goes through when they notice their teeth have shifted after braces. After months or even years…
Impressions, the gift that will keep them smiling for a lifetime.

Why At-Home Clear Aligners Are the Best Gift For Your Teen This Holiday Season

Don’t know what to get your teenager this holiday season? If you’re worried about gifting the latest trend that will only keep them occupied until the next thing comes out, get a lasting gift, like a new smile. Another great gifting…
Meet the Impressions Team - Blue Ridge Orthodontics

Meet the Impressions Team

Impressions is the only at-home aligner company with a professional fit and personal touch! Impressions is Blue Ridge Orthodontics' at-home treatment option, bringing a never-seen-before orthodontic offer to the Asheville area. All in-office…