impressions week at blue ridge orthodontics

Join us at Braces, Invisalign and IMPRESSIONS Week with Blue Ridge Orthodontics
Save big on Braces, Invisalign + Impressions!

We’re joining Blue Ridge Orthodontics’ Braces and Invisalign week with additional Impressions discounts! Get almost $1,000 off Braces and Invisalign + $489 OFF  Impressions!

June 8th through June 12th

Maybe you’ve heard of BRO’s Braces & Invisalign nights. These events occur one or two nights a year and offer big discounts to patients seen at the event. During June, we’re increasing the savings – and the length of the offer to a WHOLE WEEK!

 As we celebrate returning more to our normal lives, we’re kicking off by joining Braces & Invisalign WEEK. This is a time to save $498 on Impressions, but it’s also a time to enjoy being out of the house. We’d love to see you, share social distancing stories, and give you almost $500 off treatment!

 Impressions is an at-home take on traditional Invisalign, supervised by Dr. Roberts and BRO, one of the top clear aligner providers in North America! With Impressions joining BRO’s Braces and Invisalign week, you get to make the decision for what treatment is best for YOU without having to think about the cost.

How does it work?
Just request an appointment using the webform below. Then, one of our scheduling team members will contact you to confirm. Then, just pop into our office for your scheduled complimentary consult. If you start treatment with Impressions, save almost $500 and you don’t have to come back to the office any other time through your treatment!

This is BRO’s biggest discount of the YEAR on braces, Invisalign and Impressions!! This offer won’t happen again, so reserve your consultation today! Just fill out the form, or give us a call at 844-846-8836 and reserve your savings and new smile! Plus, bring a friend and get $50 more off your treatment.

Can’t wait to see you.


There is a limited number of patients that we will be able to see during scan week. To make sure you’re one of them, fill out the form above and save your spot!

*offer applies only to June 8, – June 12, 2020 to individuals who start treatment that week. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer and giveaway are not transferrable and are not applicable on previously signed contracts.