Start Impressions Treatment to Get $150 to design custom shoes + $150 off treatment

Start Impressions, get a $150 to design custom shoes Plus get $150 off treatment Limited gifts available - schedule today

Upgrade Your Kicks Before Going Back to School

When you start Impressions treatment during August, we’re giving you money to design your own shoes – however you’d like. Plus, get $150 off your new smile!

Start treatment with braces or Invisalign and you’ll get $150 to customize your new shoes – just in time to go back to school!

We’re giving all August new patients a gift card from Vans, Nike or Chaco for custom shoes! If you’re looking for rainbow shoes, kicks to support your favorite sports team, or bright, flashy colors to “step up” your footwear, you can make them on us! Below, see how we customized our own Blue Ridge Orthodontics shoes.

This offer is just in time for back to school. Skip the in-person shoe shopping and let your kiddo – or yourself – design shoes online and they’ll be shipped right to your door.

How to get your custom shoes?

  1. Schedule your new patient appointment
  2. Start treatment with Blue Ridge Orthodontics for $150 off – braces, Invisalign or at-home treatment, Impressions
  3. Get your gift card and start designing

Remember, this deal is only happening during August and our appointments for August started filling up mid-July. Schedule your consultation and reserve your shoes! 

Just fill out the form on this page and a team member will contact you to find the best time in your schedule.

It’s easy to schedule your free consultation during August. Just fill out the form on this page or call us at 828-585-6045 and a team member will contact you to schedule.

You’re one step closer to your new smile and custom-designed kicks!

Impressions vs. Impressions+

Want affordable treatment from home, with local doctor supervision?

Impressions+ might be the option for you! Impressions+ comes with all of the benefits of Impressions, plus more doctor supervision and the ability to handle more complex orthodontic issues.

Impressions+ costs more than Impressions, but still much less than Invisalign. That price difference pays for the additional appointments, as well as the attachments that are placed on your teeth. These attachments make treating severe spacing, crowing, overbite and underbite issues possible.

Compare treatment options and costs

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Blue Ridge Orthodontics Asheville, NC

Impressions & Impressions+

Services by Blue Ridge Orthodontics

Blue Ridge Orthodontics is a top tier provider of clear aligners in Asheville, Hendersonville and Brevard, North Carolina. After offering braces & Invisalign, Blue Ridge Orthodontics founder Dr. Luke Roberts, desired to create an awesome solution for the patient who is seeking “at home” orthodontics treatment. It needed to be safe, effective and less expensive than traditional orthodontic treatment. 

Impressions is the best product in its category because of three things. 1) Every treatment starts with a 3D iTero scan of the teeth. 2) Impressions uses the Invisalign system to develop a treatment plan and manufacture the aligners — so the patient is getting the best product made with the best materials in the clear aligner industry. 3) Impressions treatment is planned by a Diamond-level Invisalign provider. This assures the patient that they will have the best and most effective clear aligner treatment.