Spring is the Rebirth of Your Smile!
Start treatment and be entered to WIN BIG with the Impressions Lottery

Hi, Marni’s friends! Happy Spring! Start treatment this month and you’re guaranteed to win up to a $300 gift card to a local business, free Bluetooth speakers, or money off treatment. You might even win FREE Impressions Treatment!

Spring is the time of rebirth and growth. Let Impressions transform your smile to the smile of your dreams! Start Impressions treatment during April and be you’ll receive an Impressions Lottery Envelope containing up to $300 in gift cards, experiences, or discounts! Fill out the form to the right to reserve your lottery envelope and new smile! 

You’ve heard about the Impressions Lottery, right? We’re giving out envelopes with a mystery prize inside to everyone who signs up for Impressions treatment THIS month. The really exciting thing about our Lottery is that every single envelope has an amazing prize inside! Everyone wins! But not in a boring, participation trophy sort of way.

We’re giving away gift cards, speakers, and serious discounts on Impressions treatment. A few lucky winners will even get FREE treatment! These prizes are crazy good! Just to name a few, you could win $300 to Sierra Nevada Brewery, $200 to Limones, $300 to the Salt Cave of Asheville, and many more! Check out what all might be in those envelopes, here.

How to get your winning lottery envelope:

  1. Request a lottery envelope with the form to the right.
  2. You’ll receive an envelope in the mail from us. Open this envelope.
  3. Inside will be a small envelope (this size of a business card). DO NOT OPEN THIS ENVELOPE. This is your surprise winnings, we want you to open it with us so we can see too!!
  4. Bring the unopened small envelope to your Impressions appointment.
  5. When you start treatment, open your envelope and win whatever is inside!
  6. Everyone’s a winner with Impressions Lottery! Your envelope could contain up to a $300 gift card to a local business, free Bluetooth speakers, money off treatment, and ONE ENVELOPE CONTAINS A “FREE IMPRESSIONS TREATMENT” LOTTERY CARD!

What is Impressions? Impressions is an at-home take on traditional Invisalign, supervised by Dr. Roberts and BRO, one of the top clear aligner providers in North America! Our treatment works while you work, or while you relax, or while you sleep, wherever you are. With our early morning and evening appointments, you don’t have to worry about taking a day off work either. PLUS, at half the price of Invisalign, our at-home treatment lets you keep more money for the things you love.

Our partner, Blue Ridge Orthodontics are having a great deal on their Braces and Invisalign, too! Get $327 off Braces and Invisalign + a FREE Yeti Lunch Bag when you start treatment with BRO during April. When you sign up to come to your consultation appointment, we will help you find what treatment fits you best. To read more about their offer, click here.

Gifts are limited, so be sure to set your appointment early! Reserve your consultation today! Just fill out the form, or give us a call at 844-846-8836 and reserve your savings and new smile!

Can’t wait to see you.


There is a limited number of appointments and gifts. To make sure that you get your lottery envelope, fill out the form above and save your spot!

*Offer applies only during the month of April to individuals who get Impressions BRO. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash. Offer and giveaway are not transferrable and are not applicable on previously signed contracts.