Woman excited to win the Impressions lottery in Asheville

You’ve heard about the Impressions Lottery, right? We’re giving out envelopes with a mystery prize inside to a limited number of Impressions fans. The really exciting thing about our Lottery is that every single envelope has an amazing prize inside! Everyone wins! But not in a boring, participation trophy sort of way.

We’re giving away gift cards, speakers, and serious discounts on Impressions treatment. A few lucky winners will even get FREE treatment! Because we’re so excited about the prizes you could win, we wanted to share exactly what the possibilities are!

What do you hope to get in your Lottery envelope?

$300 to Sierra Nevada Brewery

Take all your friends to Sierra Nevada, your treat! Wether you go for food, a concert or an exclusive tour, everyone is sure to have a great time. Don’t forget to raid the gift shop!

$200 to Limones

Enjoy a fancy dinner date with someone special at Limones! Their fine Mexican and Californian inspired cuisine never disappoints!

FREE Impressions Treatment!

You could straighten your smile without even pulling out your wallet!

$200 Starbucks gift card

Incase you’re wondering, that’s about 40 Java Chip Frappuccinos or 80 cups of coffee 😉

$300 to the Salt Cave of Asheville

Experience the restorative energy of Asheville’s only salt cave, plus a therapeutic massage!

$200-500 off Impressions Treatment

What could you do with an extra $200-500? There are a lot of possibilities to choose from!

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your music anywhere – at home, at work, on the trail, wherever you are!

$200 Amazon gift card

Visualize your Amazon wishlist, right now. Bet you can think of a couple things to treat yourself with already!

Have you requested your Lottery envelope yet?

We still have some envelopes left, so hurry up and reserve yours now! You’ll get one large envelope to open up that contains some more lottery details, and a smaller envelope that you’ll bring unopened to your free Impressions consultation. When you start your smile journey, you’ll open the small envelope and win whatever is in there! Every envelope has one of the prizes above, so everyone wins big!