Woman putting in her Impressions invisible aligners in North Carolina

Congratulations are in order, because if you’re reading this piece you’ve likely considered straightening your teeth with invisible aligners, which is going to be a huge victory for you!

While invisible braces are full of advantages and an end result that’s sure to make you smile, there will also likely be some adjustments you’ll need to get used to.

Like anything new and different, unknown side effects may come up and questions will need to be answered during your smile transformation. Since it’s October, we’ve decided to make a list of some of the most common side effects that are experienced while wearing invisible aligners that some people may find to be a little bit ~spooky~.

1) Minor Pain or Discomfort

This first one is probably the frightful feedback that we hear the most. Mild to medium pain and discomfort after beginning your Impressions smile transformation is totally commonplace. Actually, you should take it as a sign that your aligners are doing their job. The slight pain in your mouth is a result of the gradual movement of your teeth into perfect alignment. While it may not feel good, the discomfort or soreness should be gone in a day or two. Think of it like a workout for your teeth; it isn’t working if you’re not feeling the burn!

2) A Slight Change to Your Bite

Straightening a smile inevitably changes the way that teeth touch each other. By the end of treatment, most bites should shift to where they ought to be, which is likely different from where they were before. Plenty of people throughout the United States suffer from over, under, or sideways bites, and have grown accustomed to that position. If you find the discomfort worrying, however, get in touch with one of our representatives so we can double check your progress. We’re always around to help you out.

Woman starts Impressions treatment in North Carolina

3) Issues With Fit

At times when you begin wearing a new set of aligners, they may not fit right. This is due to the differences in each set of Impressions aligners, which are sent to you all at once but changed weekly, that prompts a shift in the shape of your teeth. If your aligners aren’t fitting correctly when you’ve placed them in, consider using Chewies to assist in getting them on.

4) Loosened Teeth

Though certainly a side effect that may give most people a fright, loose teeth are actually a common part of the realignment process. It’s actually a sign that your treatment is working properly and shouldn’t cause you any worry. Once you’ve completed your orthodontic realignment and have stopped wearing your aligners, the looseness will pass.

5) Dry Mouth

If you’ve ever had braces or known someone who has, then you know that dry mouth is just part of the process, but for those who are unfamiliar, having something new in your mouth all day can really dry out your mouth. The best remedy is to increase your intake of cool water throughout the day, which is an excellent habit anyways. Treat yourself to a cute new water bottle and get used to taking it everywhere with you. Not only will you keep yourself hydrated, but you’ll also be helping the planet. An extra tip: don’t leave the house without lip balm either!

6) Bad Breath

Remember that after putting on your aligners, your teeth will not get as much air or water flow as they’re used to, and may be trapped with leftover food and bacteria for hours if you don’t clean them thoroughly. It’s a good idea to bring a teeth cleaning kit with you to school or work so that you can brush, floss and rinse after each meal. This can help you prevent bad breath from occuring, as can regularly cleaning your aligners and eating the right foods. Learn how to do so by reading our blog post about aligner cleaning and maintenance.


7) Lisp

Whether or not you happen to think it’s endearing, a slight lisp has been known to develop because of the aligners. Some find that the aligners change the way they talk, others don’t. It really depends on the person; everyone is different. While it may take a few days, your mouth should adjust to the new hardware and any changes in speech will fade. In all likelihood, no one else that you see will be able to tell the difference, and after a few short months you’ll have a perfect smile that’ll make others stop dead in their tracks.

8) Confidence!

Okay, this one may not be quite as scary, but definitely expect to have a bit of extra confidence following completion of your smile journey. The way you’ll feel with the smile of your dreams is sure to bring positive attention to you, so prepare yourself for a whole lot more confidence as a result!

If you are an Impressions patient and experiencing any of the effects above or otherwise having difficulties, don’t hesitate to get in touch via our website. We have experts available to help you out!

If you are interested in learning more about Impressions or wondering if you could be a candidate, request an appointment  with us! The smile you’ve been waiting for could be much closer than you realized.