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How Long Do Braces Take To Straighten Teeth

The path to a straight smile is unique for each and every person. Dental braces for adults are different than for children, but it is considered a highly effective teeth-straightening method.  That being said, many people believe that the window for correcting their smile closes at a young age. We’re happy to report that adults who want to straighten their teeth actually have several options in 2019. It’s never too late to correct your smile.


Why Braces Take Time To Straighten Teeth

Braces aren’t designed for immediate results. If you want to straighten your smile, you have to be patient and allow your teeth to shift gradually over time. With traditional metal braces, you will have to periodically visit your orthodontist so they can tighten the dental wire threaded through the brackets attached to your teeth. This ensures that your teeth are being aligned into the proper positions.

Your specific dental condition will also have an effect on how long it will take your braces to correct your smile. If you suffer from severe crowding, spacing issues, or biting issues, you can expect braces to take a little longer to complete the job. Just be patient and follow your orthodontist’s instructions, your new smile will need a little TLC before they’re ready for the world!

Brace Yourself for a Commitment

Think you’re ready for traditional braces? Keep in mind that wearing braces isn’t the only commitment you’re going to have to make. You’ll also have to pencil out some time in your schedule for appointments with your orthodontist. Plan in advance, because the average adult will have to wear their braces for 18 months to 3 years.

Here’s what you can expect:

Initial Consultation

Even if you’re ready for braces, you’ll still need your orthodontist’s “okay” before proceeding. A full assessment of your dental health, including a close examination of your alignment needs, will be used to determine which type of braces is right for you. Depending on your teeth, a tooth extraction may be required prior to braces too.

First Treatment

After your initial consultation, it’s time for you to be fitted for braces. In addition to fitting you for braces, your orthodontist will also cover a plethora of good oral hygiene practices to help you care for your braces. Pay close attention, as they will also teach you how to cope with the initial discomfort of wearing braces.

Follow-Up Appointments

Your orthodontist will request to see you regularly while your teeth are being straightened. These visits are crucial for keeping your treatment moving along at the proper pace, and you can ask your orthodontist any questions you may have pertaining to your treatment plan.

Removal of Braces

The day has finally arrived! Your teeth are now straight, which means your treatment is over and your braces can be removed by your orthodontist. Typically, she/he will advise you to wear a retainer for a few months to ensure that your teeth stay in alignment.

Cost of Braces

Unfortunately, braces for adults cost more than braces for children. Insurance may help offset some of the cost of braces, but it depends on your policy. You should be ready to spend, on average, between $5000 and $7000 for a perfect smile, but this figure could increase if your smile requires additional measures to correct.

There is some good news about the cost of braces — payment plans are available with some providers! You don’t need to worry about disrupting your financial situation to achieve a beautiful smile, but you should shop around and compare your options to find the right solution for you (and your budget).

Questions To Ask An Orthodontist

You want to establish a strong connection with your orthodontist so you feel comfortable interacting with them throughout your treatment. Attempting to straighten your smile can be a significant undertaking. You will have to face the fact that you’ll look different when wearing braces, your dental hygiene habits will need to be changed, and you may experience unfamiliar oral pains. Your orthodontist will help guide you through this process, providing a helping hand whenever you need it. We recommend getting your questions ready now so your first visit is informational, and perhaps, even a bit enlightening:

  • What is the best option for straightening my teeth?
  • How long will I have to wear braces?
  • What do I need to do to take care of my teeth while they’re on?
  • How frequently will I need to stop by for office visits?
  • How much will they cost?
  • Do you offer payment plans for this treatment?
  • Do you accept my insurance?
  • After getting them off, what are my next steps?

What Other Options Do You Have?

As we mentioned above, no two people follow the same path to a perfect smile. Your treatment depends on your teeth, your health, and your orthodontist’s professional opinion. In addition to traditional braces, here are some other ways adults can get their teeth straightened:

Ceramic Braces

Looking for a less noticeable alternative to regular braces? Ceramic braces better match the color of your teeth, making them harder to see than metal braces. However, it comes at a higher cost, too.

Clear Aligners

Want to avoid the wires and brackets of regular braces? Clear aligners use plastic trays that fit snugly over your teeth. They’re easy to remove, which makes eating, brushing, and flossing a breeze. Just make sure you don’t lose them! Some orthodontists believe that clear aligners are insufficient for those with large gaps between teeth.


Although they don’t help straighten your smile, veneers can be utilized to make your smile look better. They are thin and resemble the color of real teeth. The layer that covers your teeth is made of porcelain, and they sit comfortably over your teeth. Veneers are typically used to cover small chipped, dull, or stained teeth. The only drawback is that your teeth still won’t be straight and your dentist may need to shave off part of a tooth if it proves problematic when placing your veneers.

Why You Should Consider Impressions Instead

If you need to correct crowded or crooked teeth, traditional braces are one of the most tried and true methods available. You can’t ignore the millions of people who have worn braces to help them achieve a superior smile. That said, you don’t necessarily need to utilize an option that covers up your smile and requires regular appointments for maintenance. If you want to straighten your smile without impairing that first impression, you should consider using Impressions in place of traditional braces.

Here’s the deal: the one main knock against clear aligners is the fact that you have to be responsible for them. They’re meant to be invisible, which means you have to make an effort to keep them clean, and you have to make a conscious effort to wear them if you want them to be effective! Traditional braces are fastened to your teeth, so you don’t have to worry about losing them, but you will have to commit yourself to a pretty strict regimen of in-office visits and oral hygiene.

Want to avoid regular orthodontist visits? Does the thought of you wearing metal braces make you cringe? We understand that everyone’s path to a perfect smile is different, but we’re here to say that Impressions can help you straighten your smile for nearly half the price of Invisalign. Call us today at (844) 846-8836 or fill out our form to request an appointment. We would be happy to walk you through what to expect from your Impressions consultation at the ImpressionsHub in Asheville.

Woman chooses invisible aligners instead of traditional braces

Teeth Shifted After Braces? What Should You Do?

Have you ever experienced a greater sense of relief than the moment your braces were removed? If you have, you can imagine the shock a person goes through when they start to notice that their teeth have shifted after braces. After months or even years of wearing braces to straighten your smile, it can feel like your teeth are rebelling — it’s a mutiny of the mouth!

If this describes your situation, take a deep breath and relax. You’re likely a little stressed out about your predicament. After all, the process of wearing braces can be painful, expensive, and in some cases, awkward. You might feel like you wasted time trying to straighten your smile, but this isn’t true.

Teeth shifting after braces is relatively commonplace, and there are steps you can take to not only understand why this happens, but how to correct it before the problem becomes more pervasive. In this article, we’ll provide tips to help you protect your smile and explain how Impressions can help you strengthen your smile and regain your confidence!


Why Do Your Teeth Shift After Braces?

It can be difficult to pin down the exact reason why teeth shift after braces, but many cases can be attributed to the amount of wear and tear your teeth go through on a daily basis. Pressure is applied over the surface area of your teeth every time you chew, clench your teeth, sneeze, or smile. This pressure is applied day in and day out, and not always evenly, which can cause your teeth to shift in unpredictable ways.

Even if your teeth remained straight for years after you stopped wearing braces, your teeth can start to shift as you get older. Grinding your teeth in your sleep can also lead to shifting teeth. Of course, you can minimize the damage from teeth grinding with a mouthpiece, but you can’t mitigate all of the causes of shifting teeth; after all, your genes can also affect your smile. Your teeth are built to handle pressure, but when you apply too much, they’re going to seek some relief by shifting into a more comfortable (and arguably less sightly) position.

Tips for Preventing Your Teeth From Moving

Remember, your responsibility to your smile doesn’t end the moment your braces are removed. Getting through braces is a battle, but your lifelong smile is the war, and you’ll need reinforcements to truly conquer your smile. Therefore, it’s essential that individuals follow these three tips to prevent their teeth from shifting after braces:

Follow the Rules of Your Retainer

After your braces are removed, you’ll want to wear a retainer regularly to prevent your teeth from shifting. While your regular retainers are being prepared, you can wear molded plastic retainers to prevent any further shifting. Unless you’re eating or brushing your teeth, you’ll want to keep your retainer on at all times to ensure that your smile is ready for its next photo op.

Raise the Alarm When Teeth Start to Shift

There’s no reason to hesitate when you start to notice that something isn’t right with your smile. Your teeth have a mind of their own, not literally, but you never know how they will react after the braces come off. For instance, emerging wisdom teeth could shift your teeth closer together. If you didn’t follow the rules of your retainer, you could experience small shifts over time that cause it fit improperly. Removable retainers can warp, and permanent retainers need to be taken care of or shifting can occur. Regardless of the reason, it’s imperative that you dial up your dentist or orthodontist the moment you notice a problem.

Prove Your Commitment to Your Smile

Your smile is no greater than the sum of its parts, which means you have an obligation to all 32 of your teeth. That means brushing your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes, flossing, and taking proactive measures to prevent tooth decay. Decay can affect the shape of your tooth, causing the other teeth around it to shift. You should aim to see your dental hygienist regularly during the six months following the removal of your braces to ensure that your smile is holding strong and your retainer is doing its job.

Can You Straighten Your Teeth With Your Retainer?

Understandably, when you notice your teeth shifting it can lead to a momentary panic. You might feel like you can “fix the damage” by using an old retainer. Let’s make this clear, a retainer’s ability to straighten your teeth is predicated on its fit. In other words, if teeth have shifted and you attempt to wear a poorly fitting retainer, you may end up damaging your teeth even more. Yikes. This is quite a predicament, but you still have options — a surefire solution to your orthodontic relapse that will help you leave lasting impressions every time you smile.

What Is Your Best Option If Your Teeth Have Shifted? Impressions!

Impressions is an at-home take on traditional Invisalign that can help move your teeth into alignment. It uses aligners that you change weekly and doesn’t require you to visit your dentist for fittings. Impressions treats overbite, underbite, crowding, and spacing. Here’s how it works:

  • Stop by for a free appointment. We’ll use a digital scan to map your smile so your aligners are a perfect fit.
  • Don’t worry about coming in again to pick them up. We’ll save you the hassle and ship them straight to your front door.
  • Time to impress your friends and family with a dazzling smile!

Best of all, Impressions provides the comfortable, easy-to-use and virtually invisible advantages of Invisalign for nearly half the cost. Impressions even files with all insurance providers! If you’re ready to learn more, fill out our form to see if you are a candidate for Impressions or request an appointment and find out firsthand why people love Impressions!

Person with braces looks for cheaper alternative to straighten teeth at home

How To Straighten Uncentered Teeth When You Can’t Afford Braces

Are you tired of the frustration of having a crooked smile? Many people are born with uncentered teeth and want an affordable option to help get them straightened. But what can you do if braces are just too expensive? Fortunately, braces are not the only available option to you anymore. With modern advances in orthodontics, cheaper and sometimes less noticeable options are out there. If you have been looking for a cheaper alternative to traditional braces than this is the article for you.

Adults Have A Lot Of Orthodontic Options in 2019

For adults who have struggled with having uncentered teeth and are ready to do something about, advances in cosmetic dentistry have opened up the options for treatment. Where once metal braces were thought of as the only method to attain that perfect smile, now there are several other options available. Each with their own advantages and disadvantages.


Invisalign has become one of the most popular methods of straightening teeth in recent years due to the discrete nature of the treatment. Through the use of clear aligners specially molded to fit your teeth, Invisalign can help straighten that crooked smile. And the best part is they can be easily removed for activities that metal braces complicate, such as eating and brushing your teeth. If you are interested in Invisalign, you will have to go in for an office visit to see if they are the right option for you.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most traditional orthodontic method for straightening teeth. This option does tend to be the cheapest option for adults looking to align their teeth. The downside is that metal braces are the most noticeable and can require a lot of care to keep clean.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces involve attaching the metal brackets behind your teeth, making them much less noticeable than traditional braces. They are usually affixed to the lower and upper front teeth and do not need to be removed during the course of treatment. Some other advantages to lingual braces are that they require less office visits and typically take around 12 to 24 weeks for to be effective.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces use a clear brackets or brackets colored to match your teeth. These tend to be preferred over metal brackets because they are a bit less noticeable and can be just as effective. There is a bigger risk of teeth staining with ceramic braces, but they can be faster at aligning teeth than other options.

A Cheaper Alternative to Invisalign

Although Invisalign is a very unnoticeable way to straighten your teeth, it is not always the most affordable option. However, there are cheaper options out there.

One cheaper option for straightening your teeth is teeth straightening kits. These kits can be used at home and do not require visiting a doctor to get your teeth scanned. With a home straightening kit, everything you need is sent by mail. They typically work by using the kit to take an impression of your own teeth, then the company you are using will use this impression to develop a treatment plan and send you aligners.

Home kits do carry the risk of not meeting with a trained dental professional in person to be evaluated. They can also rely on you taking a correct impression of your teeth on your own in order for treatment to work and aligners to fit correctly. Because of this, home kits are usually used for fairly mild cases.

Another alternative is contouring and bonding. This can help make your teeth appear straighter without actually altering their position in the gums. Contouring and bonding involves the use of composite material to build on some parts of the teeth while using a drill to take other parts of the teeth down.
One other cheap alternative to Invisalign are retainers. These can be much more affordable than braces or aligners. However, as with teeth straightening kits, this option is mainly used in mild cases.

Benefits of Getting Your Teeth Straightened

There are a multitude of benefits to having your teeth straightened. One of the biggest benefits being a greater sense of confidence in your smile. This can lead to an overall improved quality of life and might give you the confidence to apply for that dream job or talk to that person you’ve been wanting to, but were just too embarrassed because of your teeth.

Apart from the social and professional benefits of having straighter teeth, getting your teeth straighten can also have oral health benefits such as:

  • Healthier gums
  • Improved speech
  • Easier cleaning
  • Less wear and tear

What is the Average Cost of Orthodontics for Adults

The cost of orthodontics can vary greatly depending on what type of treatment you are thinking of getting.

Metal braces tend to be the cheapest form of brace orthodontics. They tend to range between $2,500-$7,500. Fortunately they are sometimes covered by state-funded insurance.

Invisalign does tend to be a bit more expensive than metal braces. Typically coming in around $3,500-$8,500. However, many adults find that the lack of visibility makes them worth spending a little extra.

Ceramic braces, while less noticeable than metal braces, can also be more expensive. This treatment option can range between $3,000-$10,000.

Lingual braces that go on the back side of the teeth are probably the least noticable bracket option. The downside is lingual braces can be very pricey. They tend to range between $5,000-$13,000.

Retainers are typically very affordable, coming in around $100-$750 per set. However, these are only used for mild cases.

Home kits can be a bit more affordable than metal braces or Invisalign. With a home kit you can expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000.

Composite bonding can also be a cheap and fast fix, depending on how much you need done. Pricing usually ranges between $250-$1,200 per tooth.

What Are Your Financing Options with Impressions?

Interested in getting orthodontic treatment with Impressions, but not sure about the price? If you have dental insurance, it may be able to cover some of the cost of your orthodontic treatment, making it more affordable to you. You should first check to see if the orthodontist you want to go with accepts your insurance. If not, you may want to find another provider.

If you do not have insurance, there are still options out there for you. Talk with your orthodontist about setting up a payment plan to help spread the cost out over a longer period of time. Other options are the use of an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) or an HSA (Health Savings Account) to help afford orthodontic procedures, such as metal braces or Invisalign.


The days of braces being the only option for straightening teeth are behind us. If you have been considering getting your teeth straightened, Impressions is a great option! Call us today at (844) 846-8836 or fill out our form to request an appointment. We would be happy to walk you through what to expect from your Impressions consultation at the ImpressionsHub in Asheville.

Picture of Miley Cyrus

QUIZ: Who’s Your Celebrity Smile Twin?

Celebrities didn’t always have perfect smiles! Especially before they got famous, most celebrities didn’t have the means to “fix” their teeth. However, with recent advances in technology, a perfect smile is achievable for most people! Check out these celebrity smiles before and after they got famous!

If you want a celebrity smile for half the time and half the price of traditional braces, Impressions is here for you! With just a quick free consultation, you could start your smile transformation and have everything you need delivered to your door. Each Impressions treatment also comes with a professional whitening treatment, so that celebrity smile is closer than ever!

Did you have braces as a kid?

Before and after picture of Gwen Stefani smiling Marie Claire

If you had braces as a kid, you remember the colorful rubber bands, the food restrictions and the orthodontist appointments. But if not, there are still options to straighten your teeth out, without the visible wires and all those schedule conflicts!

Have you ever had your teeth whitened?

Before and after pictures of George Clooney smiling Duggan Dental Group

Coffee, soda and wine can do a number on our enamel color!

Do you have an overbite or underbite?

Graphic showing teeth overbites and under bites

An underbite means your lower teeth land in front of your upper teeth when you close your jaw. People with underbite have a more prominent lower jaw than normal. An overbite means your upper teeth overlap your lower teeth by more than 5mm when you close your jaw. An overbite of 3-5mm between the upper and lower teeth is considered normal. Fun fact: Overbites and underbites can be treated with Impressions! Many other invisible aligner companies are not able to correct bite positioning, but Impressions is able to take care of overbites and underbites for less than half the cost of traditional braces.

Do you have crowding, gaps or crooked teeth?

Graphics portraying teeth crowding and spacing

Crowded teeth and gapped teeth are two main types of teeth alignment problems that people fix with orthodontics. In addition to increasing your confidence, straightening your smile also increases oral health. Crowded, twisted and crooked teeth makes it easier to keep your teeth cleaner and healthier. Bringing gapped teeth closer together protects your gums.

Are you interested in improving your smile?

Before and after picture of Kate Beckinsale smiling

If you want a straighter whiter smile, Impressions is here for you. In half the time and for half the price of traditional braces, you could have perfect teeth and a free whitening treatment! Sign up for your free consultation today!

Blake Lively

Picture of Blake Lively

Keep smiling that perfect Hollywood smile! 😁 (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)
Eva Mendes

Picture of Eva Mendez

Eva Mendes was teased as a child for her "flaws" like her beauty mark and her overbite. However, she's a beautiful Hollywood star, "flaws" and all! If Eva wanted to correct her overbite, it would be a simple process with Impressions clear aligners. Interested in straightening your smile? Sign up for your free consultation here! (Photo courtesy of Stylecaster)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Picture of Joseph Gordon Levitt

You probably recognize Joseph Gordon-Levitt from 500 Days of Summer, Looper, and other popular movies, but have you ever noticed that he has an underbite? Underbites are no big deal, and be corrected quickly with Impressions clear aligners. Interested in straightening your smile? Sign up for your free consultation at impressionsmile.com! (Photo courtesy of celebritybite.net)
Katie Holmes

Picture of Katie Holmes smiling

Katie Holmes definitely has a beautiful Hollywood smile, but she didn't always. Since straightening her smile, she has played many roles on screen, won many acting awards and gotten a lot of attention for her stunning fashion sense. Interested in straightening your smile in half the time of traditional braces? Sign up for your free consultation at impressionsmile.com!(Photo courtesy of allon4dentalimplants.org)
Zac Efron

Picture of Zack Efron smiling

Famous for High School Musical and other teen heart-throb movies, Zac Efron has certainly grown up! After correcting his gapped teeth, he has a much more masculine appearance that helps him score diverse acting roles and awards! Interested in straightening your smile in half the time of traditional braces? Sign up for your free consultation at impressionsmile.com! (Photo courtesy of Marie Claire)

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Invisible aligners that are a cheaper alternative to Invisalign

Is There A Cheaper Alternative To Invisalign?

Invisalign is the clear aligner system that has swept the nation. It is a great way to improve your smile and confidence by straightening your teeth, however, Invisalign can often be too costly for most people. In fact, a lot of patients don’t need the level of orthodontic correction that this system provides. Luckily, there is a cheaper alternative to Invisalign and it’s called Impressions. Produced with the same technology as Invisalign, only these at-home aligners work faster and cost a lot less.

For most patients in North Carolina, Impressions takes half the time and is only half the cost as Invisalign!


How Much Do Impressions Aligners Cost in Asheville?

This cheaper alternative to Invisalign costs $3,500 for the entire treatment, and that’s before you’ve factored insurance into the equation. With insurance coverage, Impressions could come down to $2,500-$3,000. Compare that to Invisalign, which runs a patient about $6,800, and the savings are clear.

Impressions providers also offer payment plans if a one-time payment does not work for you. After an initial down payment, you can pay off the rest of your balance monthly. There’s no credit check required to qualify, and the payment plans are interest free!

Impressions Aligners Use Invisalign Clear Technology

The beauty of Impressions is that it uses the same clear aligner technology that made Invisalign so famous. This includes a scan with the 3D iTero Digital Scanner, technology developed by the makers of Invisalign. The 3D scanner ensures a complete, accurate scan of your teeth in minutes, without all the mess and inconsistencies of at-home dental impression kits.

Following an initial scan and assessment of your jaw and teeth, a set of clear aligners will be made to your specific needs. These aligners are made from the same material as Invisalign, and they are just as flexible and durable. After they’ve been made, the aligners are sent to your home in your own Impressions kit, which also includes complimentary whitening gel. Aligners are changed out weekly to slowly move teeth into alignment.

Are Impressions Aligners Convenient?

One of the best parts about Impressions aligners is the convenient nature of the treatment. Patients only come into the orthodontist’s office for one visit. It’s then that you’ll receive a consultation by a professional and the 3D scan completed by the iTero scanner. A couple of weeks later, your personal Impressions kit will be delivered to your front door! With Impressions, you can literally change your smile from the comfort of your own couch.

Each week, you just pop in a new set of aligners. Unlike braces, aligners can be removed to eat or drink, and they’re virtually invisible. After six to nine months of treatment, you’ll be wowed by how incredible your teeth look. At this time, you can purchase Vivera retainers that are made based on your last set of Impressions’ trays, or you can swing by our office to have a free set of aligners made for you in-house.

Impressions Is Doctor Directed

Just because the majority of your treatment takes place from the comfort of your home does not mean that it isn’t being supervised properly. Impressions treatment is doctor directed, meaning a doctor is involved in planning each step of your treatment. Impressions was actually developed by an Asheville-based orthodontist, Dr. Luke Roberts, who is a Diamond-level Invisalign provider, meaning he is in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in all of North America.

Plus, an Impressions rep will be available to answer any questions you have along the way. There are even emergency lines available for after-hours inquiries! That means that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of appointments or waiting rooms, but you still have the expertise of an experienced doctor at your disposal.

Extended Payment Plans Are Available Too

Impressions treatment is amazingly affordable–it costs around $3,500 for the whole treatment! With the help of insurance, that price could come down an additional $500-$1000. And even better, Impressions files with all insurance providers.

Many of our patients are busy people with bills to pay, so we understand that it isn’t realistic for most people to pay entirely out of pocket. That’s why we offer extended, interest-free payment plans! With just a down payment, you can set up a monthly plan that works with your budget. Our team of dental professionals will be on hand to talk you through your payment options when you come in for your consultation. And don’t forget to check out our special lottery going on now–you could win up to $500 off treatment or a $300 gift card to Sierra Nevada or the Salt Cave of AVL — or even FREE treatment!

See If You’re A Candidate for Impressions

Impressions offers a more affordable, convenient alternative to traditional invisible aligners, but don’t just trust us, see for yourself! Fill out this form to see if you are a candidate for Impressions or request an appointment to ask any questions you may have.

Woman excited to win the Impressions lottery in Asheville

What You Could Win From the Impressions Lottery

You’ve heard about the Impressions Lottery, right? We’re giving out envelopes with a mystery prize inside to a limited number of Impressions fans. The really exciting thing about our Lottery is that every single envelope has an amazing prize inside! Everyone wins! But not in a boring, participation trophy sort of way.

We’re giving away gift cards, speakers, and serious discounts on Impressions treatment. A few lucky winners will even get FREE treatment! Because we’re so excited about the prizes you could win, we wanted to share exactly what the possibilities are!

What do you hope to get in your Lottery envelope?

$300 to Sierra Nevada Brewery

Take all your friends to Sierra Nevada, your treat! Wether you go for food, a concert or an exclusive tour, everyone is sure to have a great time. Don’t forget to raid the gift shop!

$200 to Limones

Enjoy a fancy dinner date with someone special at Limones! Their fine Mexican and Californian inspired cuisine never disappoints!

FREE Impressions Treatment!

You could straighten your smile without even pulling out your wallet!

$200 Starbucks gift card

Incase you’re wondering, that’s about 40 Java Chip Frappuccinos or 80 cups of coffee 😉

$300 to the Salt Cave of Asheville

Experience the restorative energy of Asheville’s only salt cave, plus a therapeutic massage!

$200-500 off Impressions Treatment

What could you do with an extra $200-500? There are a lot of possibilities to choose from!

Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Enjoy your music anywhere – at home, at work, on the trail, wherever you are!

$200 Amazon gift card

Visualize your Amazon wishlist, right now. Bet you can think of a couple things to treat yourself with already!

Have you requested your Lottery envelope yet?

We still have some envelopes left, so hurry up and reserve yours now! You’ll get one large envelope to open up that contains some more lottery details, and a smaller envelope that you’ll bring unopened to your free Impressions consultation. When you start your smile journey, you’ll open the small envelope and win whatever is in there! Every envelope has one of the prizes above, so everyone wins big!

Woman starts Impressions treatment in North Carolina

What’s an Impressions Consultation Like?

For anyone in Asheville who is looking for an amazing way to straighten their teeth from the comfort of their own home, the answer is Impressions! Our invisible aligners are produced from the same high-quality material as Invisalign. If you’re thinking that this sounds like some of the other invisible aligner companies you’ve seen on TV, then please think again! Impressions offers a totally unique experience for our patients in Western North Carolina.

The other invisible aligner companies don’t do things like we do and that’s a good thing for you. Impressions invisible aligners are the perfect solution for busy professionals, bustling parents or young adults who would rather not have that first impression spoiled by a mouth full of metal brackets. No matter your reason for seeking that perfect smile, Impressions always starts with a specialized consultation.


Step 1) Determining Your Candidacy for Impressions

The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that you are a viable candidate for Impressions invisible aligners. If you visit the homepage, you’ll see that there is a pre-screening form. If you are interested in Impressions, then this is a great first step to take. You’ll need to take some pics of your mouth (directions on the “Is It For Me” form) and provide some information about the problems you have with your smile. This information will be reviewed by an Impressions orthodontist to see if you are a viable candidate.

So what if you don’t use that form before visiting one of our ImpressionsHubs in Western North Carolina? One of our orthodontists will determine their candidacy right then and there. One important thing to note is that Impressions is not meant to serve as a replacement for someone who needs comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Impressions is a great fit for people who may have had braces at a younger age and have experienced some shifting in adulthood, or for people who have milder malocclusions that don’t require comprehensive treatment.

Remember that this Impressions consultation is complimentary!

Side Note: What’s the difference between Impressions and Invisalign?

There are a lot of options out there for orthodontic treatment, so what makes Impressions unique? Impressions is a limited treatment using actual Invisalign trays. That means that your smile is perfected by the same technology made famous by Invisalign but that the treatment itself is much shorter. This is because Impressions is used to address mild to moderate issues, perhaps with people who have had braces in the past, which is why we require each potential client to come in and see if they are a candidate during a complimentary consultation.

Step 2) 3D Scan of Your Teeth with the iTero Scanner

After the orthodontist determines your candidacy, a 3D scan of your teeth will be taken using our iTero Scanner. The scan will be taken by one of our awesome Impressions ortho assistants. You’ll actually be able to see the 3D model of your teeth being built in real time as the scan is done. It’s pretty cool and it takes less than 10 minutes!

SIDE NOTE: What if I have a missing tooth?

Just like we told Marni, having a missing tooth isn’t a problem. Our technology is able to be molded around the space so that the rest of your teeth are gently pushed into position. Later, an implant can be inserted into the gap so that you’re left with a flawless smile.

Step 3) Walking Through Your Scan

Once the 3D scan is complete, you and your doctor will look at the images and discuss what problems can be addressed. Impressions works just the same as Invisalign, meaning you need to wear them for a minimum of 22 hours per day to see real results. The easiest time is to wear them is while you sleep and throughout the day, only removing them to eat and brush/floss. This will all be discussed with you by your doctor, who will also lay out the expected length of treatment.

Perhaps you ended up needing more care than Impressions was able to tackle, but you only find out near the end of treatment. Any patient in need of comprehensive Invisalign treatment can apply the money they’ve already spent on Impressions to their Invisalign treatment.

SIDE NOTE: What if I accidentally throw away my aligners?

Replacement aligners are actually very easy to get. If you misplace or throw away a set of aligners, just get in contact with us—we’ll walk you through the steps to get a replacement set right away.

Step 4) Payment Plan

Impressions is eligible for coverage by your insurance if you have orthodontic insurance. We’re happy to provide a complimentary insurance check for all potential patients. If you don’t have insurance coverage, there are still plenty of ways to afford treatment. Our financing options are top notch, and our office will work with you to discuss the plan that works best. There is a down payment required, but you’ll learn all about that when you come in for your consultation.

Step 5) Your Trays Go in the Mail

After your trays have been manufactured by the folks at Invisalign, they’re sent to our office to be reviewed. We double check everything before packing your trays up in a box with a list of instructions and a complimentary tube of whitening and sending them on to you! You should receive them shortly thereafter.

If you have any questions or you’re unsure how to use the trays initially, sent up a quick virtual consultation! We’ll be happy to talk you through the treatment and explain everything to you in detail. From there, it’s just a matter of time until you’ve got a smile you’ve always wanted.

Man walking down street in downtown Asheville

Smile Local with BRO & Impressions

Everyone knows that Asheville is a very special place. But, did you know that Asheville was ranked second in Yelp’s survey of best US cities to shop local? Yep! We’re not too surprised, because we appreciate our fellow local businesses daily. From our morning coffee to our favorite retailers, even our grocery stores, Asheville has so many local options to choose from. What other city enjoys so many thriving and innovative local businesses?

In fact, the area around Asheville has a diverse selection of local businesses also! It seems like the local mindset is spreading throughout nearby towns. As fellow business owners and community members, we feel so lucky to be part of this movement towards supporting each other and the environment.

On the small scale, buying a cup of coffee from your local shop instead of Starbucks doesn’t seem like a big deal. But, it actually is! It’s estimated by economists that “locally owned businesses circulate three times more money back into the local economy than chain stores.” Plus, it’s not just your one cup of coffee. By recommending that shop to your friends and family, you’re helping that business gain recognition and sending more customers their way. And, don’t forget about the environmental impact of sourcing products from a local area instead of shipping them across the country or flying them from overseas! Supporting local businesses is a very impactful and rewarding choice.

To take it a step even further, Impressions and Blue Ridge Orthodontics created our own Smile Local movement. Smile Local is about supporting local businesses with intention and about nurturing the collaborative spirit in our local community. We hope our colleagues and customers will join us in this celebration!

Let us know why living and shopping local makes you smile at #smilelocal! We’re also sending out FREE Smile Local magnets. Want a magnet? Sign up below and we’ll mail you one! We’ll be giving away prizes soon for people who spot our magnets around town.

Get Your Free Smile Local Magnet

Here are some of our favorite local businesses. Please share your favorites with us so we can add them to the list!

Asheville Smile Local Businesses

“Asheville Smile Local Businesses “Asheville Smile Local Businesses “Asheville Smile Local Businesses “Asheville Smile Local Businesses
Hopey & Co. Grocery
We love the local produce, diverse options and amazing prices at Hopey!
Beehive Coffee Bar
The Beehive has delicious coffee and fresh baked goods! The adorable decor also makes it a great date spot.
Bada Bastu
Bada Bastu is a Nordic Style bathouse with saunas, cold plunges and massages. Locals get a discount. Definitely a must visit!
Second Gear
At Second Gear, you can find almost any type of outdoor gear at a great discount.

Hendersonville Smile Local Businesses

“Hendersonville Smile Local Businesses “Hendersonville Smile Local Businesses “Hendersonville Smile Local Businesses
Flat Rock Cinema
A locally owned movie theatre with great food and drinks!
Hendersonville Community Co-Op
The Beehive has delicious coffee and fresh baked goods! The adorable decor also makes it a great date spot.
Crate Wine Market
Diverse wine market with a unique Project Space showcasing varied local and international art!

Brevard Smile Local Businesses

“Asheville Smile Local Businesses “Asheville Smile Local Businesses “Asheville Smile Local Businesses
Blue Ridge Bakery
Blue Ridge Bakery has delicious cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, and lunch! We love their custom orders also.
Local Color
This local shop has so many handcrafted and unique products. We always love stopping by, and never know what we’ll find!
The Hub
You can buy a bike, rent a bike, and drink a beer, all right here! There are also food trucks nearby, and the shop is super close to Pisgah.
Briana Autran is an influencer for Impressions invisible aligners

My Impressions Journey – A Guest Post by Briana Autran

Hi guys! I have been on a journey for a few months straightening my teeth with Impressions’s clear aligners. I have been so extremely happy with my experience that I wanted to share a little about it. I’m an Asheville based wedding photographer who has a serious itch for travel. Smiles are a big part of my job. I’d been curious about how I could straighten my smile without wearing metal braces and without having constant appointments in one location. I’ve just returned from a two month trip in Asia, and let me tell you, Impressions has made both those things possible!

I never had braces as a kid, simply because my parents couldn’t afford it. But, I saw my friends with braces and watched them struggle to take care of them. I listened to them when they complained that the whole experience was painful and annoying. So, having less than perfect teeth actually never bothered me growing up. I didn’t have any desire to be a part of the metal mouth club.

As I got older, I started becoming more aware of the situation I had going on inside my mouth. I was not super happy with my smile or showing my teeth in photographs. I was dealing with a major overbite, some crooked bottom teeth, and my two front teeth were pushed really far forward. I hated seeing photographs of myself and avoided pictures all together.

In my early twenties, after having my own income for a few years, I decided I wanted to do something about my crooked teeth. I made an appointment with an orthodontics office in my hometown in Bay City, Michigan. I did not have the greatest experience with them. I was told that with the way my teeth were, if I wanted to straighten them out my entire midline would have to shift leaving me with an uncentered midline. An uncentered midline did not sit well with me. If I was going to commit to something like this and pay for it myself, I wanted my teeth to be perfect. I left the orthodontics that day feeling uncomfortable and defeated.

The price was also not very affordable for me at that time in my life and the amount of appointments I would have to make during the treatment didn’t work with my busy schedule and all the traveling I was doing for my business.

I decided to opt out of straightening my teeth in Michigan and chose to deal with hiding my smile from people. I spent many years doing this, smiling with my mouth closed, immediately deleting pictures that caught me with my mouth wide open and belly laughing.

Fast forward to being 29 years old. I own my own wedding photography business. My career is based around documenting people smiling. I encourage my clients to let loose and be themselves; laugh hard. It is hard to ask someone I barely know to smile when I myself have struggled with it most of my life. In addition to that, I am constantly meeting new people and new clients. I was not feeling very confident with fully smiling and showing my teeth during meetings or photoshoots. Hiding my teeth was always something that, over time, became natural, like walking or breathing. It is very, very exhausting to have to deal with something so intimate as hiding your smile on a regular basis. I decided to look into doing something about it, yet again.

I heard about @impressionsmile through one of my friends and decided to make the call to see what my options were. I had to go in for my first appointment in the beginning of the new year and to be honest, I was a little nervous to start the whole process over again or to hear that I wasn’t ever going to be able to have a pretty smile. I first set up a consultation appointment online, to be sure I was a good candidate for Impressions. I mentioned my orthodontics experience a few years back to Dr. Roberts and told him my fear of an uncentered midline. He told me this would not be the case and I would be a great candidate for their Impressions treatment program and that my midline would in fact be centered. Hearing this news was a weight lifted off my shoulders. When I went in for my appointment, right when I arrived I was greeted by a really warm and welcoming staff. I immediately felt really comfortable and excited to start this straight teeth journey.

During my appointment, my teeth were scanned with an awesome 3D scanner; no more goopy impressions that taste horrible. This scanning process was very simple and only took a few minutes. I felt as if I had been in the orthodontics office for all of twenty or thirty minutes. It was an absolute breeze.

A few weeks after my appointment, my treatment trays were shipped to my house in a cute, little box. Inside the box, there was a really helpful guide explaining what to do and some tips to take care of your Impressions trays. I felt like the package was very thoughtful. Each tray is labeled in the order of use, and I got all 27 of them delivered right to my door. I was excited about getting all of them at once because I was planning an extended backpacking trip to Asia  and knew I would not be able to keep up with going into the office for appointments to get new trays.

After a few weeks into using my trays, I was already beginning to notice some big differences in my teeth.

When I was packing my things to go on my recent trip to Asia, I had to be really mindful about what I brought with me. My pack had to be light and comfortable, yet hold everything I would need for two months abroad. The trays packed nicely and lightly into my backpack. I was really happy about that, as it was one less thing to worry about. During the trip we were constantly moving around from place to place, and I found that it was super easy to switch out trays and keep up with my treatment on the go.

I am now almost seven months into the treatment, and my friends are noticing my much straighter teeth. I have never really been a person who takes many selfies or photos smiling but let me tell you, I am becoming that person with no shame! I can’t even begin to tell you how much more confidence I have when I am smiling and meeting new people. I am only halfway done with my treatment and I have gained all this extra self love so fast. It feels so very good!

Oh and you should know that the trays are also so very comfortable to wear for 22 hours a day and I have found that nobody really notices that I have them in. I was worried about people seeing them or my teeth looking like they were covered in plastic. This was absolutely not the case. It is also so easy to discreetly take them in and out on dinner dates with my partner or when grabbing coffee with a client.

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth, I highly recommend the lovely staff at Blue Ridge Orthodontics and their entire Impressions Smile program. It has been an entirely wonderful experience from start to finish!

Woman riding in her car through Asheville, NC

An Inside Look at Impressions’ VIP Self-Care Experience

Picture yourself driving down the road. Your windows are down and your favorite song is playing on the radio. You feel the wind rushing through your hair and the sun beating down. As you pull into the parking lot, you feel excited. Today is your Impressions consultation. As you walk in (and flash your VIP card), the receptionist greets you by name and hands you a gift bag.

You lean back in your chair to get your 3D scan, and the doctor shows you a preview of what your new smile will look like after Impressions. In only nine months, you’ll finally have a perfectly straight smile! And, Impressions comes with a free whitening treatment too! As a VIP, you even get a $300 gift card to the Spa at the Omni Grove Park for signing up. You can’t wait to visit Omni Grove for a luxurious spa day. After all the long nights of work, a spa day is so needed! With a jam-packed schedule, we know it can be difficult to schedule that self-care time.

Investing in Self-Care with Impressions

You know that feeling you get when you walk into the room and people take immediate notice? When your confidence and appearance radiate to those around you? That’s what it feels like to be an Impressions VIP.

Even though self-care helps us feel so much more confident and grounded, it can be easy to neglect. We get that! That’s why Impressions is the ultimate solution to straighten your smile and sky-rocket your self confidence. As our VIP, it’s time to reward yourself! With our doctor-driven at home treatment, Impressions gives you the best of both worlds – professional care, but on your schedule. Plus, less time spent at appointments also means more money to spend on what you want!

How to Become an Impressions VIP

To become a VIP, you have to be in the right place at the right time! We’ll be stashing our invitations at some of our favorite local businesses and events around Asheville. Keep your eyes peeled for Impressions around the community, and join our VIP tribe!