A Perfect Smile for a Perfect Virtual Date

Virtual dating is new to us all and sometimes it can be a little awkward. You’re both staring at a digital screen and hoping to feel something. Well, with a bright, straight smile you’ll be sure to make a great first impression. And since you likely won’t meet in person for a while, this is a great time to start your Impressions journey! 

One of the most important things we’ve learned in quarantine is how to make anything fun! So, pretend you’re a kid again! How can you make a virtual date fun?! We have six great ideas to get you started:

1. Have a dress-up date night!

Just because you’re at home and can wear your pajamas, doesn’t mean you should. Date night, whether virtual or not, is a great excuse to get dolled up. Get your date to dress up, too! You could even pick a theme to make it even more fun!

2. Pick a recipe to cook together

Now, we know you can’t actually cook a meal together, but you could pick a recipe to make at the same time while on video chat! Bonus points if you dress up to match the culture of the cuisine you’re cooking! This is a great way to still feel like you’re together. You even get to sit down and have a dinner date afterward.

Turn up the jazz, scroll through Pinterest, and get to cookin’, good lookin’.

3. Start a new TV series

You can pick a TV series, or movie to start watching together on facetime dates! It’s best to have something you’re both interested in, but you will have to solemnly swear to not watch it without the other! That just wouldn’t be fair. Netflix Party is a great thing to use to ensure you’re both watching the movie in-sync! After installing, just click the NP icon in the corner of the player and share the URL with your date. So fun!

4. Play a drinking game to a fun movie – if you drink

Here’s a link to some drinking games for movies on Netflix. This is a fun way to let loose with your partner and have some fun! Make sure to rotate water into the game – and to brush afterward!

5. Play a trivia game!

Test your knowledge compatibility with a trivia game! It’s always interesting to see what random knowledge you’ve obtained! It’s a great way to get to know someone else and their interests too. Grab your favorite snacks and have a little friendly competition.

6. Take turns playing music!

This is a super fun way to get to know the other person and an opportunity to show off your sick dance moves! Not a dancer? That’s okay, you could pair this as background noise to any of the other things we’ve suggested too! 

Virtual dates don’t have to be boring! With these suggestions for things to do, it should be almost as fun as an in-person date. Start Impressions at-home treatment now so that when you meet your partner face-to-face, you already have a smile that screams confidence! 

Find out if Impressions is right for you. Schedule a consultation now, get your aligners in 6-8 weeks!

Choose Impressions to help you make the smile of your dreams come true.

xx Your Impressions Family




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Meet the Impressions Team

Meet the Impressions Team

Impressions is the only at-home aligner company with a professional fit and personal touch! Impressions is Blue Ridge Orthodontics at-home treatment option, bringing a never seen before orthodontic offer to the Asheville area. All in-office treatment actually occurs at Blue Ridge Orthodontics in Asheville, NC, and the rest takes place wherever you decide.

One of the top distinguishing factors that separates Impressions from those “other” at-home treatments, is the access to orthodontic professionals! The team of Blue Ridge Orthodontics doctors will create a treatment plan to fit your case, supervise your treatment, and be there if you have questions during treatment. 

With Impressions, there also is no worrying about doing the gooey impression yourself – or having to repeat that goopy process over and over. You’re an expert at your job, and we don’t expect you to know how to do ours. We’ll take an expert 3-D scan of your smile and rule out the need for a gooey mold altogether. Leave the orthodontist work to us – it makes more sense that way. 

Impressions was founded and created by Blue Ridge Orthodontics’ founder Dr. Roberts.

Dr. RobertsDr. T. Luke Roberts, D.M.D., M.S.D.  

A native of Spartanburg, SC, Dr. Roberts founded Blue Ridge Orthodontics in 2007 with a commitment to caring, personalized, and state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment for each patient. That commitment has helped BRO grow to be the largest orthodontic practice in Asheville and the creation of an entirely new at-home treatment, Impressions. 

Dr. Roberts wanted to create an awesome solution for the patient who is seeking “at home” orthodontics treatment. It needed to be safe, effective, and less expensive than traditional orthodontic treatment. Dr. Roberts really wanted to help people develop more confidence through their smile journey! Having a great smile has been proven to boost self-esteem and confidence in social settings.

“I chose orthodontics because I knew I would be able to create that positive change in self-image for people every day. I love seeing the transformation that happens when they move through the different stages of orthodontic treatment, and my favorite moment is when they get their braces off! It is so rewarding to see a beautiful smile and to know I helped make it a reality!”

When he’s not busy creating new smiles at BRO, Dr. Roberts is a devoted music fan and plays the guitar, banjo, and mandolin. He and his wife, Beth, live in Asheville with their children Quinn, Emma, and Charlie. The entire family loves global food and are avid cooks.

Dr. Megan SchulerMegan G. Schuler, D.M.D., M.S.D.

Dr. Megan G. Schuler wanted to be an orthodontist since she herself had braces. She had insecurities around her teeth and smile. Orthodontic treatment was the thing that made her feel more confident! She became comfortable with her new smile and realized the difference that straight teeth could make in someone’s life. After her treatment, Dr. Schuler decided that she wanted to help give people the smiles that they always hoped for, so they could face the world proudly.

When she’s not transforming people’s smiles, Dr. Schuler also enjoys hiking, camping, yoga, reading, traveling, trying new restaurants. Spending time with her husband, Brendan, and dog, Boone is her idea of peace.

Dr. GiltnerJennifer Quist Giltner, D.M.D., M.S.

Dr. Jennifer Giltner fell in love with dentistry while working with her father, an oral surgeon. During dental school, she cherished the relationships she formed with patients. It wasn’t long until she discovered that orthodontics was the field where she most connected with patients. She loved creating smiles for her patients, who had become like close friends.

Dr. G is one of those, “I’m from anywhere and everywhere” people. She considers her hometown to be Colorado Springs, CO, but as the daughter of two retired Air Force officers, she has lived across the globe, ranging from Tucson, AZ to Okinawa, Japan. She’s now feeling at home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Dr. Giltner and her husband are all about outdoor sports and activities.

Dr. Keri KenningKeri Kenning, D.D.S., M.S.D.

The newest addition to our Impressions team is Keri Kenning. She originally dreamed of going into marine biology, but soon found that her love of helping others gave her more opportunity in orthodontics. She loves the idea of helping people achieve their dream smile and feel good about themselves, all while getting to know their families.

Dr. Kenning will be sure to have you smiling in her chair with conversations from outdoor activities to marine biology! If you sit in her chair be sure to refresh your biology trivia!


So, why is it so important to have the Impressions team on your side?

Well, we’re so glad you asked. Access to the Impressions team is one of the top factors that sets Impressions away from “the other guys”.

When you choose another at-home option, you either try to take your own gooey mold of your smile, or you go to an office or a bus. A staff member will either take your impression or a scan of your smile and then send you on your way. Your mold or scan is then sent to a dentist, that you’ll never see or meet, in another state to make adjustments to your smile. Wouldn’t you prefer to talk directly to the doctor who is making such a huge change in your smile? With the impressions team, you can tell us face-to-face what your concerns are before we make drastic changes to your smile.

Did you know that most other at-home aligner company’s treatment planners aren’t even Orthodontists? They’re dentists! And yeah, you might think they’re pretty much the same, but news flash, they aren’t!! Dentists are qualified to treat the diseases and conditions that affect the teeth and gums, especially the repair and extraction of teeth and the insertion of artificial ones. Orthodontists complete dental school and then complete additional years of school to learn how to safely and accurately straighten your teeth to give you a smile you’re proud of without causing future issues. These Dentists that are planning treatment for those “other” companies do it after just THREE DAYS in a course. Think about the difference in learning for three days versus years!

If you have problems with another at-home company, which is likely since they’ve only been doing it for 3 days, there is no doctor to call and ask questions. Our team will be there for you throughout your entire journey. 

At the end of treatment, if you decide to continue to change or professionally whiten your smile, you already know where to come! *hint hint* It’s us! We live and work here! Our friends and family live in WNC and they come to us too! With impressions, you’re working with a group of doctors who are trusted by your neighbors! In small towns and cities, that means something. 

Choose Impressions to help you make the smile of your dreams come true.

xx Your Impressions Family




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4 Healthy Recipes that are Easy on your Teeth

4 Healthy Recipes that are Easy on your Teeth

We know the first few trays can cause some discomfort, don’t worry though, we’re here with four recipes that are easy to chew – plus, they’re good for your teeth!

Did you know that the health of your teeth can be impacted by what you eat? Most of us know that coffee, tea, and other acidic things aren’t the best and that calcium is on the good side. Well, keep reading to know more about what your teeth crave, and hopefully we can give you some inspiration for a meal you both can agree on!

Teeth Healthy Foods

Calcium helps harden your enamel and strengthen your jaw!
Find me in: milk, cheese, yogurt, broccoli, and salmon.

Vitamin D helps the body absorb our friend’s calcium while boosting bone density!
Your body naturally makes Vitamin D when you’re exposed to the sun, but you can also find me in fatty fish, canned tuna, and portobello mushrooms.

Phosphorus is like calcium’s sidekick in helping build strong bones and teeth.
Luckily phosphorus is found in a large variety of foods! Seafood, beef, pork, and cheese are great places to get your phosphorus up. Or try plant-based foods like soybeans, lentils, and pumpkin seeds.

Vitamin K is the shield that protects from substances breaking down bone.
The secret to vitamin K is kept in leafy greens like kale, collards, and spinach.

Vitamin C helps to strengthen your gums and other soft tissue. It can protect against gingivitis, the early stage of gum disease, and can prevent your teeth from loosening.
Find Vitamin C in citrus fruits, potatoes, and leafy greens.

Vitamin A prevents dry mouth and helps your mouth heal quickly.
Get your fill of vitamin A from fish, egg yolks, and liver. You can also find it in leafy green vegetables like spinach, kale, and collard greens, or in orange-colored fruits and oranges: think apricots, cantaloupe, pumpkin, carrots, and sweet potatoes. These fruits and veggies contain high levels of beta-carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A.

Healthy MuffinsMorning Muffins 

Start your morning off right by supplying your body and teeth with their fill of vitamins and minerals, like omega-3s, vitamin A, and fiber. These muffins are a delicious but healthy cross between a cinnamon apple muffin and carrot cake, featuring whole grains, fruit, carrots, walnuts, and warm spices.

12 muffins  —  Prep Time: 15 mins.  –  Cook Time: 20 mins.


  • 1 and 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar, packed
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 2 teaspoons baking soda
  • 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened applesauce
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil, melted
  • 1 apple, shredded
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • 2 cups grated carrot (about 3 medium)
  • 1/2 cup raisins
  • 1/2 cup flaked coconut
  • 1/2 cup walnuts, chopped


  1. Line a muffin tin with paper liners and set aside. Preheat oven to 400 degrees (F).
  2. In a large bowl add the flours, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, and salt; whisk well to combine. Add in the applesauce, oil, apple, and vanilla; whisk just until combined. Fold in the carrot, raisins, coconut, and walnuts; stir until ingredients are combined. Divide batter evenly among prepared muffin cups.
  3. Bake at 400 degrees for 10 minutes, then reduce the heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 10 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean (or with just a few crumbs attached). Cool muffins in the pan for 5 minutes before transferring them to a wire rack. Serve warm, at room temperature, or chilled.

Teeth Healthy Chicken SaladGreek Yogurt Chicken Salad 

Whip up some chicken salad for lunch. This tooth-healthy chicken salad is made with dried cranberries, celery, almonds, chicken, and Greek yogurt providing sweetness, fiber, healthy fat, protein, and calcium. This quick + easy recipe is full of flavor, vitamins and it’s not too hard on your teeth!

5 servings — Prep Time: 15 mins.



  • 2 to 2 1/2 cups shredded cooked chicken
  • 1/4 cup dried cranberries, craisins, or other dried fruit
  • 1/4 cup (about 1 stalk) celery, diced
  • 1/4 cup red or white onion, diced
  • 1/4 cup chopped almonds or pecans
  • 6 ounces (about 3/4 cup) plain nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Bake or boil chicken ahead of time. You can also just buy a rotisserie chicken! 
  2. Shred or chop chicken. 
  3. In a medium-size bowl combine chicken, dried cranberries, celery, onion, and chopped almonds.
  4. Stir in Greek yogurt, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.
  5. Wrap the salad in lettuce wraps or a tortilla.
  6. Store the salad in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.

Black Bean Cheese Quesadillas 

For a quick and hearty lunch, these black bean and cheese quesadillas with salsa and cumin are perfect. The black beans, cheese, and sour cream on the top provides that protein and calcium you need for strong teeth!

4 servings —  Prep Time: 15 minutes  –  Cook time: 6 minutes




  • 2 cans Black Beans
  • 1 1/2 cups salsa, mild or spicy
  •  1 teaspoon ground cumin
  •  2 cups shredded Colby-Monterey Jack cheese mix
  •  8 (8-inch) flour tortillas
  •  1/3 cup sour cream


  1. Empty one can of beans into a bowl and mash gently with a potato masher or the back of a fork. Mix in the remaining can of whole beans, 1 cup of salsa, and cumin.
  2. Spread mixture evenly on 4 tortillas; top each with cheese. Cover with remaining tortillas.
  3. Heat a 10-inch skillet over medium heat. Cook quesadillas 2-3 minutes per side.
  4. Cut into wedges and serve with remaining salsa and sour cream on the side for dipping.

Sore Teeth Friendly Food

Yummy Banana Ice-Cream

A great quick fix for a sweet dessert that will make you forget about your achy teeth is frozen banana ice cream! The bonus here is that there’s no added sugar! You could top your banana cream with healthy add-ins like peanut butter, strawberries, or dark chocolate.

2 serving —  Prep Time: 2 hours


1 large ripe banana


  1. Peel and chop your ripe banana into small pieces.
  2. Put the bananas in an air-tight freezer-safe container and place it into the freezer until frozen solid. This will take at least 2 hours, but you can do this overnight. 
  3. Transfer the frozen banana pieces into a small food processor or high-speed blender. Pulse to break the banana pieces up. 
  4. As the banana pieces are starting to turn into a crumbed or smashed texture, switch to blending. Make sure to scrape the edges of the blender/food processor.
  5. Blend to really smooth it out to a nice creamy texture. If you want to add add-ins, this is the time to do so. 
  6. Freeze again to a normal ice cream texture or eat it soft as is!

Remember to take your aligners out before chowing down and brush those teeth before replacing the aligners! Taking care in these steps really helps to make sure you get the most out of your time wearing your aligners. 


xx Your Impressions Family


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Unboxing your Impressions Box of Confidence

Unboxing your Impressions Box of Confidence

Unboxing the Impressions welcome box is like opening the best gift you’ve ever given yourself. This present will change your life!

Impressions Box of Confidence

Welcome to Impressions. We’re so excited to help you get that shining, inspiring smile you’ve been dreaming of. Top-level Invisalign provider, Dr. Roberts, and the rest of the Impressions team will be with you every step of the way and this blue box is exploding with everything you will want and need on your #ImpressionSmile journey!

As you open your box, the paper unfolds to reveal the exciting contents:

1. Welcome to Impressions! 

We want to welcome you to the Impressions family! This is a lifechanging experience that you won’t regret. We have tried to make the journey to your new #ImpressionSmile something you that don’t have to think about. Sit back, live your life, and watch your smile change. You’ll be sure to make a good Impression after this. 😉

2. Your Impressions Aligners + Aligner Case

Of course, you will receive your first round of Impressions clear aligners. Each aligner is meant to be worn for one week for at least 20 hours a day. Impressions offer more aligners than it’s competitors – offering up to 25 aligners during treatment. The extra aligners mean longer treatment, but better results! You will be provided with detailed instructions and your customized Impressions treatment plan designed by Dr. Roberts himself! If you ever have any questions, you will have the contact information for your very own Impressions rep.

3. Chewies

What are chewies? Chewies are small aids to help get your aligners into -just- the right place! The purpose of the chewie is to eliminate the air space between the Impressions aligner and the teeth. The chewie provides a more comfortable and efficient method to provide a uniform force to seat the Invisalign aligner properly.

Impressions Unboxing - Your new smile is here!

4. Jokes and Whitener to help brighten your smile!

Laughter is the best medicine – that’s why we include jokes and puns. Along with a straighter smile, Impressions provides you with free whitening syringes. You won’t have any shame showing off your smile after treatment!

5. Aligner cleaning tablets to keep things fresh! ✨

The Impressions process is extremely low-effort, you wear each aligner for one week so you might have a day when you want to clean them. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our aligner cleaning tablets.

6. Coupons for Friends + other surprise goodies! 🎁

Now that you’re feeling the confidence – share the love! Empower your friends, girl gang, bestie, boyfriend, little sister – whoever, we know they’ll love their #ImpressionSmile just as much as you. 

+ You never know what other goodies we might throw in there! 

Impressions Unboxed

Your journey to your #ImpressionSmile starts when you open that box! Your life will never be the same – enjoy it! 

xx Your Impressions Family

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10 Things to do while Social Distancing

10 Things to do while Social Distancing

Start Impressions at home!There are so many things you can do while social distancing! You can visit museums, picnic with friends and straighten your smile – virtually!

1. Straighten your smile, virtually!

Start your at-home journey to a straighter smile with Impressions. Impressions is temporarily offering virtual new patient appointments to see if you’re a candidate for orthodontic treatment with Impressions clear aligners! Once it’s safe to go out again, we will schedule an in-office appointment – the only one you will ever have to have. During this appointment you’ll meet the doctor and team in person, have an exam, and take a 3-d scan of your smile. We’ll use the scan to create your clear aligners, and they’ll be mailed right to your home within 6-8 weeks. 

2. Might as well do some spring cleaning!

Cleaning the space around you will help calm your mind. We have plenty of time to go through all that stuff that’s just collected on the kitchen counter. Make a “donate” and “trash” pile – have no mercy. It’s also the turn of the season (thankfully) – go through those clothes you know you haven’t worn in a year, they need to go. When your surroundings are clutter-free, you’ll have a clearer mind.

3. Have a concert in your living room…and dance like no one’s watching!

You might be missing out on a concert you had been looking forward to, but a lot of artists are performing from their own living rooms right to yours! Go ahead and clear a dance floor. Get your groove on. Whether you planned on going to Coachella or have always dreamed of going, Youtube Originals is releasing a documentary titled, “Coachella: 20 Years in the Deserton April 10th! On April 11th, Facebook live is doing a benefit concert called, “Human-to-Human”, that features a list of performers ranging from Tori Kelly to Grouplove and so many more. Tune in here. 

This is a great resource constantly updated with all the concerts happening virtually! 

Getting outside for a walk while socially distancing is so important!

4. Take time for the self-care you never seem to prioritize.

It’s hard to take a second out of our forever busy lives to spoil ourselves. While socially distancing, we have no choice but to do just that. Dig out those facemasks buried underneath the bathroom sink. Run a bath, coat your hair in coconut oil, and slap a mask on–you’ll feel like a queen or king!

5. Tour an art museum that’s been on your bucket list, without the crowds.

We’ve all heard how the Louvre is so crowded that you can barely get 8 feet to the Mona Lisa, well with so many art museums offering virtual tours that’s a problem for the past! You can also visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam virtually & without the crowds! The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam houses the largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) in the world. The permanent collection includes over 200 paintings by Vincent van Gogh, 500 drawings and more than 750 letters. Here’s a list of 7 museums offering free virtual tours. 

6. Start a meditation routine!

Self-care isn’t just about outward beauty either. We might have a lot crowding our minds right now. Meditation is a great tool to help clean your mind and really start listening to yourself.

Facetime friends while social distancing!

7. Have a picnic with all your friends (on the phone)

It’s important to get outside and soak up some vitamin D. Take your lunch break outside, make a picnic, and video chat with your friends! This is a great way to brighten up your day and recharge for the remainder of your work. Grab those quarantine snacks, a blanket, some SPF, and your phone for a yummy, sunny, funny lunch.

8. Travel virtually!

Social distancing has us stuck in our homes, with many people having to cancel their travel plans. However, the internet is booming with great online resources to help us get our minds out of our house – while our butt stays on the sofa. Click this link to tour famous landmarks from your living room! This includes the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza, the mysterious Stonehenge, and many more. 

Discover Puerto Rico is offering a weekend in Puerto Rico virtually until April 30th. You can learn to salsa dance, craft a yummy cocktail, cook culturally inspired food, and more – all for FREE!  Learn salsa dancing, cocktails, and cooking in Puerto Rico – but without leaving your house!

9. Learn a new skill!

Enroll in Yale’s most popular class on happiness and well-being. You can earn a certificate, increase your own happiness, and build more productive habits for FREE.

10. Watch Tiger King (or anything else) with your crew through Netflix Party!

Build a fort with your quarantine buddy and use Netflix Party, the new feature on Google Chrome that allows you to Netflix and Chat with your friends from separate locations.

  1. Install Netflix Party on Google Chrome 
  2. Open a video in Netflix
  3. Create your party
  4. Join a Netflix Party
Dr Roberts shows off Impressions invisible aligners

The Safest Way To Straighten Teeth at Home in 2020

If you’re not happy with your smile, don’t fret, we’ve got great news! There are some amazingly effective and safe ways to straighten your teeth at home in 2020!

Last year, you kept them busy — buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches from Homegrown, spicy mussels from Cucina 24, fried green tomato sandwiches from Asheville Sandwich Company — your teeth turned these delectable bites into nutritious fuel for your body. But did you ever stop to think about how they felt?

It’s okay. We understand. Asheville’s world-class dining scene will keep anyone’s teeth active! Unfortunately, this can be a detriment to the overall health of your smile, especially when it comes to maintaining the alignment of your teeth. So, what’s the best way to straighten your smile in 2020?


The Technology that can Straighten Teeth at Home

An imperfect smile is nothing to be ashamed of. Every person is as unique as their smile, and whether or not you think your smile is beautiful, there’s no discounting just how amazing the human mouth actually is. Talking, singing, eating, breathing…your mouth stays busy, and your teeth are always along for the ride.

Fortunately, straightening your smile is easier than ever before thanks to highly effective (and pleasing convenient) at-home orthodontic treatments. For example, Impressions used the latest technology to craft industry-leading invisible aligners to help you achieve a straight smile in half the time — for half the cost. Here’s a rundown of the amazing technology behind Impressions:

  • Impressions utilizes a high-res, pain-free, 3-D scan of your smile to map every nook and cranny.
  • Impressions aligners are fitted to your teeth. They don’t cover your gums, which means you’ll hardly notice them.
  • Impressions aligners are made with the Invisalign’s highest quality material, making them both durable and invisible.

Why More Adults Should Invest in Their Smile

Living in Asheville, there’s an inherent sense of community no matter where you go. Every person you meet offers a smile and their good graces, and that’s enough to make a place like Asheville thrive. In some ways, your smile connects you to the collective joy of our beautiful city. It’s something we can all take part in; after all, a smile doesn’t cost a penny. At Impressions, we think it’s important to preserve that wonderful smile of yours, no matter how old you are. Maintaining a healthy smile is a lifetime labor of love. You have to work for it. So, let’s work together.

An investment in your smile is an investment in your self-confidence. Self-confident people tend to be more social, less stressed, and more active. It can also help you combat depression or self-doubt. It’s also a practical investment. Teeth that are out of alignment can lead to jaw pain or swelling due to a lack of even chewing surfaces. It can also lead to teeth grinding. FInally, investing in your smile today can help you prevent a more costly issue tomorrow. Preventative care is always less expensive and less demanding than correction.

Lots of At-Home Teeth Straightening Options in 2020

At-home orthodontics treatments aren’t the only options for individuals looking to straighten their teeth. Some patients are beginning to turn to a new branch of orthodontics treatments known as “accelerated orthodontics.” The goal of accelerated orthodontics is to straighten teeth in months. Traditional orthodontics methods, such as metal braces, can take years to correct a person’s smile.

There are several accelerated orthodontic treatment options available today, many of which are used in conjunction with traditional methods. Several of these methods are considered micro-invasive surgical procedures. Treatment availability will depend on your needs and the services offered by your orthodontist, and may include:

  • Micro-osteoperforation: stimulates cytokine activity to catalyze alveolar bone remodeling allowing the orthodontist to push the teeth into the proper position. This technique can help patients with braces cut down their treatment duration by as much as 50%.
  • Alveocentesis™: similar to micro-osteoperforation, this procedure by PROPEL Orthodontics stimulates cytokine activity in patients with braces, speeding up the process of alignment without the need for additional procedures. Unlike micro-osteoperforation, the teeth are not forced into place.
  • AcceleDent: a mouthpiece worn over a patient’s current orthodontics to help accelerate teeth alignment by sending pulse waves through the teeth. Simply wear the mouthpiece for 20 minutes a day and monitor your teeth for improvement.
  • AOO Surgery: a specialized procedure that requires a team of specialists. It involves the removal of interproximal tooth tissue to promote the movement of the teeth.

Impressions is a Safer Way to Straighten Your Teeth at Home

Earlier, we mentioned some of the benefits of Impressions, an invisible aligner based on the Invisalign system. However, we left out the most important reasons why Impressions is a better, safer option than other invisible aligners or alternative treatments. What truly sets Impressions apart isn’t just the industry-leading craftsmanship or cutting-edge imaging technology, it’s the extra level of care and the personable touch offered by the amazing orthodontists at Blue Ridge Orthodontics who can provide you with much-needed assurance that your treatment is proceeding according to plan.

Typical at-home treatments leave you stranded alone with a box and some instructions. There’s no supervision, no checks and balances, just you and an aligner that doesn’t feel like it fits correctly. Who can you call to answer your questions? Who can you go to see? What happens if your aligners hurt your smile more than they help?

Impressions is designed to help you avoid a stressful situation where you find yourself asking these questions. This is achieved by giving you access to an orthodontist in Asheville. When other at-home teeth straightening companies tried to cut the cord and go digital, we doubled down on embracing the services that only a brick-and-mortar institution can provide. We believe in supporting our local community with top-quality service. This is something we feel at-home teeth straightening solutions simply cannot provide without the inclusion of an experienced orthodontist.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Impressions treatment generally takes 6-9 months on average. Compared to traditional metal braces, which require an average of 24 months to correct moderate to severe orthodontic issues, Impressions is a much quicker and less conspicuous option. Starting with a high-quality assessment using a 3-D iTero scan, patients can expect reliable results when working with Dr. Luke Roberts. Dr. Roberts is a Diamond-level Invisalign provider, which means he is in the top 1% of Invisalign providers in all of North America. In other words, citizens of Asheville who wish to straighten their smiles have a great resource at Blue Ridge Orthodontics.

See If You’re Candidate For Impressions

2020 is officially here. Are you ready to take it on with a confident smile? Impressions offers a more affordable, convenient alternative to traditional invisible aligners, one that won’t leave you with unanswered questions or skepticism about whether or not you’re getting the results you’re looking for. Fill out this form to see if you are a candidate for Impressions or request an appointment to discuss Impressions with a dental professional in Asheville.

Woman smiles during Impressions aligners consultation in Asheville, NC

5 Advantages Impressions Aligners Have Over Braces

Looking to finally fix those crooked teeth and get that perfect smile you have always dreamed of, but not sure if traditional braces or invisible braces is the right option for you? Is one faster than the other? Which option will put a bigger dent in my wallet?

Choosing to go with Impressions invisible braces or traditional braces can be a difficult decision for anyone thinking about straightening their teeth. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some great reasons why you should consider using Impressions over metal braces to help you achieve a brilliant smile with beautifully straight teeth.


1) They’re Practically Invisible

Did we mention Impressions invisalign braces are nearly invisible while you are wearing them? That’s right! One of the main reasons many people decide to go with Impressions over traditional braces is the fact that they are not very visible when on your teeth. You can be straightening your teeth without people even knowing it.

This is particularly appealing for adults. The thought of your co-workers, friends, and family seeing you with a mouth full of metal braces can be extremely embarrassing. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with Impressions. With proper care and maintenance your Impressions aligners will stay clear and people will hardly be able to tell you are wearing them.

The Impressions system of aligners come in clean, clear sets that are replaced every one to two weeks. The quick replacement of these aligners helps maintain the clear appearance of the aligners, keeping them from being easily seen and allowing you to feel confident in your smile while the aligners straighten your teeth.

2) Monthly Visits Aren’t Necessary

Nobody wants to go to the orthodontist more than they absolutely have to, but sometimes though dental visits are necessary. This is especially true with traditional metal braces. The wires used in metal braces can sometimes bend or break and only an orthodontist is able to repair them. You’re also expected to come in for monthly progress visits when you’re straightening your teeth with metal braces.

Fortunately with Impressions invisible braces, you won’t have to make that monthly visit to the orthodontist. You will get sent a new set of Impressions aligners every one to two weeks to help maintain the adjustment of your teeth. However, if you lose or damage your aligners and need a replacement sooner they can be sent to you via the mail.

While your orthodontist may want to schedule a visit at some point during your treatment to check how your teeth are coming along, progress can mainly be monitored remotely. This makes multiple office visits unnecessary, saving you time and money over the course of your treatment.

3) They’re Significantly Cheaper!

As if avoiding personal embarrassment and saving time weren’t enough, you can also save money by straightening your teeth with Impressions aligners. On average, Impressions invisible braces cost less than the price of metal braces or traditional Invisalign.

The average cost of metal braces is typically between $4,000 to $7,000, and traditional Invisalign will usually run between $5,000 to $6,800. Yikes! That’s quite a lot of money. However, with Impressions aligners the cost is around $3,480. You could be paying less for great results, without the hassle of metal braces.

On top of being a cheaper alternative to metal braces, a portion of the cost for impressions is typically covered by dental insurance. Dental insurance plans that cover Invisalign will also cover Impressions for around $500 to $1,500.

4) You Can Take Them Out When You Need To

One of the best advantages Impressions invisible braces has over traditional metal braces is the ability to take them out whenever you need to. With metal braces, the brackets are permanently affixed to your teeth during the treatment process. The only way to remove them is to have your orthodontist take them off once your teeth have been straightened.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Impressions. Impressions aligners are easy to take put and place back in. While you should wear our clear plastic aligners for the majority of time during your treatment, they can be taken out when necessary such as when you want to eat.

This means you can continue to eat the way you did before getting Impressions which is not true for metal braces. With metal braces, you have to avoid foods that may stick in the wires and brackets. This can cause dental hygiene problems.

However, with Impressions you should eat a bit faster to make sure the aligners are not off for a long period, but you can continue to eat your favorite meals. Just be sure to clean and brush your teeth and aligners after eating or drinking anything other than water.

5) Shorter Treatment Time

And the icing on the cake that is Impressions aligners is a shorter treatment time than traditional metal braces. That means you can avoid having obtrusive metal braces and still straighten your teeth with magnificent results and far less time.

For most patients opting to straighten their teeth with traditional metal braces, treatment can last up to 2 years. And since metal braces are on all day, everyday, you would have metal in your mouth for around two years. This is also one of the reasons traditional braces cost more than Impressions. Longer treatment means more office visits which means more money out of your pocket.

However, the average treatment time for Impressions aligners is only 6 to 9 months. That is less than half the average treatment time of traditional braces! This means you will be making less trips to the dentist, especially since progress is mainly monitored at home, and attain a nice straight smile much faster than if you used metal braces.

Schedule a Complimentary Impressions Consultation

Let’s face it, Impressions aligners are an amazing and affordable alternative to traditional metal braces. You can get high quality results from your Impressions aligners in less time, be making fewer trips to the dentist, and pay less money. With such great advantages why wouldn’t you want to go with Impressions aligners?

If you have been thinking about straightening your teeth and want to avoid the hassles and embarrassment of metal braces, Impressions may be just the thing for you. Contact us today at (844) 846-8836 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our board certified dentists. There is no better time than now to start your road to a perfect smile.

Biltmore Estate near Asheville during the holidays

Ten Things to Smile About this Holiday Season in Asheville

Planning on spending the holidays in the beautiful mountain paradise of Asheville, North Carolina, but unsure of how to get into the festive spirit? Fear not! Asheville is teaming with holiday cheer and sights to behold.

We have compiled a list of holiday activities and attractions in Asheville that will leave you with a Christmas twinkle in your eye. Enjoy the splendid mountain views offered by the historic blue ridge parkway, view the dazzling displays offered by the Arboretum Christmas lights, or find that perfect hand crafted gift from a local shop. Asheville has everything you need to kick off your holidays the right way. Keep reading to learn more about these holiday mountain gems.

Christmas Lights at the NC Arboretum

Nothing says Christmas quite like a stunning, winter lights display and the NC Arboretum offers a light show you won’t want to miss! The Arboretum boasts one of the most impressive gardens in Western North Carolina, but when the holiday season rolls around, those gardens transform into a wondrous display of light and color.

With an eye towards artistic flare, 500,000 lights bring the Arboretum to life on cold winter nights! Behold fantastic light shows synchronized to your favorite holiday music at the quilt garden, complete with a 50-foot tall, animated christmas tree.

This winter wonderland is available for your viewing pleasure until January 4th, 2020. However, be sure to plan your leisurely stroll in advance and purchase tickets before arriving as some nights may get sold out. The Arboretum lights are open from 6-10PM.

The Omni Grove Park Inn

The Omni Grove Park Inn is one of Asheville’s most iconic destinations. With four amazing restaurants, massive stone fireplaces, and legendary hospitality, the Grove Park Inn is a perfect place to enjoy the holiday season in Asheville, whether you are an overnight guest or simply visiting for the day.

Oh, and did we forget to mention the Omni Grove Park Inn hosts the annual National Gingerbread House Competition? That’s right! As if the Grove Park Inn wasn’t enjoyable enough on its own, the inn hosts their gingerbread competition every year from late November to early January.

Visitors can enjoy incredible works of art, made entirely out of gingerbread and edible materials. The main floor of the hotel houses the competition winners, while many other displays can be found on the 7th floor.

Local Holiday Shopping

Asheville is well known for its local, handmade arts and crafts scene and this becomes even more apparent during the holiday season. Stroll the streets of downtown Asheville in search for the perfect holiday gift for the craft lover in your family.

From street stall vendors to local shops, explore the latest offerings by artists and designers from WNC. Whether you are looking for antiques, fashion, functional crafts, art, or bizarre oddities, you can find it all in the heart of this mountain town.

The Historic Biltmore Estate

Another historic jewel in Asheville’s crown is the Biltmore Estate. An incredible place to visit anytime of the year, the Biltmore house and grounds are a must see during the holiday season. The Biltmore offers an unforgettable holiday experience including candlelight tours, live music, and breathtaking decorations throughout the estate.

No occasion is too grand for this colossal, vintage, American house and the Christmas holidays are no exception. The grounds contain 500 wreaths and sprays, over 100 adorned trees, more than 25,000 ornaments, and 1.5 miles of fresh garlands. As if that weren’t enough the house contains 55 hand-decorated trees, poinciettas, and the famous 35-ft. Fraser fir in the Banquet Hall.

Holiday LaZoom Tour

Looking to inject a little (or should we say a lot) of fun energy into your holiday vacation? Look no further than the LaZoom bus tours. Grab a six-pack of your favorite local craft beer, jump on the big purple bus and be entertained as you enjoy LaZoom’s holiday comedy tour. Meet fun characters, learn interesting facts about Asheville’s history and pickup some new holiday traditions with this thrilling excursion.

Brewery Tours

Have we talked about craft beer yet? Asheville is known nationwide for its plethora of outstanding craft breweries. With 33 breweries in the city alone, from the original, Highland Brewery, to the new sensations, Burial Brewery, there is no shortage of options to explore for beer enthusiasts.

Feel overwhelmed from deciding what breweries to visit, let someone else do the thinking (and the driving) with one of Asheville’s brewery tours. Services, such as Asheville Brews Cruise or the Amazing Pubcycle, take you on a guided tour of local breweries, while allowing you to taste generous amounts of Asheville’s finest craft beers.

Polar Express Train

Just a short drive from Asheville, in the town of Bryson City, discover the unique holiday experience of the Polar Express train excursion. The 1.25 hour round-trip ride shuttles mystified guests from the Bryson City Depot to the heart of the North Pole, where Santa awaits. This magical train operates until the end of December, so be sure to catch a ride while you can!

Lake Julian Festival of Lights

Just South of Asheville, Lake Julian comes alive during the holiday season with a host of Christmas lights. A favorite for locals and tourists alike, enjoy a wonderful holiday lights show in this scenic recreational park. Take a walk under the lights or feel free to drive through an array of Christmas displays brought to vivid color and life.

Plan a Winter Hike

Asheville and Western North Carolina are home to some of the country’s most breathtaking and beautiful nature scenes to behold. Hidden throughout the forested mountains of the Blue Ridge are hikes leading to stunning views of mountains, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. Grab your loved ones, bundle up for the brisk winter air, put on your best hiking shoes, and depart on a journey into the great outdoors this winter.

Get Your Brightest Holiday Smile Ready

Want to get your smile looking its best for this year’s holiday postcard, but afraid dental care is too expensive? Impressions is here to help! We offer high quality orthodontic care under the supervision of highly skilled and attentive professionals, but with the affordability and ease associated with at-home dental care.

Want to brighten the room with a smile more dazzling than the star on your tree this holiday season? Book a consultation at one of our ImpressionsHubs today and get ready to light up your next holiday party.

Networking Opportunity for WNC Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners on 12/17!

At the ImpressionsHub, we’re all about the local community! That’s why we’re excited to be hosting our first Business Before Hours with the Asheville Chamber of Commerce. This is part of our Smile Local movement, which is going strong into 2020! BRO & Impressions’ Smile Local movement is all about supporting local businesses with intention and about nurturing the collaborative spirit in our local community. Check out our post from this summer for more info – our offer for free Smile Local car magnets still stands, too! We loved connecting and collaborating with so many awesome local businesses this year, and look forward to the new connections that Asheville Chamber’s Business Before Hours and other events in the coming year will bring.

Impressions’ Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Join us Tuesday, December 17th from 8:00-9:00am

Asheville Chamber’s Business Before Hours
at Blue Ridge Orthodontics
1915 Hendersonville Road, Asheville NC 28803

Asheville Chamber’s Business Before Hours is a great opportunity to connect with local business representatives who are dedicated to their community and fellow businesses. By joining the Chamber of Commerce, members of the organization demonstrate their support of the business climate and quality of life in Asheville. The Asheville Chamber is a partnership of over 1,700 businesses and organizations working together to build and strengthen our community through business.

The Chamber also offers members many opportunities to connect with peers, government officials and business leaders, provides relevant business information, and assistance advocating for their business. As Chamber members, businesses get increased credibility and visibility, discounted businesses expenses and access to invaluable workshops and seminars.

Networking Opportunity for WNC Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners on 12/17! - Asheville Chamber's Business Before Hours at BRO

Blue Ridge Orthodontics, Impressions & the Asheville Chamber of Commerce

Without the Chamber of Commerce, Asheville wouldn’t be the amazing community it is today. Local businesses, including Blue Ridge Orthodontics and Impressions, are thriving. In fact, we’re excited to introduce the newest member of our practice, Dr. Jennifer Giltner, at our Business Before Hours event.

Dr. Giltner is our fourth associate for the Blue Ridge Orthodontics and Impressions team. We’ve come so far since opening our doors in 2007! It wasn’t until 2014 that we hired our first associate, but we have grown quickly since then. In 2015, BRO became a top Invisalign provider in all of North America. The very next year, we hired our second associate and began our Blue Star program to provide treatment to local families in need. In 2017, we opened our second and third offices in Brevard and Hendersonville, and opened our award winning new office in South Asheville.

In 2018, we launched Impressions to help WNC residents save over $3,000 on Invisalign treatment from the comfort of their homes! This year, BRO opened our new oral surgery department and launched WNC’s First Cleft Lip and Palate Team. All this growth wouldn’t have been possible without support from and partnership with our local community!

Networking Opportunity for WNC Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners on 12/17! - Asheville Chamber's Business Before Hours at BRO

Super-Power your Business with the Asheville Chamber

Our Impressions family includes many WNC entrepreneurs and small business owners. If that’s you, we want to welcome you to our Asheville Chamber of Commerce Business Before Hours event on December 17th! Join us to connect with other Asheville area businesses and enjoy light breakfast refreshments provided by Biscuit Head. Don’t forget your business cards to share with connections and enter our door prize drawings! We would love to meet you, learn about your business and find out how we can work together to achieve great things in 2020!

RSVP below to attend Business Before Hours

Woman inspects her at home teeth straightening aligners

Addressing The Problem With At-Home Teeth Straightening Kits

Dear Asheville,

It’s time for us to have an important talk about at-home teeth straightening kits, one that we believe to be long overdue. At-home teeth straightening kits are growing in popularity at a rapid pace. With only a couple mouse clicks, virtually anyone can browse and purchase a multitude of options from different brands. In theory, this affords people the freedom to choose the best option for their needs; but in reality, it’s not quite that simple.

Straightening your teeth, whether at home or under the care of a dental professional, is a process that must be taken seriously and handled with care. You can really hurt your smile if your aligners aren’t cut out for the job, and not being able to consult a dental professional who is in tune with your teeth straightening journey can be nerve-wracking when your smile starts to shift in undesirable ways.

Our heart resides with Asheville and all of its wonderful denizens.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your healthy, happy smiles on the way to and from work, and, of course, every day at Blue Ridge Orthodontics. It is with this in mind that we urge you to take this letter to heart, and choose wisely when selecting an at-home teeth straightening kit for your needs.

Remember, if you decide to try Impressions, our at-home take on traditional Invisalign, a local orthodontist from our office will be with you every step of the way.

An Inherently Flawed Process

When it comes to at-home teeth straightening kits, the line dividing the pros from the cons can be hard to pin down. This is because many of the processes required to size and fit aligners are inherently flawed. The most common process involves the use of photos and a dental impression kit. The impression kit is designed to provide the aligner company with a mold of your teeth, thus allowing them to create aligners that fit you perfectly. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work as it should, and if you are unable to provide a suitable mold of your smile, you may be required to purchase an additional kit.

On the surface, it may seem like avoiding an extra visit to the orthodontist is a positive, but if it results in poorly fitting aligners that are unable to straighten your teeth, this aspect of at-home teeth straightening kits is clearly a negative. Some of the other common drawbacks of these kits include:

Lack of Supervision

Many at-home teeth straightening kits recommend that you visit a dental professional prior to fitting to see if you have other, underlying dental problems that may require a different treatment. Those who ignore this advice will have little supervision over the course of their treatment, which means an undiagnosed issue could become very problematic.

No Course Correction

What happens if your aligners aren’t doing their job? Will you be able to tell? Most people don’t know what to look for when checking to see if their aligners are working. This job is best left to an orthodontic professional. Unfortunately, most at-home teeth straightening kits don’t give you the luxury of visiting an orthodontist to ensure that your aligners are working. For some, this could lead to months of improper alignment use that significantly disrupts their path to a perfect smile.


Another touted benefit of at-home teeth straightening kits is their ability to help you save on orthodontics costs. While this is true, you must also consider the value of peace of mind and knowing that your teeth are being aligned properly. On average, individuals will spend up to two years using aligners to correct their smiles — that’s a long time to be uncertain about the efficacy of your treatment. Fortunately, there are other options, such as Impressions, that straighten smiles faster (6-9 months on average) and pair the patient with an orthodontist.

Post-Treatment Costs

When an at-home teeth straightening kit fails, additional costs will be required to obtain the perfect smile. The economical price of at-home teeth straightening kits is arguably their greatest strength, but you could end up paying out of pocket for additional treatments if your aligners hinder your oral health. You can cut down on post-treatment costs by selecting an at-home option that also gives you access to an orthodontist.

Unreliable Help

When you need to consult a professional about your aligners, you may be distressed to find that your only option is an unreliable hotline. Your oral health is a serious matter that can’t be taken lightly. If you want access to professional help when you need it most, you will want to avoid at-home teeth straightening kits that don’t offer access to an in-person orthodontist who can answer your questions and address your concerns.

Higher Chance of Relapse

Studies indicate that short-term orthodontic treatments are less effective at combating crooked teeth than traditional options, like braces. Considering the fact that traditional teeth straightening methods involve an orthodontist throughout the treatment timeline, it’s understandable that methods that don’t require any form of direct interaction with a doctor would be less effective. Fortunately, some at-home teeth straightening kits do benefit from a fully realized doctor-patient relationship, which can result in superior outcomes. If you want to permanently straighten your smile, it helps to utilize a system that is designed to prevent relapse.

Safety Concerns

At-home teeth straightening kits are still relatively new to the market, and since there’s no dental professional monitoring your treatment, you can never be certain that your oral health is in tip-top shape. Improper use of aligners could lead to gum disease or tooth decay.

Why Impressions Is Different

Keeping it local is the Asheville way. Our city is a unique one, empowered by independence and driven by smiles. Over the years, Asheville has carved out a niche as one of the most popular destinations in the United States, largely because Asheville has so many great offerings that are only available in Asheville.

We are pleased to note that Impressions was created right here in Asheville for patients seeking an at-home orthodontics treatment that is safe, effective, and competitively priced. Impressions excels where other at-home kits falter because it addresses three primary concerns:

1) Quality of Assessment

Impressions utilizes a 3D iTero scan of the teeth to achieve highly accurate imaging. This helps to ensure that your aligners fit perfectly.

2) Quality of Product

Impressions is an offshoot of the Invisalign system, which means only the best materials are used when crafting your aligners. The last thing you want is a defective pair of aligners. We stand by our product proudly.

3) Quality of Care

The Impressions treatment was developed by a Diamond-level Invisalign provider. This assures the patient that they will have the best and most effective clear aligner treatment.

To see if you’re a candidate for Impressions, an at-home teeth straightening treatment option based out of Asheville, you can use this form.

We’re happy to answer all of your questions pertaining to at-home teeth straightening and look forward to helping more of Asheville’s wonderful citizens obtain the smile they desire. More importantly, we hope to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your oral health. If we can effect change for the City of Asheville, we’ve done our job.


The Impressions Team