Wine being poured at vineyard in Western North Carolina

Like many good people in North Carolina, we enjoy a nice glass of wine on a pleasant evening. The problem is that wine can pose a problem for your teeth. Let’s be clear, stained teeth don’t look good when combined with invisible aligners. Fortunately there are a number of wines that taste great and won’t stain your enamel nearly as much as some other popular options. If you are a candidate for Impressions invisible aligners, than you’ll want to keep these in mind!

We’ve compiled a list of great vinos that go easy on your pearly whites (and on the bank account!) so that you can keep your selection interesting this year.

1) Oaked Chardonnay

Chardonnay continues to hold its title as most popular white wine varietal on Earth, and as such has some truly spectacular options. If you are someone who loves the taste of a bold red wine with lots of oak, you may find the transition to Chardonnay a smooth one. Oaked Chardonnays tend to be buttery, bold and easy to drink, plus they don’t have all the color and tannins of a heavy Cabernet Sauvignon that can cling to teeth, affecting their color. Try something from Australia or California for a tasty wine that goes down easy.

2) Vinho Verde

Vinho Verde is a white wine from Portugal that is incredibly refreshing. Think of the most thirst-quenching dry lemonade of your life with a cool 10+% ABV thrown in for good measure. Several grapes are typically blended to create this gorgeous sipper, and you can usually find rose options as well. Enjoy this extra long summer while sipping on some vinho verde! The best part is, that this wine shouldn’t ever cost you more than $10, which is a great!  You know we know something about what makes a great deal

3) Chenin Blanc

Chenin Blanc’s beauty lies in how absolutely versatile it is as a grape. Most wine experts agree that there is a style for every wine drinker. Chenin Blanc can make a crisp, lean wine full of tart fruits and gorgeous notes of chamomile. It’s can also be an age-worthy, oaked option similar to a Chardonnay. The array of flavors, variable levels of sweetness, and tingling acidity makes the hunt for Chenin Blanc a constant adventure. Two regions that excel with this grape are South Africa and the Loire Valley in France, both of which should be readily available at your favorite local wine store.

4) Gamay

Otherwise known as Beaujolais一the region in France where this grape originally came from一Gamay is a super light, very drinkable red wine. Many have compared its flavor to something like a Pinot Noir, with lots of red fruit and beautiful earthy notes. The important thing about Gamay is that it is meant to be consumed right away and does not benefit from aging, which makes it a perfect light-bodied red wine that will keep staining to a minimum. French Beaujolais is always an acceptable option, but recently the Gamay coming out of Spain has been equally delicious and offered at a lower cost.

5) Pinot Gris/Grigio

Since both wines come from the same grape, they can essentially be considered interchangeable, but Pinot Gris AKA Pinot Grigio is a top contender on this list. The primary flavors in Pinot Gris are citrus-forward, tasting like lime and lemon munched alongside a delicate pear with just a hint of white flower. Pinot Gris is a very lovable wine and can range slightly in flavor, depending on where in the world it comes from. Italian wine tends to be very dry and acidic, while French Pinot Gris has a bit more body, and American Pinot Gris will have the most exaggerated fruit flavors of all. Why not try one of each and see which you like the best?

6) Pinot Noir

A second red option in this list, Pinot Noir is a popular and special grape to wine experts and novices alike. There’s just something so appealing about the many flavors that can result in a good Pinot Noir. An obvious burst of bright cherry or bold raspberry is often tempered and made more complex by whiffs of mushroom or cola. Pinot Noir grows beautifully in a number of regions around the world, including Oregon, France, Germany, New Zealand, Chile and South Africa. Enjoy this delectable red with food or on its own, but be sure to savour its many flavors and nuanced character.

7) Riesling

Riesling has gotten a terrible rep over the years as being a cloyingly sweet, uninteresting wine with little to offer the refined palate. That description could not be further from the truth. In actuality, Riesling is and remains one of the most interesting wines that a person could drink. Riesling has a long history in Germany, and Hieronymus Bock even mentioned it in a novel he wrote in the 16th century.

With a masterful control of its level of sweetness versus acidity, German producers have, in particular, been essential to defining Riesling. It also happens to be a very age-worthy white wine, which is pretty difficult to find, and a great complement to food. Expect variable flavors, from juicy pineapple to distinct diesel fuel. Also, Riesling is made into a dry wine just as frequently as it is sweet. Look out for the word “Trocken” if you want a German wine that is dry on the palate.


Drinking a glass of wine in the evening is a cherished habit for many of us, and with this list you don’t have to worry about staining your beautiful smile! Be sure to brush and rinse your teeth each night afterwards, however, as all alcohol still has residual sugar that isn’t beneficial if it’s left to hang around your mouth. And if you’re working on your Impressions smile, don’t forget to remove your aligners while sipping!

If you are looking to improve the shape of your teeth, get in touch with us to set up an appointment. Impressions is a top at-home aligner system that makes orthodontic adjustment as easy as can be. We are always looking to help out more people with getting the smile they always hoped for, and we may be able to help you out too!