Woman uses credit card to pay for Impressions invisible aligners

Impressions make orthodontic adjustments easier than ever before. They’re developed from the same system as Invisalign, so patients know that they’re getting the best product made from the best material. Plus, you only need one visit to the ImpressionsHub to get started!

Impressions are the safe, effective, and more affordable at-home orthodontic treatment.

Is it time for you to have the smile that you deserve? With Impressions, making that a reality is easier than you might imagine. Every treatment starts with a 3D iTero Scan to get a full digital model of your teeth and jaw.

From there, individual aligners are made just for you, and at no point during treatment will you feel self-conscious about a metal mouth. If you’re wondering how much Impressions cost and how you can pay for them, continue reading for more information.

Make a One Time Payment

Did you get a bonus from work last year, or a better tax return than you had thought? Wondering what to do with that extra sum of money? You could spend it on your daily coffee run, or you could use it to get the perfect smile that you’ve always wanted.

A payment in full is the most convenient option for those seeking Impressions.

If you’re able to, write a check for $3,480 and you’re treatment is taken care of! No bills or monthly payments to consider. We understand that this is not feasible for all our patients, which is why we offer other payment options as well.

Split Payment Option

If you are not able to manage the entire payment at once, consider the split payment option. Put down a half of the initial payment, $1,740, and then you have eight weeks to pay off the other half. That’s only $217.50 each week! You’ll already be seeing changes to your smile by the time you write the last check, and with Impressions’ discreet aligners, no one will even know that you are working towards brighter, better teeth until they’re almost complete!

Impressions patient reviews her payment options at the ImpressionsHub in Asheville

Introducing the Extended Payment Plan for Impressions

Extended Payment plans available for Impressions invisible alignersGetting started on your new smile journey has never been easier with Impressions and we are happy to announce that extended payment plans are now available! We understand that investing in your smile is important, but you have other financial obligations that you still need to fulfill. With our extended payment plan option, you can get started for a lower monthly payment and with no interest charge.

Give us a call at 844-846-8836 if you’d like to learn more.

Financing Options for Impressions

With our financing options, we’d like to make Impressions available for a greater number of people who are looking to transform their smile.

If our split payment option is not feasible right now, please take a look at the financing options that are available for our at-home invisible aligners program. Working with a 3rd party financing provider, you’ll be able to customize your borrowing plan and figure out an affordable pay back schedule. Then you’ll be on your way to straight, shining teeth in no time.

Care Credit

Not only do we offer Impressions at a significantly lower cost than most orthodontic care options, but we also take Care Credit! What is Care Credit? It’s a healthcare financing card that helps you pay for expenses that your insurance might not cover or doesn’t cover totally. There are special financing options available with Care Credit that you might not have with other major credit cards like Visa or Mastercard.

As a 3rd party financing options, you’ll use Care Credit to purchase your aligners up front, then pay them back over a scheduled course of time. There are plenty of plans to choose from, offering anywhere from 6 to 12 months interest-free. This option is available to anyone 18 or older. Apply online to get started today!


Another loaning service that you might want to consider is LoanHero. They are a premier financing company that works in the healthcare industry. You can find out if you qualify with absolutely no effect to your credit score.

LoanHero offers longer terms for lower monthly payments that traditional loan services. There’s no collateral required, and the process is 100% confidential. This is just one of the many financing plans that we offer so that you can get the best rate possible.

Can My Insurance Cover Some of It?

Wondering if your insurance will cover a portion of your Impressions payment? Well, we’ve got good news for you: we file with all major insurance providers. If you have orthodontic coverage, we will account for this during your on boarding process and it will be reflected in the total cost you need to pay for treatment.

Many dental insurance plans cover orthodontic aligners in some way. You’ll want to contact your insurer to find out how much they’ll cover, but afterwards we’ll help you out with obtaining the reimbursements that you’re owed.

If your insurance policy offers a pre-tax health care savings plan, like a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), then they may be able to cover some of the cost as well! Just use your card to make the single or split payments. If you don’t have a card, get in touch with someone at our office and they’ll assist you with processing. Just be sure to pay attention to the time constraints that apply to either your HSA/FSA. Your accrued funds may not rollover from year to year, and so you’ll want to spend the funds before January…


There are plenty of options when it comes to payment for your Impressions. With all the ease and flexibility offered, there’s never been a better time to get started on your journey to perfect teeth! A brighter smile awaits, and it can all be done comfortably and discreetly with the power of Impressions.