welcome to our advanced treatment option, impressions+Are you interested in clear aligner treatment like Invisalign, but aren’t excited about the price tag and time commitment? Meet Impression’s new, more advanced treatment option, Impressions+.

Impressions+ is the VIP upgrade to our original Impressions treatment. With Impressions+ you get more appointments with your BRO (Blue Ridge Orthodontics) Smiles Orthodontists and the ability to treat more advanced smile issues; and you get all that for 25% less than comprehensive Invisalign.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty differences between Invisalign, Impressions, and Impressions+.

Impressions, Impressions+, and Invisalign at-home aligner Treatment comparison


How does Impressions+ cost less than Invisalign, but more than Impressions?

  • Invisalign requires regular office visits, every 6-8 weeks. Impressions includes your refinement appointment and a final records appointment. Impressions+ has six office visits included in the cost and treatment plan – plenty of time to keep an eye on your progress and tackle any potential issues. If you even needed more appointments, that’s easy. We offer al la carte appointments in addition to those included.
  • Impressions+ includes attachments, small enamel-colored buttons, adhered to the teeth to help shift and move teeth into alignment. Impressions+ includes these attachments, our baseline Impressions treatment does not.

Who is Impressions+ for?

Impressions+ is for the person who doesn’t want to pay full price for Invisalign or come to our office every 6-8 weeks, but who still wants the comfort of occasional built-in appointments with a doctor. Impressions+ is quickly becoming one of our patients’ favorite options for straightening their smiles.

Want for more professional supervision?

Have you had braces or other orthodontic treatment previously, but for one reason or not you’re not happy with your results? Or maybe you’ve been putting off orthodontic care for a long time and you’re just ready for it to be done and done right? Or maybe you don’t want to spend nearly 7k on your orthodontic treatment. Impressions+ saves you money while allowing you and your orthodontist to keep a close eye on your progress. We understand that you want to make sure it’s done right! Our goal is to make sure you’re happy with your smile after your treatment from Impressions+ and Blue Ridge Orthodontics, which is why we also offer a lifetime smile guarantee!

Have more advanced orthodontic issues?

A lot of times, our patients will want to go with Impressions but unfortunately, their orthodontic issues are outside of the ability of Impressions. Without the use of attachments, our base Impressions treatment is more limited on the spacing, crowding, over and underbite issues that it can correct. Impressions+ fixes these issues with the addition of attachments. Attachments are small enamel-colored buttons attached to the teeth to help shift and move teeth into alignment. With attachments, more severe orthodontic issues are not a problem.

Get your smile confidence back with top-quality care from the Invisalign experts at Blue Ridge Orthodontics, for 25% of the cost of comprehensive care. 

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Impressions+, correct more smile issues for less money.

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