Get a straighter smile without going to the doctor

Get a straighter smile at-home with our Impressions or Impressions+ programs that require significantly less of your time than traditional orthodontic treatments like braces or Invisalign.

Our at-home treatment options allow you to continue living your life while completing your goal of a straighter smile. Go on with your life, but with a new smile!

  • Eat what you want
  • Stop hiding your smile
  • No unsightly braces
  • Less trips to the orthodontist

Say YES to a brighter, straighter smile for less of your $$ and time.

Normally, clear aligner treatment, like Invisalign, requires a trip to the office every 6 to 8 weeks! With treatment lasting up to 2 years, that could mean carving out time for 18 trips to the office! With commute time there, the appointment time, and then your drive home, that could mean sacrificing A LOT of your time.

We have two different levels of at-home treatment ensuring that no matter the severity of your smile issues, we have an option that won’t interfere with your daily life.

Along with hassle-free treatment, enjoy:

  • Treatment that ships your aligned directly to your home
  • FREE Whitening
  • Virtual appointment options
  • Local doctors


Impressions transforms your smile from home.

Our original at-home treatment, Impressions, requires the least amount of appointments. Impressions is for the busy moms, work-a-holics, world travelers, and hectic students. Transform your smile with just three appointments!

Appointment 1
Initial Consultation – This appointment is completely free and it can even be done virtually. This is the perfect time to get all of your questions answered and get a good idea for what the rest of your treatment will look like.

Appointment 2
Treatment Kick-off – You will come into one of our Blue Ridge Orthodontics offices for a full exam, 3D imaging scan, and X-rays. Our doctors will evaluate your current smile and your smile goals before creating your treatment plan. We can even show you how your smile will look after treatment!

Appointment 3
Final Evaluation – The moment you’ve been waiting for! You’ve finished all of your trays and are ready to show off your smile to your BRO Team of doctors. We will make sure your new smile is to your liking and send you off to show that smile off to the world!

If you’re extremely busy and only have minor smile issues to correct, this is the dream option for you!


Impressions+, the perfect balance for your life.

Impressions+ is the VIP upgrade to our original treatment! This advanced option includes six appointments, making it easy to fit into your schedule while getting the perfect amount of guidance by your trusted BRO doctors. Impressions+ also includes attachments, small tooth-colored bumps that help the aligner grip onto your teeth to assist in shift alignment. Attachments make at-home treatment possible for more severe orthodontic issues, like overbites, underbites, overlap, or spacing issues, that before could only be treated with Invisalign or braces, ew!

Appointment 1 – Free Consultation
Appointments 2-5 – Progress Evaluations
Appointment 6 – Your final smile reveal

Some of your appointments could even be done virtually! All you have to do is whip out your phone, no matter where you are, and our doctors can make sure that your smile is on track.

If you don’t want to sacrifice a lot of your time but have slightly more severe orthodontic issues, this treatment option was designed just for you!

How can you transform my smile from home?

The answer? Treatment that is mailed directly to your door.

Eight to 10 weeks after your scans you will receive a knock at your door, *hint* it’s your new smile. We will mail you a personalized box including your aligners, FREE whitening gel, and everything you will need for your smile transformation. Want an exclusive peek inside the box? Click here.

Impressions treatment doesn’t skimp on the quality either. Our Impressions team of doctors at Blue Ridge Orthodontics is among the top Invisalign providers in Western North Carolina. This means they’re prepared with the solutions for all of your smile problems. Our doctors understand how to safely shift your teeth, correct alignment for your overall bite health, and the clear aligned process from start to finish. Our aligners are even made out of the SAME materials as Invisalign!

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