Unboxing your Impressions Box of Confidence

Unboxing your Impressions Box of Confidence

Unboxing the Impressions welcome box is like opening the best gift you’ve ever given yourself. This present will change your life!

Impressions Box of Confidence

Welcome to Impressions. We’re so excited to help you get that shining, inspiring smile you’ve been dreaming of. Top-level Invisalign provider, Dr. Roberts, and the rest of the Impressions team will be with you every step of the way and this blue box is exploding with everything you will want and need on your #ImpressionSmile journey!

As you open your box, the paper unfolds to reveal the exciting contents:

1. Welcome to Impressions! 

We want to welcome you to the Impressions family! This is a lifechanging experience that you won’t regret. We have tried to make the journey to your new #ImpressionSmile something you that don’t have to think about. Sit back, live your life, and watch your smile change. You’ll be sure to make a good Impression after this. 😉

2. Your Impressions Aligners + Aligner Case

Of course, you will receive your first round of Impressions clear aligners. Each aligner is meant to be worn for one week for at least 20 hours a day. Impressions offer more aligners than it’s competitors – offering up to 25 aligners during treatment. The extra aligners mean longer treatment, but better results! You will be provided with detailed instructions and your customized Impressions treatment plan designed by Dr. Roberts himself! If you ever have any questions, you will have the contact information for your very own Impressions rep.

3. Chewies

What are chewies? Chewies are small aids to help get your aligners into -just- the right place! The purpose of the chewie is to eliminate the air space between the Impressions aligner and the teeth. The chewie provides a more comfortable and efficient method to provide a uniform force to seat the Invisalign aligner properly.

Impressions Unboxing - Your new smile is here!

4. Jokes and Whitener to help brighten your smile!

Laughter is the best medicine – that’s why we include jokes and puns. Along with a straighter smile, Impressions provides you with free whitening syringes. You won’t have any shame showing off your smile after treatment!

5. Aligner cleaning tablets to keep things fresh! ✨

The Impressions process is extremely low-effort, you wear each aligner for one week so you might have a day when you want to clean them. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with our aligner cleaning tablets.

6. Coupons for Friends + other surprise goodies! 🎁

Now that you’re feeling the confidence – share the love! Empower your friends, girl gang, bestie, boyfriend, little sister – whoever, we know they’ll love their #ImpressionSmile just as much as you. 

+ You never know what other goodies we might throw in there! 

Impressions Unboxed

Your journey to your #ImpressionSmile starts when you open that box! Your life will never be the same – enjoy it! 

xx Your Impressions Family

Fill out the form below to start your journey to your #ImpressionSmile!

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Woman smiles during Impressions aligners consultation in Asheville, NC

5 Advantages Impressions Aligners Have Over Braces

Looking to finally fix those crooked teeth and get that perfect smile you have always dreamed of, but not sure if traditional braces or invisible braces is the right option for you? Is one faster than the other? Which option will put a bigger dent in my wallet?

Choosing to go with Impressions invisible braces or traditional braces can be a difficult decision for anyone thinking about straightening their teeth. However, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some great reasons why you should consider using Impressions over metal braces to help you achieve a brilliant smile with beautifully straight teeth.


1) They’re Practically Invisible

Did we mention Impressions invisalign braces are nearly invisible while you are wearing them? That’s right! One of the main reasons many people decide to go with Impressions over traditional braces is the fact that they are not very visible when on your teeth. You can be straightening your teeth without people even knowing it.

This is particularly appealing for adults. The thought of your co-workers, friends, and family seeing you with a mouth full of metal braces can be extremely embarrassing. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with Impressions. With proper care and maintenance your Impressions aligners will stay clear and people will hardly be able to tell you are wearing them.

The Impressions system of aligners come in clean, clear sets that are replaced every one to two weeks. The quick replacement of these aligners helps maintain the clear appearance of the aligners, keeping them from being easily seen and allowing you to feel confident in your smile while the aligners straighten your teeth.

2) Monthly Visits Aren’t Necessary

Nobody wants to go to the orthodontist more than they absolutely have to, but sometimes though dental visits are necessary. This is especially true with traditional metal braces. The wires used in metal braces can sometimes bend or break and only an orthodontist is able to repair them. You’re also expected to come in for monthly progress visits when you’re straightening your teeth with metal braces.

Fortunately with Impressions invisible braces, you won’t have to make that monthly visit to the orthodontist. You will get sent a new set of Impressions aligners every one to two weeks to help maintain the adjustment of your teeth. However, if you lose or damage your aligners and need a replacement sooner they can be sent to you via the mail.

While your orthodontist may want to schedule a visit at some point during your treatment to check how your teeth are coming along, progress can mainly be monitored remotely. This makes multiple office visits unnecessary, saving you time and money over the course of your treatment.

3) They’re Significantly Cheaper!

As if avoiding personal embarrassment and saving time weren’t enough, you can also save money by straightening your teeth with Impressions aligners. On average, Impressions invisible braces cost less than the price of metal braces or traditional Invisalign.

The average cost of metal braces is typically between $4,000 to $7,000, and traditional Invisalign will usually run between $5,000 to $6,800. Yikes! That’s quite a lot of money. However, with Impressions aligners the cost is around $3,480. You could be paying less for great results, without the hassle of metal braces.

On top of being a cheaper alternative to metal braces, a portion of the cost for impressions is typically covered by dental insurance. Dental insurance plans that cover Invisalign will also cover Impressions for around $500 to $1,500.

4) You Can Take Them Out When You Need To

One of the best advantages Impressions invisible braces has over traditional metal braces is the ability to take them out whenever you need to. With metal braces, the brackets are permanently affixed to your teeth during the treatment process. The only way to remove them is to have your orthodontist take them off once your teeth have been straightened.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Impressions. Impressions aligners are easy to take put and place back in. While you should wear our clear plastic aligners for the majority of time during your treatment, they can be taken out when necessary such as when you want to eat.

This means you can continue to eat the way you did before getting Impressions which is not true for metal braces. With metal braces, you have to avoid foods that may stick in the wires and brackets. This can cause dental hygiene problems.

However, with Impressions you should eat a bit faster to make sure the aligners are not off for a long period, but you can continue to eat your favorite meals. Just be sure to clean and brush your teeth and aligners after eating or drinking anything other than water.

5) Shorter Treatment Time

And the icing on the cake that is Impressions aligners is a shorter treatment time than traditional metal braces. That means you can avoid having obtrusive metal braces and still straighten your teeth with magnificent results and far less time.

For most patients opting to straighten their teeth with traditional metal braces, treatment can last up to 2 years. And since metal braces are on all day, everyday, you would have metal in your mouth for around two years. This is also one of the reasons traditional braces cost more than Impressions. Longer treatment means more office visits which means more money out of your pocket.

However, the average treatment time for Impressions aligners is only 6 to 9 months. That is less than half the average treatment time of traditional braces! This means you will be making less trips to the dentist, especially since progress is mainly monitored at home, and attain a nice straight smile much faster than if you used metal braces.

Schedule a Complimentary Impressions Consultation

Let’s face it, Impressions aligners are an amazing and affordable alternative to traditional metal braces. You can get high quality results from your Impressions aligners in less time, be making fewer trips to the dentist, and pay less money. With such great advantages why wouldn’t you want to go with Impressions aligners?

If you have been thinking about straightening your teeth and want to avoid the hassles and embarrassment of metal braces, Impressions may be just the thing for you. Contact us today at (844) 846-8836 to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our board certified dentists. There is no better time than now to start your road to a perfect smile.

ImpressionsHub at Blue Ridge Orthodontics in Asheville

Visiting the ImpressionsHub – What to Expect

It’s never been easier to fix lingering orthodontic issues and achieve the smile of your dreams. Thanks to new technology, the process of perfecting your teeth can take place mostly from the comfort of your own home. This is the case with purveyors of the teledentistry model, like Impressions, which has plenty of advantages over traditional metal braces in terms of convenience and comfort.

Our at-home aligners are just that: they are delivered to your house where you wear and replace them for a number of months as your teeth shift into their proper place. What sets Impressions apart from other at-home aligners is our ImpressionsHubs, or the individual locations scattered throughout the country where patients go to get started. So what can you expect when you visit a hub?

Complete Our Online Form to Request an Appointment

Before you even make an appointment to get to the nearest ImpressionsHub, you’ll need to complete our form online to find out if you are a candidate. This allows us to review your information and make a decision about whether or not Impressions is the right style of treatment for you.

Impressions is meant to treat mild to moderate issues like overbite, underbite, crowding and spacing. The typical period that a person uses Impressions aligners ranges from six to nine months. While Impressions can offer help to a lot of people, there are certain cases that we cannot fix. This includes things like severe orthodontic issues, which may be better suited using metal braces.

Get Started with a 3D Scan

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll be able to set up an appointment to come in and get started at one of our ImpressionsHubs– currently located in Asheville and Hendersonville.

On the day of your scan, you will come in and meet with one of our orthodontic specialists. They are the people you can talk to about any questions you may have, including price, timeline, and lifestyle changes. While we always have specialists available to you over the phone or by email, this visit to the ImpressionsHub is the only in-person visit you’ll have to make before your treatment ends, so it’s a good time to pose any questions you have and discuss your concerns.

We chose to begin each treatment with a 3D digital iTero scan because of its accuracy and the complete picture its able to provide. When he developed Impressions, Dr. Luke Roberts wanted to be sure that every patient would receive the very best care. Patients are  can find out what your final smile will look like before you put in your first set of aligners. The scan usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes, during which time the patient can sit back and relax.

What Happens After the Scan?

Once the scan is complete, you will be able to see a 3D representation of your teeth and discuss treatment with our orthodontic specialist. During this time, they will explain what you can expect while wearing at-home aligners and show you how the position of your teeth will develop over time.

This is a good time to talk to your specialist and ask any questions you may have. Because this is an at-home aligner service, you likely won’t see a doctor or specialist again until after your treatment has been completed. Take a moment ahead of time to think of some questions you might want to ask. Some questions that we are frequently asked include:

  • What are invisible aligners made of?
  • How do they straighten teeth?
  • How does the scanning technology work?
  • Who reviews my case?
  • How long does treatment typically last?
  • How often should I wear my aligners?
  • Will aligners make my teeth hurt?
  • What happens if I lose an aligner?
  • What happens once my treatment is complete?
  • Do I have to wear a retainer after I’ve completed treatment?
  • What comes in the Impressions Box delivered to my door?

All these questions and many more will be answered during your visit to one of our ImpressionsHubs, or you can find out more by checking out our blog. While at-home aligners don’t require you to come into the Hubs very often, you can always contact us online or over the phone to speak to one of our Impressions professionals.

Preparing for Your Visit

It’s very important that you complete one of our candidate forms before making an appointment, but there are also other steps you can take to prepare for your visit. Make sure that you have provided us with up-to-date contact information for you and your other healthcare providers, as well as an accurate medical history and insurance information. We will file your claim with your insurance providers to see how much they cover.

Your Visit, Broken Down Step by Step

  1. Fill out and complete a candidate form online – Find out if you qualify for Impressions as a form of orthodontic treatment
  2. Send accurate contact information, medical history, and insurance information to our offices before coming in
  3. Come into one of our ImpressionsHubs – Don’t forget to bring valid ID and your insurance card
  4. Get to know our staff and speak with one of our orthodontic specialists
  5. Sit down for a scan – This shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes
  6. Go over the results with a specialist – You’ll find out how long treatment should take and what to expect while using invisible aligners
  7. Review the cost, your insurance, and payment options that are available to you

After that, it’s just a matter of going home and waiting for your Impressions Box to arrive in the mail. This process usually takes up to six weeks. What’s in the box? Well, it includes everything you’ll need to stay on top of your treatment plan, and a little something extra as well (psst…it’s a free whitening gel!)

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about Impressions at-home aligners or fill out the candidate form on our website to get started.

Impressions invisible aligners trays on table in Asheville

Impressions Vs Other At-Home Invisible Aligners

If you haven’t heard about Impressions invisible aligners, they are a new and discreet way to straighten your teeth at home. Unlike traditional metal braces, these invisible aligners are made from medical grade plastic material that is molded after a 3D digitized scan is taken of your teeth.

Your Impressions invisible aligners will arrive at your door about 6 weeks after your initial consultation and 3D scan. In fact, your Impressions box will contain not only your set of aligners, but also everything else you’ll need to stay on track with your personalized treatment plan. Most patients complete their treatment within 6 months.

If you are an adult that needs orthodontic treatment in 2019, you have quite a few options available to you. We just wanted to show you how Impressions compares to traditional metal braces and other at-home invisible aligners.

Impressions Vs Traditional Metal Braces

Let’s be honest, no one wants to have a mouth full of metal as an adult. It’s tough not to be a little self-conscious if you’re going into that all-important interview or on that first date. This is why advancements like Invisalign made such a big difference for adult orthodontics. This technology made it so that you could straighten your teeth in a much more discreet fashion.

First, we do need to state that for more complex orthodontic issues, traditional braces may be required. Luckily, our Impressions aligners can be used to treat the majority of orthodontic issues that adults face.

There are several distinct advantages that invisible aligners like Impressions have over traditional braces, including:

  • Most people won’t even know that you’re wearing invisible aligners when you’re talking to them.
  • Invisible aligners are much more convenient than traditional braces due to the fact that they can be removed when you want to eat, drink and brush your teeth.
  • At home invisible aligners like impressions require much fewer in office visits to complete your treatment.
  • Invisible aligners are also much easier to clean than traditional metal braces.
  • Impressions aligners cost half as much as traditional braces for adults.

Impressions Vs Other At-Home Invisible Aligners

Deciding between invisible aligners and metal braces is a pretty easy one if you qualify. However, there are several different at-home invisible aligner providers. Choosing the right one can be difficult. If you live in North Carolina, you should consider Impressions and here’s why!

Infographic showing how Impressions differs from other at-home invisible aligners

Why We Start with a 3D Scan Every Time

Other invisible aligner companies offer at-home kits that you can use to take that first impression of your teeth. Unfortunately, we’ve found that these kits often lead to bad first impressions and a delayed start to your treatment. Since Impressions was created by a diamond level Invisalign orthodontist, starting with an accurate scan of the teeth was extremely important.

Those at home impression kits seem like a great idea at first, but there are many ways that things can go wrong. Here are four of the main issues people seem to have with these at-home impressions kits:

  • The trays you receive may not be the right size, meaning that you’ll have to send them back and wait even longer to start your treatment.
  • The process you must follow in order to mix the putty may not go as planned. Since this kit comes with two types of putty, it must be completely mixed together and then molded into the tray. Once you start mixing the putties, they start to harden. So you have about one minute to properly mix the putty, place it in the tray and then into your mouth in order to get a proper impression. When done at home, there are only so many ways that this can go wrong.
  • So you managed to get through that entire process without any issues, but now it comes to actually getting a perfect impression from your tray. If for some reason you are able to keep the tray steady during this process, you can end up with a double imprint of your teeth and gums or a distortion of the shape and length of your teeth.
  • If you’re able to take an at-home impression without any issues, this entire process needs to be repeated at least three more times without error.

With Impressions, we can deliver 100% percent accuracy each time, because we always start treatment with a 3D iTero of your teeth! It’s quick, painless and carried out by a trained professional. The scan also doesn’t leave a bad taste in your mouth like the putty from the at-home impressions kits do.

After your 3-D scan, you’ll also get to see what your teeth will look like after treatment BEFORE YOU EVER GET STARTED or pay for anything. Everyone loves a good before and after! Other at-home aligner companies don’t offer this.

Our Invisible Aligners Are Produced With Higher Quality Material

In order to save money, other at home invisible aligner companies have chosen to use cheaper material in order to produce their aligners. Obviously, this isn’t something that they would advertise but the results can be quite shocking…

Damaged invisible aligners

Impressions aligners use the same high-quality material that Invisalign uses. It means our trays are more durable and will not smash like some of “the other guys.” With lower quality trays, you run the risk of experiencing complications that can extend the length of your treatment.

Impressions Connects You With a Real Orthodontist

Impressions was created by Dr. Luke Roberts, the award-winning orthodontist behind Blue Ridge Orthodontics in Western North Carolina. He developed Impressions with a singular goal, to bring affordable orthodontic care to more people in North Carolina. Studies have shown that most Americans would benefit from some kind of Orthodontic Care, but only a relatively small percentage can actually afford it.

If you choose Impressions invisible aligners, then you will be connected with an actual orthodontist. You will get to meet him or her at your first appointment and they will develop a customized treatment plan for your smile. You don’t need to feel like they’re going through this treatment on your own. While you were still able to enjoy all of the added convenience of at home teeth straightening, you can reach out to one of our orthodontist with questions or concerns at any point.

For those who go with some of those other providers, they may not have orthodontist that they can reach out to if they have questions. Instead you will likely be directed to a customer service number for any questions or concerns.

Yes convenience is important, but who are you going to feel more confident with when it comes to correcting your smile? An orthodontist you can meet in person or a customer support representative?

Impressions Accounts For Your Bite & Overall Health

Other at-home invisible aligners are solely focused on straightening your teeth. At Impressions, our doctors are not only concerned with straightening your teeth, but we also want to achieve the best results without impacting your bite or long-term oral health. This is something that can only be guaranteed by having a real orthodontist sit down with you and examine your teeth and mouth before starting treatment.

With other providers, this isn’t always the case and that can lead to some significant issues in the long run.


It’s great that in 2019, adults who need orthodontic care have so many options available to them. If you are considering Impressions invisible aligners, here are a few more things that you may also want to know.

  • We accept most insurance providers for Impressions treatment.
  • Impressions offers an extended payment plan as well.
  • The ImpressionsHubs are located in real orthodontic clinics, not in a tent, a bus, a mall or a pop-up shop.
  • Walk in consultations are available to you with Impressions, most other companies don’t have an office to walk into, and when they do, it’s by appt.
  • You can upgrade to comprehensive Invisalign if desired thanks to the fact that Impressions is run by a diamond level Invisalign orthodontist.
Holding Impressions invisible aligners in Asheville, NC

6 Things You Should Know Before Getting Invisible Aligners

If you are thinking of getting Impressions invisible aligners, we’re excited for you! You’ve chosen to invest in your oral health and make the radiant smile of your dreams a reality. So what’s next?

Here are ten things you should know before getting invisible aligners here in beautiful North Carolina!

1) You’re Getting A Series of Clear, Removable Aligners

You may be wondering how something shaped like a clear, removable retainer can straighten your teeth. Well, it’s because it’s more than one “something”! If you’ve already done some research or have friends who’ve straightened their teeth, you might already know this, but today we’re starting with the basics.

Impressions utilizes a numbered series of transparent aligners to straighten your teeth over 6 to 9 months. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks. You can take the aligners out for a total of 2 hours per day, but you must wear them the other 22 hours for optimal results.

2) You Can See A Preview of Your Results

One amazing aspect of Impressions is that you can actually see what your smile will look like after your initial scan at the ImpressionsHub. The 3D imaging our orthodontist uses provides a virtual peek into your dazzling future.

3) You Still Have Access to An Orthodontist

Impressions is meant to be more convenient than traditional orthodontics for adults. That being said, you still have access to an orthodontist if you ever have any questions or concerns about your aligners.

Sometimes you may need to wear a set of aligners for slightly longer than the usual two weeks, sometimes slightly less. It is a nuanced process and we are here for you every step of the way.

4) No Brackets, No Problems

One of the best things about Impressions is that it is way more convenient than metal braces! Though some discomfort, or perhaps the feeling that your teeth are loose, may occur during treatment, the smooth texture of the invisible aligner is typically preferred over brackets.

With the freedom to take them out when you need to, they are great for dates, interviews or whatever your busy life may throw at you. You’ll never experience the frustration (and embarrassment) of getting food stuck in your braces.

You won’t need to alter your diet or purchase any new dental hygiene tools when you opt for Impressions. That said, dental hygiene is always your best friend! Make sure you brush and floss your teeth after every meal before putting your aligners back in, as trapped food between your tooth and the aligner can lead to decay.

5) Invisible Aligner Care

In addition to caring for your teeth, you must care for your invisible aligners. Even though you’ll only wear each set for about two weeks, this is enough time for them to start to yellow if not properly looked after. You can soak your aligners in denture cleaner or Invisalign cleaner, but don’t use your toothbrush and toothpaste, as this can damage them.

6 ) Unique, Like YOU!

Your series of Impressions aligners is custom-made for you! Our board certified orthodontist will use 3D technology to create your aligners, and will be available to you every step of the way.

If your teeth require what you think might be a lot of correction, don’t automatically rule out Impressions. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our at-home orthodontic treatment.

Ready for a free consultation?

Woman chooses invisible aligners instead of traditional braces

How Invisible Aligners Differ From Braces

You’ve made your decision: you’re ready for straighter teeth! You’re ready to invest your time and resources into a one thousand megawatt, perfectly aligned, healthy, sparkling smile. We may be biased, but we think that is a fantastic decision.

Naturally, you then ask yourself questions like, “What comes next?” and “How do invisible aligners differ from braces?”

Well read on, friend, because we are about to shed some light on that question!

Invisible Aligners Are Clear

The aligners’ transparency is the first thing that most people think of when they think of invisible aligners. They think of the fact that they won’t be rocking what we called a “tin grin” back in the day (although we believe those should be rocked with confidence as well!).

Invisible aligners are nearly invisible and are likely to go completely unnoticed in the average conversation. This often appeals to adults, especially those who may have client-facing career paths, or who are planning a wedding, or who simply feel less than comfortable at the idea of metal braces.

Invisible Aligners Are Convenient

As well as being more discreet than traditional braces, invisible aligners are also more convenient. You can take them out to eat, drink beverages other than water, brush, floss, etc. While you do need to wear your aligners 20-22 hours per day in order for them to be effective, being able to take them out for these everyday tasks is a huge plus.

You also won’t need to forgo any of the foods you love. When you wear traditional braces, you have to sacrifice popcorn, gum, caramel, candies, and even chewy foods such as bagels (unless you cut the bagel into small pieces, rather than biting into it). You have to be careful around carrots, apples, and other hard fruits and veggies. Even foods like steak can prove challenging―though they’re less risky when it comes to actually breaking a brace.

Of course, there are dietary considerations when you have invisible aligners too. You should not drink coffee, red wine (although we’ve found some that won’t stain your teeth), or anything besides water when you have your aligners in. Pop them out, enjoy your beverage, and give your teeth a thorough brushing before putting your aligners back in!

Invisible Aligners Are Easy To Clean

Speaking of “a thorough brushing,” let’s back up and talk about brushing and flossing again. Pretty much anyone who has ever had traditional metal braces will tell you how much work it is to take care of your teeth. You must change your brushing technique, purchase special floss, and spend a lot of extra time on your brace-clad grin.

When you have invisible aligners, you can brush and floss just the same as you always did! You do need to clean your aligners and brush your teeth after finishing each meal, but it will certainly be less effort than metal braces.

Invisible Aligners Save Time and Money

If you’re like most people, you’re may be thinking, “All of this sounds awesome, but how hard will it hit my bank account?” Well, about as hard as angel wings and puppy snuggles!

We can’t speak for all brands of invisible aligner, but our Impressions invisible aligners cost only half as much as metal braces. What’s just as exciting is the treatment is also only half as long. With their effective, efficient, and affordable nature, you may just blink and find yourself with the smile of your dreams.

Blog about fashion bloggers living in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Top Style Bloggers (Part 2)

Our last post about North Carolina’s fashionable ladies was such a hit, we’re back for a second round! You may not think of quaint Asheville or charming Charlotte as meccas for stylish looks and fashion on a budget, but in that case, you would be sorely mistaken.

The ladies in this list are doing their fabulous best to prove that North Carolina is just as fashionable a state as any other. Here are five more bloggers making the Tarheel state look great.

Meet Zaria – A Dose of Fab

Zaria Brown, otherwise known as @adoseoffab on Instagram, is earning her status as a queen of colorful looks in and around Charlotte. Zaria isn’t afraid of pairing bright looks or bold prints, and she pulls off each outfit with style and grace. An especially appealing part of her blog is that she’s committed to looking fab without emptying the bank account and has plenty of great deals to share with her followers.

View this post on Instagram

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Find more looks on her blog, A Dose of Fab.

Meet Caroline – The Whimsical Pineapple

Caroline at the Whimsical Pineapple has made it her mission to capture and express her full life, messy floors and all. She posts lovely shots all around Charlotte to her Insta, which you can follow @thewhimsicalpineapple, including inspiring outfits and endearing stories from her home life with her fiance. Caroline will quickly become your new best (virtual) friend, and we definitely suggest giving her a follow!

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Check out her blog to read more about her life and style.

Meet Courtney – Awesome on Occasion

There is a lot to love about our next blogger, Courtney, who is based in Asheville. Not least of all is her wonderful blog, called Awesome on Occasion, which blends her personal style and way of life seamlessly into one digestible format. Courtney has an adorable fashion sense that favors simple patterns and neutral colors, which we are already coveting as the weather slides into fall.


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Subscribe to her blog and follow her on Insta for more quality content.

Meet Brittney – The Working Britt

Brittney C. Hill, the creative mind behind The Working Britt, is a goddess of glamor and all things classic beauty. Based in Charlotte, Brittney is a master at creating timeless looks that actually seem achievable. She works in the fashion industry and has done so since high school, which certainly shows in her inspired ensembles.

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Catch her on Instagram @brittney_cherelle and subscribe to her blog for more information. And make sure to check out her highlight, which somehow manages to be perfect every damn day.

Meet Shelby – Lady in Thought

This next blogger babe may be young, but her website Lady in Thought reads like its been written by someone much older than her 21 years. Shelby manages to pair engaging posts with tasteful snapshots of her style, giving you an intimate look into her life. Her style is playful yet refined, and she isn’t afraid to have a little fun on her blog and Instagram.

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Follow her for a daily dose of cute outfits and updates on her life.

BONUS: Meet Emily – Some Pretty Things

This next lady isn’t actually from North Carolina, but as a native of our sister state to the South, we figured it’d be alright if we included her. Emily Lewandowski一creator and writer behind Some Pretty Thing, which is based in Greenville一has curation down to a science. Both her Instagram feed and her blog’s website are gorgeously designed and feature enviable content that’s beautifully photographed. She writes about fashion, beauty, and fitness, among other inspiring topics, and Emily happens to be a lovely writer.


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Follow her for a bit of curated inspiration and enjoyable story-telling.

Woman uses her library card to rent books in Asheville, NC

Impressions Celerbrates Library Card Sign-Up Month in NC

Did you know that September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month? To celebrate that distinctive feeling from many pleasant hours spent scouring favorite corners of the local library, we’re encouraging everyone who doesn’t have a library card to sign up for one today!

Throughout the month, bring a library card to your consultation at the ImpressionsHub in Asheville or Hendersonville and get a special $300 discount for Impressions invisible aligners. If you aren’t familiar with this new at-home treatment from Blue Ridge Orthodontics, they can straighten your teeth in half the time of traditional treatment and for half the cost.

Additionally, we are going to purchase a book for your local library, if you bring in a library card to your appointment.

What Do Beautiful Smiles & Library Books Have in Common?

Are you curious about why we are running this library card special? Besides a deep love of the knowledge and enrichment contained within a good library, research has shown that improving your smile and reading books can improve our feelings of well-being and increase our positivity. Additional studies indicate that more young people are finding their way into the library, and we want to do our part to encourage this trend in North Carolina.

Still skeptical? This infographic should illustrate our point even more clearly:

Graphic showing common benefits from straight teeth and reading books

Benefits of Reading Books

When was the last time you enjoyed a good book? Hopefully, it wasn’t too long ago, because non-habitual readers are missing out on a significant number of benefits. Reading books on a regular basis can lead to:

  • Improved writing skills
  • Increased empathy
  • Added knowledge and information
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased creativity
  • Enriched language and vocabulary

Benefits of Straight Teeth

With Impressions, it has never been easier (or more affordable) to get the smile of your dreams! Besides the aesthetic benefits, straighter teeth can lead to:

  • Stronger teeth
  • Improved confidence
  • Corrected speech impediments
  • Improved digestion
  • Decreased tooth decay and gum disease
  • Better breath

As we mentioned before, both reading and straight teeth produce some similar benefits that we want to highlight this month – those being a greater sense of well-being and a positive attitude.

Who wouldn’t like to feel that?


National Library Card Sign-up Month is a special event, and we’d like to encourage more people in North Carolina to visit their local library. These institutions deserve our support – and you may be pleasantly surprised if it has been a while since you visited one. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates throughout the month. If you have any questions about our library card special, then please don’t hesitate to ask us a question using our online chat or at 844.846.8836.

Blog about fashion bloggers living in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Top Style Bloggers

North Carolina is quickly becoming a stronghold of fierce, fashionable ladies who offer inspirational stories right alongside their expertly styled looks. In the last couple of years, style has seriously improved in the Tar Heel State, and we for one are very excited about it. Whether you’re an Asheville area local or hanging on the coast, there are plenty of inspiring bloggers out there proving that fashion doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Check out some of our favorite style and beauty experts and what they’re serving on their blogs.

Meet Brooke – The Tony Townie

We had to keep it local for our first gal! Brooke Williams (otherwise known as the Tony Townie) is an Asheville native and wardrobe stylist who found a way to blend her passion for fashion with her life as a mother. Williams integrates her lifestyle and her daughter, Harlow, into the beautiful posts and fashion tips that she’s made her career on. She also features our awesome home city of Asheville in lots of her posts, and we have to commend her for that!

Continuing my #selfcare reboot from last weekend into the new week 💚 For far too long I’ve been parceling myself and my spirit into tiny pieces trying to stay on top of everything I “need” to do, leaving very little time for anything I want to do. It’s like every minute of my day is scheduled before the day even dawns. Guilt runs rampant and it seems no matter how I structure my day something goes undone or doesn’t meet my standard and rather than focus on all I have achieved I get mired down with all I should’ve done. A miserable spiral if there ever was one… • So my current approach is take it as it comes. Embrace this somewhat chaotic season of life and realize one day I’ll miss it. To stop worrying so much about schedules I can’t meet and feel good about what I can fit in. To say no when I just can’t accommodate. To let inspiration strike when it’s there instead of forcing something to check a box. To soak up these last few days of summer and realize I only have 16 left until my baby flies on her own wings….what could possibly be happening that’s more worthy of my attention than these fleeting precious moments?? Time sure seems to be passing faster than I ever remember… • Dress and bag: @virtueasheville 👗 Photo: @bri.digital 📷 • • • • • • • #ashevillenc #asheville #ashevilleblogger #828isgreat #iheartavl #ashevillelocal #ashevillelove #blondesandcookies #lovedailydose #prettylittleinspo #theeverydaygirl #belovedstories #thedarlingmovement #alittlebeautyeveryday #myeverydaymagic #momentsofmine #lifestyleblogger #motherhoodinspired #bloggermom #modernmom #summerstyle #summerdress #frenchgirlstyle #strawbag #fashionphotography #fbloggerstyle #styleinspiration #enjoythemoments #summerstateofmind

A post shared by Brooke Williams (@brooklync82) on

Be sure to check out Brooke’s blog and Instagram for some daily beauty inspiration, and follow her for updates!

Meet Melissa – Melissa Chanel

Melissa Chanel is a master of beauty, style, and achieving the perfect hair day always based in Charlotte. She is fashion-forward always and unapologetically so, and we are forever envious of her sweet collection of kicks. She is not only a source for inspiring outfits of the day but hilarious, honest commentary on her own life, including a great piece about online dating.

Follow Melissa Chanel’s Instagram for incredible looks shot in and around Charlotte, and in case you were wondering, Chanel is really her middle name.

Meet Lauren – Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren is a lifestyle blogger with a beautiful smile based in Charlotte. She also spends her time as a real estate agent. There’s a lot to love about her blog–the photos are great, she always looks stylish, and she’s clearly a big fan of wellness–but perhaps the best thing of all is how honest and approachable she seems. She’s not afraid to have a little fun and keep it classy while she does so.

Check out her Instagram to get updates on her casual-chic style.

Meet Kirby – Fashion By Day

Kirby Wolf is the woman before the lens of the expertly coordinated Fashion by Day blog. She spent years in L.A. as a personal stylist, and it certainly shows in the looks she sports. Her style is definitely classic with a heavy dose of West Coast cool. Kirby is one of those people who has the ability to make almost any item look wearable, even a pair of bright orange flared capri pants.

Take a look at Kirby’s Instagram for regular posts that will inspire you to reach outside the box with your look and still pull it off, as well as some lovely shots of her wedding.

Meet Louella – Louella Reese

Talk about well curated! Louella Reese is the creative brainchild of Laura Leigh, a Charlotte resident in her 20s who has an eye for color coordination and detail (plus a seriously beautiful head of hair). Her style is certainly girly but not without a fair bit of spunk, especially when she rocks a pair of overalls. She also talks candidly about her husband and her relationship.

Casual Sunday vibes 💙 just a reminder {because I know you neeeeed another one 🙈} today is the last day of the #NSale and my sweater + jeans are included and surprisingly still in stock! My sweater comes a variety of colors {black, pink, orange, cream, and red} and is perfect to wear now and later, I wear it around the house lots! … On another note, today is legit super casual and laid back for us, as our whole weekend has been! Which I’ve totally loved! May, June, and the first half of July were so busy for us, I’m really appreciating the slow down…before things get bananas the last week of August all the way through September 😬🎉 how’s the end of your summer shaping up to be? A slow-down or busy as ever? … Shop my #nordstromanniversarysale look + accessories by following @louellareese in the @liketoknow.it app or click the link in my bio for easy access to all the detail #liketkit http://liketk.it/2wQcj #freepeople #framedenim #summerstyle #casualstyle #blueandwhite #americanstyle #ootdmagazine #lcdotcomloves #summerdenim #summersweater #thehappynow #thatsdalring pc: @kristen.bishop.day

A post shared by Laura Leigh | Louella Reese (@louellareese) on

Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram  for selectively organized content.

Meet Ferriss – Just Ferriss

The woman behind the blog Just Ferriss is enviable in many ways, including her excellent wardrobe and gorgeous red hair. Her style is most definitely classic with an edge (as it says on her Insta), and she keeps things relatable by recycling key pieces and showcasing items that clearly came from a bygone era.

Follow Ferriss on Instagram for a look around Asheville and her many adorable outfits.

Dr Schüler holds the at home Impressions invisible aligners kit

Are You a Candidate for Impressions Invisible Aligners?

When getting started with Impressions, the first step is to visit one of our ImpressionsHubs for an evaluation performed by a board-certified dental specialist. During this appointment, they will decide if our proprietary aligner system is best for you to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Currently, ImpressionsHubs are situated in Western North Carolina, but the goal is to expand our network across the country.

Invisible aligners are taking the dental world by storm right now, and we get a lot of questions from individuals (like yourself) regarding their candidacy. Impressions may not be the right solution for everyone, so we’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers to give you an idea of whether or not you’re a candidate for our Impressions aligners.

What Are You Looking to Fix?

This is by far the most important indicator of candidacy for Impressions. What exactly are you looking to improve about your smile and how severe is your condition? Invisible aligners are great to fix a host of common issues一crowding, spacing, overbite and underbite一but there are limits to what they’re able to do: severe orthodontia is best left up to traditional correction systems.

If your issues are severe, you may be better suited to traditional braces, clear braces or the Invisalign system. The best way to find out is to come in and speak with one of our doctors during a complimentary consultation. If they find that you qualify for Impressions, you could get started with an 3D iTero digital intraoral scan before you leave the office that day!

Are Your Teeth Healthy?

Invisible aligners surround the teeth, slowly pushing them into proper placement. Due to the design of these aligners, it’s important that a patient’s teeth be in good dental shape. Wrapping a set of teeth in durable plastic for 22 hours a day can exacerbate existing dental issues.

Anyone interested in Impressions aligners must have visited their dentist within the last year and have any cavities filled ahead of time. Taking care of these steps in advance will make treatment that much easier and ensure your oral health is in top condition, which can further benefit the rest of your body.

What Is Your Age?

Candidacy for Impressions certainly depends on a person’s age. Invisible aligners benefit adults and older teenagers the most一their teeth and jaw have stopped growing, and they’ll be able to comply with the needs of treatment. As an added bonus, invisible aligners offer transparency, which is a much bigger area of focus for older patients. They want to be able to seek the treatment they’ve always wanted without putting their life on hold.

With Impressions, you get to see your smile change and don’t have to feel self-conscious while it’s doing so. Bulky metalware can make a young adult feel like a kid again, and rarely go over well in office settings. On the flip side, younger patients benefit from traditional braces because they don’t need to be removed at any time during treatment. While there are exceptions to every rule, generally candidacy is best for those patients that are nearing adulthood or already there.

Are You Dedicated to Fixing Your Smile?

This kind of question is important for anyone seeking orthodontic treatment一the investment is significant and work is certainly required一but it’s especially important for those interested in Impressions.

One of the key differences between invisible aligners and traditional methods of treatment is that aligners can be removed. When an Impressions patient eats or drinks anything other than water, their aligners have to be removed to keep them clean and sanitary.

Afterwards, the patient must brush and rinse their mouth thoroughly before replacing their aligners. It is also important to regularly clean aligners to keep them free of bacteria and prevent clouding. Though Impressions is certainly easier and more comfortable than most orthodontic options, this responsibility cannot be overlooked.

After the treatment period, which lasts between six to nine months on average, you will be responsible for wearing your retainer to maintain the new shape of your teeth. This is standard for all orthodontic correction options, but it’s important for a patient to understand what’s expected of them before beginning treatment. Invisible aligners are only as effective as you allow them to be; if you don’t wear them for the recommended 22 hours a day, they will not produce the best results. Younger patients with less discipline may be inclined to remove aligners because of some discomfort, and thus are not recommended to seek this style of treatment.

What Other Dental Work Have You Had?

Though previous orthodontic corrections and dental work do not exempt your candidacy for Impressions, it’s important that your doctor know ahead of time so that they can decide if aligners are the right fit. Many adults who previously received orthodontic treatment via traditional metal braces may have a permanent retainer on either the top or bottom rows of their teeth. If this is the case, the retainer will need to be removed before they can begin treatment with Impressions. The aligners can’t shift a permanent retainer, and it would hinder their ability to correct that row of teeth.

The same is true for implants or bridges. Implants are screwed into the jawbone, and thus will not move during treatment. Talk to your family doctor about the best course of action if you currently have permanent or semi-permanent pieces in your mouth, and please feel free to come in for a complimentary appointment to consult with our doctors as well.


While all the above questions should be considered before you make a decision about treatment, the most important one really is, are you ready to have the smile that you’ve always wanted? Impressions is an exciting option for those who are seeking mild to moderate orthodontic correction. Because of the teledentistry model we use, patients save time and money when they use Impressions. Just read what our good friend and patient Kaitlin Gonzalez had to say about her experience using Impressions.

There is a lot to love about invisible aligners, but they may not be the right style of treatment for every individual. Ask yourself the above questions or fill out this small questionnaire to find out if Impressions is right for you.