Day in the life of an Impressions patient

What it is like to have Impressions at-home invisible aligners

You just received a package in the mail. 

It’s from Impressions

Now what?

Impressions is a local (to WNC) orthodontic treatment option. This at-home clear aligner process provides safe, professional and effective teeth-straightening for busy professionals or parents, without the hassle of regular in-office appointments. Impressions is supervised by board certified, nationally-recognized orthodontics, created by Invisalign and shipped right to your door! 

Once you’ve come for your initial, free consultation, your Impressions kit – with everything you need to straighten your smile – will be mailed right to your door. Then what’s next? 

A day in the life of an Impressions patient: 

During Impressions treatment, you’ll wear your aligners while you sleep. It’s recommended that you wear your aligners for 22 hours each day for the best and quickest results. Upon waking up, remove your aligners to brush and floss. This is also a good time to clean your aligners too. You can do this by brushing your aligners with your toothbrush and non-whitening toothpaste, by soaking them in cleaning solution (Invisalign cleaning crystals dissolved in water), or in a mixture of peroxide and water. 

While your aligners are out, this is a great time to have your morning coffee or breakfast. You’ll brush your teeth again afterwards – brushing your teeth after eating or drinking anything other than water is an important part of oral hygiene during treatment. 

Next, you’ll wear your aligners until lunch time. No one will know! When it’s time to eat again, remove your aligners and put them in their case. This protects your Impressions aligners and also prevents them from being thrown out with any food waste or trash. Before reinserting your aligners, you’ll need to brush and floss again. 

You’ll go about your business until dinner time, when you’ll repeat the tray removal, eating and brushing process before returning your aligners to their home in your mouth. 

Before bed, you’ll remove your aligners once more to brush and floss. Then you’ll sleep the night away while your smile is getting straightened! 

During your Impressions treatment, which lasts an average or six to eight months, you’ll trade out your aligners for a new set on a weekly basis. We recommend setting a reminder on your phone. Aside from the additional brushing and flossing, the tray changes on a weekly basis and your consultation at the start of treatment, life with Impressions is pretty normal. That seems like something to smile about! 

The Answer to At-Home Clear Aligner Care: Impressions

by Blue Ridge Orthodontics

Impressions can promise to not be any of the things above. Instead, we offer:

–  Fewer appointments but unlimited access to our diamond level providers
Impressions Doctors

Click here to learn more about the Impressions team of doctors.

–  Low cost, but high-quality materials
Impressions is 50% cheaper than Invisalign, but made with the same high-quality material. It means our trays are more durable and will not smash like some of “the other guys.”

–  Smile guarantee
We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your smile at the end of your treatment plan. If not, we will continue to work until you are.

–  Convenience
Did we mention that your treatment is delivered straight to your doorstep 6-10 weeks after your 3D scan? With the help of your step-by-step guide, everything included in your Impressions kit, and the Impressions team that you can email and call with any questions, you’ll breeze through your treatment at home.

Impressions plus

Do you want more appointments?

You can always add on additional appointments, or we can upgrade you to Impressions+. Impressions+ is the VIP upgrade of our original Impressions treatment. With Impressions+ you get more appointments with your Blue Ridge Orthodontics team, plus the ability to treat more advanced smile issues; AND you get all that for 25% less than comprehensive Invisalign.

Click here to learn more about Impressions+.

Asheville Orthodontist, Dr. Roberts, created his own at-home teeth-straightening kit

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