Woman learning about how she can straighten her teeth without braces at home

6 Surprising Ways To Straighten Teeth Without Braces

You want the perfect smile, but you are not thrilled about the prospect of having to wear braces as an adult for 18 months or more. Studies have shown that around 70% of the US population are in need of some form of orthodontic treatment. That being said, braces are expensive and they can make you feel very self-conscious.

If you’re seeking an alternative to braces, there are several options available to adults in North Carolina.

Incognito Hidden Braces

Got to love that name right? Yes, these are technically still braces, but people won’t be able to tell that you have them in your mouth. that’s because incognito hidden braces are attached to the back side of the teeth. this keeps them completely hidden when you’re smiling or talking to someone. if you ask an orthodontist, then they may call these lingual braces. You would need to schedule an appointment with an orthodontist and please note that lingual braces are customized for each patient’s mouth.

If you are self-conscious about the prospect of wearing traditional metal braces, an incognito hidden braces are legitimate option to consider. however, lingual braces tend to be more expensive than traditional metal braces in North Carolina. If that’s a concern, then you may want to consider one of these other alternatives to braces.


Most people would receive a retainer after you completed treatment with traditional metal braces. However, adults who only need minimum teeth correction may be able to achieve those desired results with a retainer alone. As far as aesthetics go, an Essix retainer is transparent and fits over the entire arch of the mouth. This makes it much less noticeable than traditional braces. this type of orthodontic appliance is also significantly less expensive than braces.

This may sound like an appealing option if you are seeking an alternative to braces, but remember we said this may work only if minimum teeth correction is required. The reality is that the number of use cases where this approach would be viable are extremely limited. If you truly want to straighten your teeth without braces, then you should consider a different alternative.


This type of orthodontic appliance was traditionally used to correct extreme overbites. Headgear puts pressure on the upper teeth in jaw. Depending on what’s needed, the headgear will either be used to hold teeth in a particular position or to move them into proper alignment. Since headgear can be removed, it must be worn for a specific number of hours each day in order to achieve the desired results. Your orthodontist would provide specific instructions about this.

Headgear may be a viable way to straighten teeth without braces, but we haven’t talked to too many adults in Asheville that are excited about this alternative. We’d be lying if we said that wearing headgear would be less noticeable than traditional metal braces. Let’s continue to look at some other viable alternatives.

Dental Veneers

Cosmetic dentistry also offers another alternative for correcting one’s smile without the need for braces. Specifically were talking about porcelain veneers or dental bonding. if you don’t want braces, then these are a viable option to consider in North Carolina. Veneers are thin, hard shells of porcelain that are bonded permanently to the front of a tooth. You could use them to correct teeth that are crooked, discolored, misaligned, chipped or have spacing issues. Dental veneers are very strong and very resistant to staining.

If you’re looking for an alternative to braces that will provide results in a short amount of time, dental veneers are a viable option. That being said, they are pretty extreme and here’s why. First, veneers are permanent. A dentist will remove the surface enamel in order to attach the veneer to the tooth. It’s an irreversible procedure and veneers will need to be replaced every five to 10 years. We would still recommend looking into a different option if you want to straighten your teeth without braces.


Here’s a very popular option for adults who are in need of orthodontic treatment in North Carolina. If you are not familiar with Invisalign, these are clear plastic retainers that are used to straighten teeth without braces. They are custom made for the patient and work relatively quickly compared to traditional forms of orthodontic treatment. Also, Invisalign is essentially invisible and people won’t even know that you’re wearing them.

For Invisalign, your dentist or orthodontist will take a 3D map of your mouth at the beginning of your treatment. Then a series of aligners will be created based on the 3D map. Aligners are worn for approximately 20 to 22 hours per day and can be removed to eat and brush teeth. Aligners are switched out every two weeks for the next aligner in your series. It is this process that gently moves the teeth into correct alignment.

Invisalign is obviously a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a way to straighten your teeth without braces. They are so discreet that your friends won’t be able to tell you’re wearing them while you speak, laugh or smile. However, this form of orthodontic treatment still requires occasional checkups at the orthodontist and Invisalign can be even more expensive than traditional braces.

So let’s look at one more way you can straighten teeth without braces.

Impressions Invisible Aligners

Impressions are an at home alternative to traditional metal braces that were developed by Dr. Roberts from Blue Ridge Orthodontics in Asheville. As a diamond level Invisalign provider, Dr. Roberts wanted to develop a way to provide affordable orthodontic care to more adults in North Carolina. With impressions, you can now straighten your teeth at home for half the cost of traditional metal braces. Patients also complete treatment in average of 6 to 9 months.

To start treatment you are still going to come into the Impressions Hub in order to get a 3D scan of your teeth for your aligner trays. After that, your impressions kit will be delivered to your door. Our aligners are produced with the same high-quality material that is used in Invisalign and they are also much easier to clean than traditional metal braces.

If you want to straighten teeth without braces in North Carolina, look no further than impressions. You will get all the convenience of at-home orthodontic care with the peace of mind that you have a real orthodontist available to you throughout the course of your treatment. We accept most insurance providers and we are currently offering extended payment plans. If you’d like to see if you’re a candidate for Impressions invisible aligners, then you can use our easy online form right now.

How To Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces

A crooked smile or crowded teeth can make a person feel very self-conscience. That lack of self esteem can affect their personal relationships and even their performance at work. Sadly, some may even stop smiling.

If you have been considering traditional braces to correct your smile, you may not be too keen on having a mouth full of metal for 18 months. We get it, but fortunately you can now straighten your teeth without braces. For people living in Western North Carolina, it now easier and more affordable to get the gorgeous smile of their dreams. Impressions are at-home invisible aligners that are totally different from braces.

Braces Aren’t Your Only Option Anymore

In the last few decades, dental and orthodontic procedures have evolved, meaning that braces, while necessary for some, are no longer the gold standard for orthodontic correction. It all comes down to the necessary level of treatment that you need as an individual, and that level can be determined by visiting a trained orthodontist. Impressions was created by the Orthodontist behind Blue Ridge Orthodontics in Asheville.

The usage of braces to straighten teeth can be traced all the way back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. Then Invisalign changed the orthodontic game in 2005. With invisible aligners, teenagers and adults had a much more appealing option when it came to orthodontic treatment. They needed to be worn for a minimum of 22 hours a day, but the aligners could be taken out in order to eat or drink.

Now with Impressions at-home aligners, you get the benefits of Invisalign for a fraction of the cost and even fewer in-office visits! 

How Impressions Works to Straighten Your Teeth at Home

First, you need to schedule an appointment at one of our ImpressionsHubs. Currently, we are located in Asheville and Hendersonville, but stay tuned for new locations in the near future.



During this appointment, you’ll receive a free consultation to see if Impressions is right for you. Our orthodontist will examine your teeth and noting if you suffer from one of the issues that Impressions is capable of fixing, including:

  • Crowding
  • Overbites
  • Underbites
  • Spacing issues

If you do qualify for Impressions aligners, a digital scan is completed that very same day using the iTero 3D Digital Scanner, the same technology used by Invisalign.

Impressions patient reviews her payment options at the ImpressionsHub in Asheville

With the 3D digital scan in hand, Impressions orthodontists will go about producing a plan of treatment for the patient. This plan is shared with the patient and each step gone over in detail so that they understand what is required of them and what must be done to achieve the smile of their dreams. Next, a series of invisible aligners will be produced and shipped out to the patient’s own front door in a matter of weeks.

Straightening Your Teeth At Home Without Braces

Compared to braces, there are some specific things to keep in mind with these at-home invisible aligners. First, remember that this treatment will not produce the results you want unless you wear your aligners for at least 20 hours a day. You’ll also need to monitor your diet and keep your Impressions aligners clean.

Your Impressions kit will contain all the different sets of aligners that you’ll be wearing over the course of your treatment. Each set is usually worn for two weeks at a time. If one of your sets is lost or damaged, please contact us for a replacement right away! Give us a call at (844) 846-8836.

Your kit also comes with a free whitening gel, because we know that having straight teeth is really only half the battle. Here are a couple of other things you should know before you get your at-home aligners.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you get in your Impressions box!

<iframe width=”1100″ height=”626″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/TwkunfRlDKI” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Important Details About Impressions Invisible Aligners

So, with all that in mind, let’s discuss the cost of treatment. Invisalign usually costs around $6,800, with insurance able to cover only $500-$1,000. Impressions costs half as much and your insurance will still cover the same amount.

Another great part? Impressions treatment is completed in six to nine months on average. That means that you will have a lot more time to enjoy life and eat/drink whatever you want whenever you want than is possible with either braces or Invisalign. Invisible aligners may not be for everyone, but for many adults in Western North Carolina, it’s an amazing option!


Many alternatives to traditional braces exist, and it’s up to a person’s preference and the advice of their doctor to decide what kind of treatment is right for them. Some people may find that braces are the best option and that, even though they are unsightly, the period of time that they need said braces will go by rather quickly. Others, however, may discover the many benefits that come from using invisible aligners, especially those that can be shipped to your front door and used from the comfort of your bed or couch.

If you are interested in learning more about invisible aligners, head to our website and take a look around. For those interested in scheduling a free consultation, contact us to request an appointment.

You can also use our online form to see if you’re a candidate for Impressions invisible aligners first:

Woman smiles with invisible aligners for holiday instagram picture

Impressions Holiday Guide: Invisible Aligners, Health & Beauty Tips

It’s finally December, and with that comes a lot to get excited for: festive music, scarf weather, and a ready excuse to stay home and wrap up with a warm blanket in front of a beloved holiday movie. This month is certainly a reason to smile and celebrate, and the season doesn’t need to be any less wonderful because you have invisible aligners.

Yes, there are adjustments that you have to make, but follow our Holiday Guide and you may just find yourself happier and more hopeful than ever before.

Wear Your Aligners

We know we sound like a broken record here, but it is imperative that you keep your aligners on for at least 22 hours a day, or basically at any point when you’re not eating, and this applies to holiday parties and special gatherings, too. Equally as important is that you don’t drink or ingest anything that isn’t cool, clear water while wearing your aligners. Taking good care of your body and yourself doesn’t have to start after the new year; do yourself a solid by making proactive decisions this December. Make the right decisions and stick to a mostly healthy diet when you can.

Set Alarms

The holidays are a very busy time of year. Between family, friends, and last minute gift shopping, there barely seems to be enough time in the day to have a shower let alone worry about your aligners. That’s why alarms will be your new best friend. Set an alarm to remind you of your allotted time to eat and drink your various meals and beverages. Planning ahead can make a huge difference this holiday season.

Brush and Floss Before Popping Aligners Back In

It’s always important to brush and floss your teeth thoroughly before putting aligners back so that dangerous bacteria won’t get trapped there against your teeth, but this is especially true during the holidays.

What does Champagne, peppermint bark, and a cup of hot chocolate all have in common (besides being delicious)? They are all pretty heavily loaded up with sugar, which can wreak havoc on your teeth if you don’t steps to take care of them. Pop into the bathroom after dinner to do a quick amount of dental maintenance before putting your aligners back in place, and consider choosing light or white wines to drink so that your smile stays sparkling.

Pack Your Holiday Survival Kit

Since you’ll probably be bouncing from party to party, now is as good a time as ever to make sure you’re prepared with a holiday survival kit. Grab a small bag and pack it full of floss, mints, lip balm, your aligner case, a travel-sized toothbrush, and some festive peppermint toothpaste. Your survival kit should go everywhere you go this season.

Practice Some Self-care

The holidays are stressful, people! If everyone’s not saying it already, you know they’re thinking it. Why not take a moment to take care of yourself before diving into the deep end? Self-care comes in many forms: maybe you want to try out a lush new face mask you’ve been eyeing, maybe you need to tack on an added 15 minutes to your meditation routine, or maybe you just need to treat yourself to a big cup of ice cream (followed by a brush and floss, of course).

Regardless of what it is, make sure to take the time to treat yourself this holiday season. If you’re using Impressions invisible aligners, then you’ve awarded yourself some extra time anyways.

Plan Your Looks

Nothing creates stress like a last-minute panic to pick out the right holiday outfit. Plan your looks ahead of time to get a jump on the night in question. Are you feeling a festive red frock? Or maybe something sparkly? Is there a velvet option hiding in the back of your closet? Throw on your Michael Bublé Christmas mix and get to assessing your holiday wardrobe. And don’t discount the idea of simple, black staples; it can always be dressed up with some festive accessories.

Drink Lots of Water

Here at Impressions, we are always in the habit of reminding folks to hydrate, but this is an especially good idea during the holidays. The air is often drier this time of year and your skin will be responding to that, and don’t forget that hydration aids your digestion, which will be important when you sit down to your mom’s famous turkey dinner. As an added bonus, increased water intake is great for your teeth and mouth. Make sure to carry a refillable water bottle with you wherever you go and get in the habit of swigging from it regularly.

Brighten Your Teeth

Make sure you’re ready for all the photos by taking extra steps to care for your smile. What better time is there to whiten your teeth? There are plenty of options for those interested in dental whitening. If you’re already an Impressions customer, you’ll have received our whitening gel in the kit that was mailed to your door. If you aren’t, Crest Whitestrips are always a favorite, and plenty of whitening clinics will run specials around the holidays.

Don’t Forget to Smile

No matter what you do, this one is important: smile! The holidays are about spending time with the people you love and being grateful for the year you’ve had, and that should certainly put a smile on your face. Remind yourself of all the good times you’ve had in 2018 and try to look back at the year with appreciation before stepping into a new one.

Hopefully, you’ve learned a thing or two from reading our Holiday Guide, but either way, we hope you have fun this season. If you’re interested in getting the smile of your dreams in the new year, request an appointment where you can learn more about Impressions, the at-home invisible aligner service bringing stellar teeth to thousands across the country for less. You can find out if you’re a candidate here:

Woman just cleaned her invisible aligners with soap in North Carolina

6 Ways to Clean Your Invisible Aligners at Home

Invisible aligners, like the ones that we use for Impressions, were designed to make your dental correction easier and more convenient. Cleaning your aligners, however, can be a bit of a pain, especially if you’re unsure how to do it properly. If you have purchased invisible aligners to correct your smile, you’ve made a big investment and we want to make sure you know how to keep them clean and clear!

Just like brushing and flossing your teeth, cleaning your aligners is essential to maintaining the health of your mouth. Depending on your diet, you’ll want to make sure that you are cleaning your aligners regularly to keep them clear. Without the proper cleaning regimen, your aligners may become cloudy from food and plaque residue.

You may think that fancy accessories are necessary to keep your aligners clean, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are plenty of household items that are proficient at cleaning aligners and totally affordable.

Here are 6 ways to clean your invisible aligners:

  1. Clean aligners with gentle soap instead of toothpaste.
  2. Soak aligners in baking soda mixture.
  3. Soak aligners in vinegar and water mixture.
  4. Soak aligners in hydrogen peroxide and water mixture.
  5. Soak aligners in clear retainer cleaner solution.
  6. Use cleaning crystals to remove plaque from your invisible aligners.

(Please note: These tips suggest using warm water when cleaning your aligners, but you should never clean with hot water.)

1) Gentle Soap

Who doesn’t have a little soap lying around their house? (Hopefully the answer is yes!) Soap is great for keeping your hands clean, but did you know it can also clean your aligners?

Add a small amount (about one pump’s worth) of gentle, antibacterial soap to warm water. Mix it up until the soap has dissolved into the water and bubbles appear at the top. Soak your aligners into the soapy mixture for 20-30 minutes, remembering to rinse them thoroughly with cool water before popping them back in your mouth.

2) Baking Soda

Baking soda has always been favored for its deodorizing qualities, and recent years have seen creative individuals using it to clean things around the house, including aligners.

Baking soda is used to clean invisible aligners at home

Add a tablespoon of baking soda to ½ cup warm water, mixing well. If you need to scale up the amount of water, remember to keep this ratio consistent. Soak your aligners into this mixture for 30 minutes.

3) Vinegar

Vinegar is known for its incredible variability and multiple uses, which is very true of this miracle product. Besides being good for your home appliances and the health of your garden, vinegar can also efficiently clean your aligners.

Using the white, add one part vinegar to three parts warm water. Mix the vinegar into the water until it’s evenly distributed. Soak your aligners into vinegar solution for 20-30 minutes.

4) Peroxide

The same properties in hydrogen peroxide that make it a good disinfectant also make it good for cleaning your aligners.

Combine equal parts hydrogen peroxide to warm water, stirring completely. Add invisible aligners to the mixture and allow them to soak for 30 minutes before removing them and rinsing them with cool water.

5) Retainer Cleaner

Retainer cleaner is a convenient option for easy cleaning that is available to order online. Retainer Brite cleaning tablets are a great option.

Woman puts in her invisible braces or aligners known as Impressions

Add a single tablet to a cup of warm water, dissolving it into the water thoroughly. After stirring, soak invisible aligners into the solution for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.

6) Cleaning Crystals

Cleaning crystals were specially designed by Invisalign to remove plaque, keeping aligners clean, hygienic and odor-free. Though more expensive than all the other options一a pack of 50 cleaning crystals costs $50一crystals are a reliable way to keep your aligners clean.

Dissolve a single pack into a cup of warm water, stirring until the crystals and water have formed a solution. Soak aligners into the solution for 15 minutes before rinsing them in cool water thoroughly.

Remember to always use warm water to make a soaking solution–anything too hot may warp the shape of your aligners and cost you big bucks to fix. If you’re unsure whether or not the temperature of your water is suitable, stick the tip of your finger in to test it.

After you’ve soaked your aligners, rinse them thoroughly with cool water to wash away any leftover solution. Getting a mouthful of watered down hydrogen peroxide isn’t going to taste very good!

It’s best to only wear your aligners when your teeth are clean and free of food. Do what you can to brush and floss your teeth before inserting your aligners. Be prepared by packing yourself a travel cleaning kit including a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash that you can bring with you everywhere. This will keep both your teeth and your aligners healthy and free of bad odors or problematic germs.

While it’s good to give your aligners a thorough clean every week or so, on occasion you can use mouthwash to kill a bit of bacteria and give your aligners a fresh taste. Dilute mouthwash with warm water and soak aligners briefly for a quick rinse.


Invisible aligners offer so much一they are a reliable and effective way to correct orthodontic issues without having to sacrifice your confidence or quality of life. It’s up to you as the patient to keep your aligners clean and hygienic so that they stay invisible throughout the duration of your treatment. You want to finish your smile journey with teeth that are straighter, whiter and healthier than ever before.

If you are interested in learning more about aligners, contact us to set up an appointment. Impressions is the at-home aligner treatment option for those who need mild to moderate correction at a fraction of the cost of Invisalign. Find out if you’re a candidate today!

Woman uses credit card to pay for Impressions invisible aligners

Impressions Aligners: What Are Your Payment & Financing Options?

Impressions make orthodontic adjustments easier than ever before. They’re developed from the same system as Invisalign, so patients know that they’re getting the best product made from the best material. Plus, you only need one visit to the ImpressionsHub to get started!

Impressions are the safe, effective, and more affordable at-home orthodontic treatment.

Is it time for you to have the smile that you deserve? With Impressions, making that a reality is easier than you might imagine. Every treatment starts with a 3D iTero Scan to get a full digital model of your teeth and jaw.

From there, individual aligners are made just for you, and at no point during treatment will you feel self-conscious about a metal mouth. If you’re wondering how much Impressions cost and how you can pay for them, continue reading for more information.

Make a One Time Payment

Did you get a bonus from work last year, or a better tax return than you had thought? Wondering what to do with that extra sum of money? You could spend it on your daily coffee run, or you could use it to get the perfect smile that you’ve always wanted.

A payment in full is the most convenient option for those seeking Impressions.

If you’re able to, write a check for $3,480 and you’re treatment is taken care of! No bills or monthly payments to consider. We understand that this is not feasible for all our patients, which is why we offer other payment options as well.

Split Payment Option

If you are not able to manage the entire payment at once, consider the split payment option. Put down a half of the initial payment, $1,740, and then you have eight weeks to pay off the other half. That’s only $217.50 each week! You’ll already be seeing changes to your smile by the time you write the last check, and with Impressions’ discreet aligners, no one will even know that you are working towards brighter, better teeth until they’re almost complete!

Impressions patient reviews her payment options at the ImpressionsHub in Asheville

Introducing the Extended Payment Plan for Impressions

Extended Payment plans available for Impressions invisible alignersGetting started on your new smile journey has never been easier with Impressions and we are happy to announce that extended payment plans are now available! We understand that investing in your smile is important, but you have other financial obligations that you still need to fulfill. With our extended payment plan option, you can get started for a lower monthly payment and with no interest charge.

Give us a call at 844-846-8836 if you’d like to learn more.

Financing Options for Impressions

With our financing options, we’d like to make Impressions available for a greater number of people who are looking to transform their smile.

If our split payment option is not feasible right now, please take a look at the financing options that are available for our at-home invisible aligners program. Working with a 3rd party financing provider, you’ll be able to customize your borrowing plan and figure out an affordable pay back schedule. Then you’ll be on your way to straight, shining teeth in no time.

Care Credit

Not only do we offer Impressions at a significantly lower cost than most orthodontic care options, but we also take Care Credit! What is Care Credit? It’s a healthcare financing card that helps you pay for expenses that your insurance might not cover or doesn’t cover totally. There are special financing options available with Care Credit that you might not have with other major credit cards like Visa or Mastercard.

As a 3rd party financing options, you’ll use Care Credit to purchase your aligners up front, then pay them back over a scheduled course of time. There are plenty of plans to choose from, offering anywhere from 6 to 12 months interest-free. This option is available to anyone 18 or older. Apply online to get started today!


Another loaning service that you might want to consider is LoanHero. They are a premier financing company that works in the healthcare industry. You can find out if you qualify with absolutely no effect to your credit score.

LoanHero offers longer terms for lower monthly payments that traditional loan services. There’s no collateral required, and the process is 100% confidential. This is just one of the many financing plans that we offer so that you can get the best rate possible.

Can My Insurance Cover Some of It?

Wondering if your insurance will cover a portion of your Impressions payment? Well, we’ve got good news for you: we file with all major insurance providers. If you have orthodontic coverage, we will account for this during your on boarding process and it will be reflected in the total cost you need to pay for treatment.

Many dental insurance plans cover orthodontic aligners in some way. You’ll want to contact your insurer to find out how much they’ll cover, but afterwards we’ll help you out with obtaining the reimbursements that you’re owed.

If your insurance policy offers a pre-tax health care savings plan, like a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), then they may be able to cover some of the cost as well! Just use your card to make the single or split payments. If you don’t have a card, get in touch with someone at our office and they’ll assist you with processing. Just be sure to pay attention to the time constraints that apply to either your HSA/FSA. Your accrued funds may not rollover from year to year, and so you’ll want to spend the funds before January…


There are plenty of options when it comes to payment for your Impressions. With all the ease and flexibility offered, there’s never been a better time to get started on your journey to perfect teeth! A brighter smile awaits, and it can all be done comfortably and discreetly with the power of Impressions.

Impressions at home treatment kit arrives in Asheville

Getting Started with Impressions

For patients seeking a legitimate “at-home” alternative to Invisalign, we are proud to introduce Impressions!

The Impressions invisible aligners are the best product in the at-home category for 3 key reasons:

  1. We guarantee perfect impressions because our treatment begins with a 3D iTero scan of the your teeth.
  2. We’ve developed Impressions based on Invisalign’s cutting-edge system, so you are getting a high-quality product backed by the best materials in the clear aligner industry.
  3. Your treatment plan has been developed by a Diamond-level Invisalign provider. Rest assured that you wouldn’t be getting that level of treatment from any other Invisalign alternative.

Want to see if you’re a candidate for Impressions?


Impressions Starts with a Scan

Alright, so you think you are a candidate for Impressions, that’s great! If you’re ready to have a smile that’s truly worth beaming about, it is super easy to get started with Impressions. Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete our candidate form and set a time for your initial scan at an ImpressionsHub.
  2. On that day, you’ll come in and meet with our orthodontic specialists.
  3. We’ll take a quick scan of your teeth using our 3D digital iTero scanner.
  4. You will receive your Impressions kit (link to post about what is in the Impressions Kit) in the mail in 6 weeks.
  5. Follow your treatment plan.
  6. Make an incredible impression with your new smile in 6 to 9 months.

You might be wondering why we don’t offer at home impressions as a part of this orthodontic treatment. While this is something that other Invisalign competitors offer, there is a specific reason we start each Impressions treatment with a 3D scan – because it is far too easy to make a bad first impression with those do-it-yourself at home kits.

4 Reasons Why We Use 3D Scans for Impressions

1) Trays Aren’t the Right Size

You’re excited to take your first impression of your smile, and you find out that the trays you received are not the right size. This is certainly a bummer – and, yes, it does happen. This is especially disappointing if you had planned your treatment schedule around a special event (like your graduation or wedding) in 6 to 9 months. Now you find yourself facing an unexpected delay and having to wait even longer to achieve the smile of your dreams. You’ll have to ship the original trays back and wait for a while to get your adjusted tray size.

2) Putty Mixing Issues

If the size of the trays is correct, then you have the putty/impression mold to deal with next.  You need to make sure that the gray and purple putty is completely mixed into one solid color. If you are still seeing some purple swirls in the mix, then it isn’t going to be able to set properly and capture a perfect impression.

If you are able to mix the material properly, be ready to take that next step as the putty will begin to harden immediately. You need to have it properly placed in the tray and in your mouth within a minute. If you have any interruptions (kids in the house, a lively pet or even just a needy roommate), you could run into some issues.

3) Imperfect Impressions from the Tray

So once the putty has been put in place, then it is time to place it in your mouth. You’re probably thinking, “No issue there!” – but here’s the thing. This is more complicated than it seems on the surface. When it’s in your mouth, you need to keep that tray steady. Otherwise, you can end up with:

  • A double imprint of your teeth and gums
  • A distortion of the shape and length of your teeth

You need to place the tray in your mouth very carefully, and keep it in place for three and a half minutes. You’ll need to resist the urge to bite down, talk or laugh…

4) Having to Repeat the Process 3 More Times

Finally, you will need to repeat this whole process at least 3 more times. Why? Because that is the only way to ensure your aligners actually are accurate.

With Impressions, we can ensure a 100% accurate impression each time because our treatment always starts with a 3D iTero scan of your teeth!

Holding Impressions invisible aligners in Asheville, NC

Why Are 3D Scans Preferred?

Getting a 3D iTero scan is the fast, easy and more accurate alternative to the at-home kits our competitors rely on. Instead of worrying about whether you’ve done it correctly, one of our talented orthodontists will capture a perfect 3D image of your mouth. As your mom probably told you, first impressions are extremely important – you don’t want to mess that up!

When you visit the ImpressionsHub, you’ll meet with one of our orthodontists and use our 3D iTero scan technology to take a digital scan of your teeth.

Here are few reasons we like to use the iTero system?

  • It’s non-invasive, painless, and it generates a perfect 3D image of your mouth in minutes.
  • This is quick and efficient in a way that makes the putty mold impression obsolete.
  • Once the scan is complete, you will have the opportunity to see your scan results and ask some questions about the Impressions program with one of our orthodontists.

What Happens After the Scan?

You’re on your way to:

  • A better smile
  • More confidence
  • Better overall health

Following your scan, you will be able to see the results and learn a little more about the current state of your mouth – and more importantly, get a 3D preview of what your new smile is going to look like. All of this can be shared with you via email upon request.

Impressions Orthodontic specialist holding at-home treatment kit

Your Impressions Trays Are Shipped Directly to You

6 weeks after your initial consultation and 3D scan, you’ll receive the Impressions Box in the mail! This will contain your aligners and everything else you’ll need to stay on track as you embark on your new treatment plan.

Get Impressions Today

If you are a busy individual who doesn’t want to put your life on hold while transforming your smile, then Impressions is a no brainer! Impressions costs about half the price of traditional Invisalign or braces, and aligners are still made with Invisalign’s highest quality material.

Click here to see if you are a candidate for Impressions. If you have already started the program, we’d love to see how you’re progressing! Click here to join us on Facebook or share a pic on Instagram with the hashtag: #Impressionsmile