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Unboxing your Impressions Box of Confidence

Unboxing the Impressions welcome box is like opening the best gift you’ve ever given yourself. This present will change your life! Welcome to Impressions. We’re so excited to help you get that shining, inspiring smile you’ve been…

From Self-Conscious to Confident Smile with Clear Aligners

Thinking about straightening your smile with Impressions clear aligners? Hear from Impressions patient, Audra, to see how her confidence changed forever. We’ve all been teased. Some would say it’s a right of passage in junior high and…
Jessica - Impressions Patient

Jessica’s Impressions Smile Journey

Thinking about straightening your smile with Impressions clear aligners? Hear from a real Impressions patient. Jessica is an Appalachian State student that looked to Impressions to realign her teeth after failing to wear her retainers after…

Local Asheville Gift Guide | 2020

A gift guide packed full of Asheville local spots that will thrill the Instagram Influencer, DIY-er, dog lover, greenie girl, and self-care queen on your gifting list! With the Holiday’s hastily approaching, we’re all thinking about…

A Perfect Smile for a Perfect Virtual Date

Virtual dating is new to us all and sometimes it can be a little awkward. You’re both staring at a digital screen and hoping to feel something. Well, with a bright, straight smile you’ll be sure to make a great first impression. And since…

4 Healthy Recipes that are Easy on your Teeth

4 Healthy Recipes that are Easy on your Teeth We know the first few trays can cause some discomfort, don’t worry though, we’re here with four recipes that are easy to chew - plus, they’re good for your teeth! Did you know that the…
10 Things to do while Social Distancing

10 Things to do while Social Distancing

There are so many things you can do while social distancing! You can visit museums, picnic with friends and straighten your smile - virtually! 1. Straighten your smile, virtually! Start your at-home journey to a straighter smile with Impressions.…
Dr Roberts shows off Impressions invisible aligners

The Safest Way To Straighten Teeth at Home in 2020

If you’re not happy with your smile, don’t fret, we’ve got great news! There are some amazingly effective and safe ways to straighten your teeth at home in 2020! Last year, you kept them busy — buttermilk fried chicken sandwiches…
Woman smiles during Impressions aligners consultation in Asheville, NC

5 Advantages Impressions Aligners Have Over Braces

Looking to finally fix those crooked teeth and get that perfect smile you have always dreamed of, but not sure if traditional braces or invisible braces is the right option for you? Is one faster than the other? Which option will put a bigger…