Woman learns about Impressions invisible braces on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland

We’re very happy to announce that our founder, Dr. Luke Roberts, was invited out to California to be featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®!  What an amazing opportunity!

While we couldn’t be happier to have gotten this opportunity (and may have popped a couple bottles of bubbly to celebrate), the real benefit goes to you, our patients. With the spotlight on Impressions and Blue Ridge Orthodontics, we’re excited to tell more people (like you) about this new at-home treatment option for orthodontic care. We couldn’t have made it this far without your support and assistance, so from the entire Impressions team, we want to offer a warm and heartfelt thank you!

Get your favorite snack ready, because our interview with Kathy Ireland will be broadcast this Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 at 5:00 PM EST on Fox Business and Bloomberg International at 7:00 AM GMT, 10:00 AM D.F. and 2:30 PM HKT.

Where did the idea for Impressions come from?

Dr. Roberts created Impressions with a simple goal in mind: Start with cutting edge technology that’s proven to align teeth and make it even easier, more accessible and much more affordable, thus opening up orthodontic care to a people who might never have considered it as a possibility.

“I created Impressions to be better than other companies out there,” says Dr. Roberts. “We help build brighter, more beautiful smiles with a simpler and lower cost replacement for conventional braces.”

It all starts with a 3D scan of your teeth!

The Impressions treatment starts with a 3D scan that captures a detailed picture of the shape and size of a patient’s teeth. This removes all the guesswork out of imaging and enables an orthodontist to create the most accurate treatment plan possible. Not only does this save a patient the worry of receiving ill-made aligners, it saves them time overall because they know that the treatment is designed to work as effectively as possible.

Up to 25 Impressions aligners are delivered at the start, more than any other invisible aligner company, so that patients can see exactly how their teeth are going to change over the course of this treatment. Each aligner can be worn up to a week, at which time the patient will move on to their next set.

Having them at home means an easier and faster treatment time, though we do offer live orthodontic care and advice should a patient need it.

How’s Impressions different from other at-home orthodontic options?

Impressions was designed to be a revolutionary treatment system that would change the game.

“When I developed Impressions I wanted to be better than the other companies who were doing at-home orthodontics at every single level,” says Dr. Roberts. “First we start with an Itero 3D scan of the teeth. Without that 3D scan, you can’t get perfect information about how to fix someone’s smile to be the best it can be.”

Traditional at-home treatment scans used to include messy impression paste that a patient had to apply themselves, which is hard enough for professionals inside a dental office. That system left a lot of room for error, but that’s not the case with the iTero 3D scan. A 3D scan takes a complete and trustworthy picture of the shape and size of a patient’s teeth, allowing orthodontists to devise the best treatment plan possible, which is what all of our Impressions patients have come to expect.

After the initial appointment, smile scan and possible refinement scan, patients don’t have to come back until treatment is over. They are more than welcome to make visits if they’d like (after all, our new offices are pretty sweet), but the remainder of treatment will take place in their home. They’ll have a complete set of aligners (up to 25 sets) mailed to them within a couple weeks. The Impressions patient wears each set of trays for 20 to 22 hours a day over the course of a week, similar to Invisalign®, only removing them to eat, drink, brush and floss.

While each smile is unique, most patients will complete their Impressions treatment within six to twelve months. Plus, Impressions is managed by a Diamond-level Invisalign® provider, so patients know that they’re getting top-notch quality care. Dr. Roberts used the Invisalign® system to develop Impressions, which means that patients are getting the best product made with the best materials in the clear aligner industry!

To recap, here are a couple of highlights that come along with Impressions:

  • 3D iTero scan一a complete picture of teeth without the mess or confusion
  • Most of the treatment happens at home, so patients have more time for their regular lives
  • More affordable treatment than traditional braces and Invisalign®
  • Clear aligner trays made from the best material possible
  • Complete treatment without bulky metal wiring, meaning patients won’t have to sacrifice comfort or confidence

How do you start with Impressions?

Getting started with Impressions is a breeze. Patients can visit the ImpressionsHub and ImpressionStops for initial consultations and smile scans in Western North Carolina. Besides coming in for the initial consultation, Impressions patients can perfect their smile from virtually anywhere.

“We’re excited to be able to help patients who trust our Diamond Invisalign status and the Invisalign brand, but who live many miles from our practice,” explains Dr. Roberts. “We have Impressions patients in North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Massachusetts, Texas, California and now even in Europe. We’re excited about our time with Kathy Ireland and her viewers – and that even more people are learning about how they can transform their smile with Impressions.”

One of the most exciting parts of being spotlighted on Kathy’s show is the opportunity to expand the Impressions network. Hopefully in the near future, we’ll be able to establish ImpressionStops all across the country! Follow us on social media to receive updates and find out the latest in Impressions news.


This is a very special time for the Impressions team, and we could not have done it without the support of our community. Anyone who has had the opportunity to work with Dr. Roberts and experience Impressions knows how revolutionary this system is, and now with thanks to Kathy Ireland, the world will know more about the easiest and most affordable at-home orthodontic treatment available.

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is a weekly half-hour show featuring global executives sharing their business insights and framing the opportunities shaping their industries. Kathy herself is a business mogul and one of the world’s greatest corporate leaders. The show broadcasts on Fox Business Network and globally on Bloomberg International.

Be sure to check out the show airing this Sunday, June 3rd, at 5:00 PM EST to learn more about Impressions and the future of this new treatment.