Kate Gonzalez smiles to show off her Impressions invisible aligners

Kaitlin Gonzalez understands aesthetic appeal…

As a freelance makeup artist and online beauty blogger with over 13k Instagram followers, she is literally the face of her company. When Kaitlin needed discreet orthodontic correction, she saw the appeal in Impressions invisible aligners right away.

Recently Kaitlin sat down with us to discuss the details of her experience with Impressions (so far). We couldn’t be more excited to share her Impressions journey with you today!

How did you find out about Impressions?

Well, I had an acquaintance who worked for Dr. Roberts at Blue Ridge Orthodontics in Asheville. She asked if I had ever considered doing something to correct my smile. By chance, I had recently gone in to get scanned for Invisalign with a different orthodontist. So this acquaintance excitedly shared the details of this new treatment they were offering called Impressions. Compared to Invisalign, these new invisible aligners were incredibly affordable!

You see, this was not my first time seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult. I had gotten traditional metal braces about 6 years ago. After 18 months of treatment, my smile was certainly looking better, but I wasn’t great about wearing my reminder. It eventually got to the point where my retainer didn’t fit in my mouth anymore. After that, I admittedly gave up on it. If I was going to going to make this investment in my smile again, I wanted to do things differently. After learning about all of the advantages with Impressions, it was a pretty easy choice.

Did you have any concerns about the treatment before you got started?

I was worried that I’d be required about to come in to their office frequently一this would have been a deal breaker for me. Fortunately, that is not something I have to worry about with Impressions. When they say it is an “at-home orthodontic treatment,” they mean it! Impressions invisible aligners are a perfect fit for me as a mom and business owner who works from home.

Compared to traditional metal braces and Invisalign, the Impressions treatment plan is much more affordable, requires less office visits, and takes a lot less time. If you are curious about Impressions, they will offer you a complimentary consultation at the ImpressionsHub — it’s definitely worth it!

What was the experience when you visited our ImpressionsHub?

It was great!!

Everyone is very welcoming and their ImpressionsHub is nothing short of impressive. The staff is great and I loved Dr. Schuler! During my consultation, they were very open and took the time to go over each of my options. That made a big difference for me一I felt cared for right off the bat.

Upon arriving, I met with the treatment coordinator and got some pics and X-rays taken. Then I was shown a video and a real example of the impressions trays, which I liked. After that, I met with one of their orthodontists, Dr. Schuler. She made sure I understood what I would need to do to ensure the best results with Impressions, but she wasn’t pushy about anything.

My projected treatment time was just 16 weeks!!

Were you shown how Impressions would transform your smile when you came in for your scan?

Yes! I was able to see a 3D preview of my smile, which took less than 10 minutes to complete— it was super fast. I was given the option to come back in again to meet with the Dr. Schuler if I had any concerns about the treatment plan after the scan. While I didn’t have to, I really appreciated that Dr. Schuler would have been willing to meet with me again. It really made me feel important and cared for, which was awesome!

Can you tell us a little bit about the Impressions box when it arrived at your home – what was your initial Impression?

I got my Impressions box in about two weeks (though it normally takes up to six.) It was delivered right to my doorstep and it contained this hand written note from the person who had packed it. The note was really touching and encouraged me to reach out if had any issues. There are details and clear instructions for everything included in your Impressions box, like what you need to do with the trays.

Impressions box with clear aligners gets delivered to patient in Asheville

It was short, sweet and easy to follow.

There was a sample of the premium whitening gel in the box, which worked really well for me! I will probably end up buying more of the whitening get after I run out. They also include a sticker in the box that has some details about the person who packed your Impressions box. For me, this personable touch makes a really big difference and elevates the whole experience. I learned that my box had been packed with care by Karissa.

So another cool aspect of Impressions is that you get all of your trays right at the start. You are getting a sneak preview of what my teeth will look like by the end of treatment. That’s really cool!

Anything you wish you knew before you started on Impressions?

I don’t think so, it really has been a simple process for me. It’s not difficult to stick to your treatment plan with Impressions invisible aligners. One personal tip: I always have my tray case on me. This habit works as a nice little safety net, since I don’t need to stress if I ever have an unexpected reason to take out my tray.

At this point, I’m five weeks in with Impressions and everything has become second nature for me.

How do you clean your trays?

I haven’t had any issues with cleanliness.

Holding Impressions invisible aligners in Asheville, NC

The box included a special cleaner solution that works on invisible aligners like Invisalign, but I honestly haven’t had to use it yet. I brush my trays every time I brush my teeth, plus I use cleaning crystals.

What is your favorite part about the Impressions treatment?

I know I’m getting the smile of my dreams without having to sacrifice anything for it. Unlike when I had metal braces in my mouth six years ago, I never feel self conscious with Impressions. As I’ve been growing my Instagram following, this has been an incredible perk! Ironically, my husband has traditional braces right now.

Why do you think others should consider Impressions compared to other treatment options?

Well, if you’d like to get your dream smile without having to struggle through the self consciousness that comes with traditional orthodontic treatments, I would highly recommend Impressions invisible aligners!

It’s cheaper than braces and Invisalign and I can’t praise how convenient it has been for my busy lifestyle. As one person who has actually had traditional braces as an adult, I can confidently say that Impressions is far easier, less painful and less invasive.

Kaitlin, thank you so much for talking with us and we are so happy to hear how much you’re loving your experience with Impressions!

You can follow Kaitlin Gonzalez @katedgonzalez on Instagram and find her go-to beauty products at Younique.