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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just released a report saying that more than 60% of counties in the U.S. do not have an orthodontist office. This means that residents of those counties do not have easy access to an orthodontic practice and likely have to take additional time off work and out of school to seek treatment. Impressions is doing its part to help out. Thanks to the teledentistry model in place, more Americans, and specifically those in our home state of North Carolina, are able to access quality orthodontic care and achieve the smile of their dreams from the comfort of their homes.

Impressions is a new and exciting orthodontic care option that delivers the trays to you. Instead of spending a chunk of time in-office, most of the treatment for Impressions can be done from your favorite spot on the couch. Our aligners, made from the same ultra durable material as Invisalign, are delivered all at once, so a patient can follow instructions and see results in less time than normal.

Since less in-office time is needed for treatment, Impressions is able to reach a wider audience. We’ve been able to help patients from all over the state of North Carolina. Three trips to one of our ImpressionsHubs, including the complimentary consultation, is all that’s required to get straighter, brighter teeth in a matter of months. Find out if you’re a candidate…

Why Use Impressions?

Though we are proud that the teledentistry model has made quality care available to those who are traditionally underserved in this country, there are other great reasons to use Impressions too! Even if you live in a county that has a strong orthodontic presence, you may find Impressions is easier and more affordable than the options offered at a traditional practice. That’s because Impressions has revolutionized the clear aligner system.

Unlike Invisalign, which is effective but often costly, Impressions produces results for half the cost of traditional clear aligners at half the required time. We developed this infographic to provide more information about Impressions and what to expect.

Impressions Was Created By BRO’s Dr. Roberts

Dr. Luke Roberts developed Impressions because he sincerely believes that more people deserve the smile of their dreams. After years of working in an established orthodontic office, he realized that many members of our community in Western North Carolina can not afford traditional treatment, and thus are unable to make the changes that they hope for.

With Impressions, our driving goal is to bring orthodontic treatment to more people across the U.S.

How Does These Invisible Aligners Work?

Impressions is an incredibly easy-to-use system that also offers results. When you come in for a consultation at one of our ImpressionsHubs, a doctor will examine your jaw and teeth. If you are a candidate for Impressions, you will receive an iTero Digital Scan that same day at no cost to you and will be able to see a 3D image of your future smile within minutes.

Why 3D Scans Are Better Than The Putty for Impressions

We decided to use the iTero Scanner because we saw how the traditional dental impressions taken with putty often lead to ill fitting aligners. A quality impression is one of the most crucial aspects to treatment, so we took a page out of the Invisalign book.

Instead of sending putty and a tray to patient’s houses and expecting them to get a good impression on their own, we bring our patients to an ImpressionsHub and take a comprehensive, accurate 360 degree digital scan of their entire mouth and build our aligners from there. With the iTero Scan, nothing is left up to chance. Patients will be able to preview their treatment course from the office and leave knowing exactly what to expect moving forward. That’s just another reason to love Impressions invisible aligners.

Straight Teeth in Half the Time As Invisalign

Impressions is designed to provide treatment in a drastically reduced amount of time. No, we haven’t cracked some secret code that makes your teeth move at hyperspeed. The mission of Impressions from its inception was to provide orthodontic care to those who need mild to moderate correction in the Asheville area. Most Americans would benefit from some kind of orthodontic care, but only a handful are able to afford it.

Impressions wants to bridge that gap, offering corrections in cases that aren’t as serious as others. On average, our patients are able to achieve the smile of their dreams in only six to nine months. Compare that to the average treatment time of Invisalign (18 months) or traditional braces (24 months), and you can see why so many people in Western North Carolina are looking to Impressions for orthodontic care.

Straight Teeth for Half the Cost of Invisalign

Finally, Impressions costs much less than most other orthodontic treatment options, and that is for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, Impressions is an at-home orthodontic treatment, which means that the majority of your #teethgains can be done from inside your office or the comfort of your couch. Not only will you spend less money out of pocket for the treatment, you won’t have to waste resources on gas and time away from work to make constant appointments.

Of course, our team is available to you via phone, email, or social media. If needed, you can make emergency appointments at our ImpressionsHub. Fortunately, most patients will only need to come into the office three times throughout their entire treatment.

Within six weeks following your consultation appointment, your invisible aligners will be shipped to your front door. You’ll wear each set for the dictated amount of time before switching to the next one. All of your materials will be labeled and each Impressions kit comes with a short but detailed manual (with illustrations), as well as a complimentary whitening gel.

Before you know it, you’ll be sporting a bright, white, perfectly aligned set of teeth that everyone around you will be complimenting.

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We understand that life moves a mile a minute, and more people than ever are working long hours to achieve their dreams. Impressions is the orthodontic option that works with you. It offers quality care alongside convenience and affordability. To find out if you are a candidate for Impressions treatment, click the button…