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North Carolina’s Top Style Bloggers (Part 2)

Our last post about North Carolina’s fashionable ladies was such a hit, we’re back for a second round! You may not think of quaint Asheville or charming Charlotte as meccas for stylish looks and fashion on a budget, but in that case, you would be sorely mistaken.

The ladies in this list are doing their fabulous best to prove that North Carolina is just as fashionable a state as any other. Here are five more bloggers making the Tarheel state look great.

Meet Zaria – A Dose of Fab

Zaria Brown, otherwise known as @adoseoffab on Instagram, is earning her status as a queen of colorful looks in and around Charlotte. Zaria isn’t afraid of pairing bright looks or bold prints, and she pulls off each outfit with style and grace. An especially appealing part of her blog is that she’s committed to looking fab without emptying the bank account and has plenty of great deals to share with her followers.

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Find more looks on her blog, A Dose of Fab.

Meet Caroline – The Whimsical Pineapple

Caroline at the Whimsical Pineapple has made it her mission to capture and express her full life, messy floors and all. She posts lovely shots all around Charlotte to her Insta, which you can follow @thewhimsicalpineapple, including inspiring outfits and endearing stories from her home life with her fiance. Caroline will quickly become your new best (virtual) friend, and we definitely suggest giving her a follow!

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Check out her blog to read more about her life and style.

Meet Courtney – Awesome on Occasion

There is a lot to love about our next blogger, Courtney, who is based in Asheville. Not least of all is her wonderful blog, called Awesome on Occasion, which blends her personal style and way of life seamlessly into one digestible format. Courtney has an adorable fashion sense that favors simple patterns and neutral colors, which we are already coveting as the weather slides into fall.


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Subscribe to her blog and follow her on Insta for more quality content.

Meet Brittney – The Working Britt

Brittney C. Hill, the creative mind behind The Working Britt, is a goddess of glamor and all things classic beauty. Based in Charlotte, Brittney is a master at creating timeless looks that actually seem achievable. She works in the fashion industry and has done so since high school, which certainly shows in her inspired ensembles.

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Catch her on Instagram @brittney_cherelle and subscribe to her blog for more information. And make sure to check out her highlight, which somehow manages to be perfect every damn day.

Meet Shelby – Lady in Thought

This next blogger babe may be young, but her website Lady in Thought reads like its been written by someone much older than her 21 years. Shelby manages to pair engaging posts with tasteful snapshots of her style, giving you an intimate look into her life. Her style is playful yet refined, and she isn’t afraid to have a little fun on her blog and Instagram.

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Follow her for a daily dose of cute outfits and updates on her life.

BONUS: Meet Emily – Some Pretty Things

This next lady isn’t actually from North Carolina, but as a native of our sister state to the South, we figured it’d be alright if we included her. Emily Lewandowski一creator and writer behind Some Pretty Thing, which is based in Greenville一has curation down to a science. Both her Instagram feed and her blog’s website are gorgeously designed and feature enviable content that’s beautifully photographed. She writes about fashion, beauty, and fitness, among other inspiring topics, and Emily happens to be a lovely writer.


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Follow her for a bit of curated inspiration and enjoyable story-telling.

Woman uses her library card to rent books in Asheville, NC

Impressions Celerbrates Library Card Sign-Up Month in NC

Did you know that September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month? To celebrate that distinctive feeling from many pleasant hours spent scouring favorite corners of the local library, we’re encouraging everyone who doesn’t have a library card to sign up for one today!

Throughout the month, bring a library card to your consultation at the ImpressionsHub in Asheville or Hendersonville and get a special $300 discount for Impressions invisible aligners. If you aren’t familiar with this new at-home treatment from Blue Ridge Orthodontics, they can straighten your teeth in half the time of traditional treatment and for half the cost.

Additionally, we are going to purchase a book for your local library, if you bring in a library card to your appointment.

What Do Beautiful Smiles & Library Books Have in Common?

Are you curious about why we are running this library card special? Besides a deep love of the knowledge and enrichment contained within a good library, research has shown that improving your smile and reading books can improve our feelings of well-being and increase our positivity. Additional studies indicate that more young people are finding their way into the library, and we want to do our part to encourage this trend in North Carolina.

Still skeptical? This infographic should illustrate our point even more clearly:

Graphic showing common benefits from straight teeth and reading books

Benefits of Reading Books

When was the last time you enjoyed a good book? Hopefully, it wasn’t too long ago, because non-habitual readers are missing out on a significant number of benefits. Reading books on a regular basis can lead to:

  • Improved writing skills
  • Increased empathy
  • Added knowledge and information
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Increased creativity
  • Enriched language and vocabulary

Benefits of Straight Teeth

With Impressions, it has never been easier (or more affordable) to get the smile of your dreams! Besides the aesthetic benefits, straighter teeth can lead to:

  • Stronger teeth
  • Improved confidence
  • Corrected speech impediments
  • Improved digestion
  • Decreased tooth decay and gum disease
  • Better breath

As we mentioned before, both reading and straight teeth produce some similar benefits that we want to highlight this month – those being a greater sense of well-being and a positive attitude.

Who wouldn’t like to feel that?


National Library Card Sign-up Month is a special event, and we’d like to encourage more people in North Carolina to visit their local library. These institutions deserve our support – and you may be pleasantly surprised if it has been a while since you visited one. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates throughout the month. If you have any questions about our library card special, then please don’t hesitate to ask us a question using our online chat or at 844.846.8836.

Blog about fashion bloggers living in North Carolina

North Carolina’s Top Style Bloggers

North Carolina is quickly becoming a stronghold of fierce, fashionable ladies who offer inspirational stories right alongside their expertly styled looks. In the last couple of years, style has seriously improved in the Tar Heel State, and we for one are very excited about it. Whether you’re an Asheville area local or hanging on the coast, there are plenty of inspiring bloggers out there proving that fashion doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Check out some of our favorite style and beauty experts and what they’re serving on their blogs.

Meet Brooke – The Tony Townie

We had to keep it local for our first gal! Brooke Williams (otherwise known as the Tony Townie) is an Asheville native and wardrobe stylist who found a way to blend her passion for fashion with her life as a mother. Williams integrates her lifestyle and her daughter, Harlow, into the beautiful posts and fashion tips that she’s made her career on. She also features our awesome home city of Asheville in lots of her posts, and we have to commend her for that!

Continuing my #selfcare reboot from last weekend into the new week 💚 For far too long I’ve been parceling myself and my spirit into tiny pieces trying to stay on top of everything I “need” to do, leaving very little time for anything I want to do. It’s like every minute of my day is scheduled before the day even dawns. Guilt runs rampant and it seems no matter how I structure my day something goes undone or doesn’t meet my standard and rather than focus on all I have achieved I get mired down with all I should’ve done. A miserable spiral if there ever was one… • So my current approach is take it as it comes. Embrace this somewhat chaotic season of life and realize one day I’ll miss it. To stop worrying so much about schedules I can’t meet and feel good about what I can fit in. To say no when I just can’t accommodate. To let inspiration strike when it’s there instead of forcing something to check a box. To soak up these last few days of summer and realize I only have 16 left until my baby flies on her own wings….what could possibly be happening that’s more worthy of my attention than these fleeting precious moments?? Time sure seems to be passing faster than I ever remember… • Dress and bag: @virtueasheville 👗 Photo: 📷 • • • • • • • #ashevillenc #asheville #ashevilleblogger #828isgreat #iheartavl #ashevillelocal #ashevillelove #blondesandcookies #lovedailydose #prettylittleinspo #theeverydaygirl #belovedstories #thedarlingmovement #alittlebeautyeveryday #myeverydaymagic #momentsofmine #lifestyleblogger #motherhoodinspired #bloggermom #modernmom #summerstyle #summerdress #frenchgirlstyle #strawbag #fashionphotography #fbloggerstyle #styleinspiration #enjoythemoments #summerstateofmind

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Be sure to check out Brooke’s blog and Instagram for some daily beauty inspiration, and follow her for updates!

Meet Melissa – Melissa Chanel

Melissa Chanel is a master of beauty, style, and achieving the perfect hair day always based in Charlotte. She is fashion-forward always and unapologetically so, and we are forever envious of her sweet collection of kicks. She is not only a source for inspiring outfits of the day but hilarious, honest commentary on her own life, including a great piece about online dating.

Follow Melissa Chanel’s Instagram for incredible looks shot in and around Charlotte, and in case you were wondering, Chanel is really her middle name.

Meet Lauren – Lauren Schwaiger

Lauren is a lifestyle blogger with a beautiful smile based in Charlotte. She also spends her time as a real estate agent. There’s a lot to love about her blog–the photos are great, she always looks stylish, and she’s clearly a big fan of wellness–but perhaps the best thing of all is how honest and approachable she seems. She’s not afraid to have a little fun and keep it classy while she does so.

Check out her Instagram to get updates on her casual-chic style.

Meet Kirby – Fashion By Day

Kirby Wolf is the woman before the lens of the expertly coordinated Fashion by Day blog. She spent years in L.A. as a personal stylist, and it certainly shows in the looks she sports. Her style is definitely classic with a heavy dose of West Coast cool. Kirby is one of those people who has the ability to make almost any item look wearable, even a pair of bright orange flared capri pants.

Take a look at Kirby’s Instagram for regular posts that will inspire you to reach outside the box with your look and still pull it off, as well as some lovely shots of her wedding.

Meet Louella – Louella Reese

Talk about well curated! Louella Reese is the creative brainchild of Laura Leigh, a Charlotte resident in her 20s who has an eye for color coordination and detail (plus a seriously beautiful head of hair). Her style is certainly girly but not without a fair bit of spunk, especially when she rocks a pair of overalls. She also talks candidly about her husband and her relationship.

Casual Sunday vibes 💙 just a reminder {because I know you neeeeed another one 🙈} today is the last day of the #NSale and my sweater + jeans are included and surprisingly still in stock! My sweater comes a variety of colors {black, pink, orange, cream, and red} and is perfect to wear now and later, I wear it around the house lots! … On another note, today is legit super casual and laid back for us, as our whole weekend has been! Which I’ve totally loved! May, June, and the first half of July were so busy for us, I’m really appreciating the slow down…before things get bananas the last week of August all the way through September 😬🎉 how’s the end of your summer shaping up to be? A slow-down or busy as ever? … Shop my #nordstromanniversarysale look + accessories by following @louellareese in the app or click the link in my bio for easy access to all the detail #liketkit #freepeople #framedenim #summerstyle #casualstyle #blueandwhite #americanstyle #ootdmagazine #lcdotcomloves #summerdenim #summersweater #thehappynow #thatsdalring pc:

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Check out her blog and follow her on Instagram  for selectively organized content.

Meet Ferriss – Just Ferriss

The woman behind the blog Just Ferriss is enviable in many ways, including her excellent wardrobe and gorgeous red hair. Her style is most definitely classic with an edge (as it says on her Insta), and she keeps things relatable by recycling key pieces and showcasing items that clearly came from a bygone era.

Follow Ferriss on Instagram for a look around Asheville and her many adorable outfits.

Dr Schüler holds the at home Impressions invisible aligners kit

Are You a Candidate for Impressions Invisible Aligners?

When getting started with Impressions, the first step is to visit one of our ImpressionsHubs for an evaluation performed by a board-certified dental specialist. During this appointment, they will decide if our proprietary aligner system is best for you to achieve the smile of your dreams.

Currently, ImpressionsHubs are situated in Western North Carolina, but the goal is to expand our network across the country.

Invisible aligners are taking the dental world by storm right now, and we get a lot of questions from individuals (like yourself) regarding their candidacy. Impressions may not be the right solution for everyone, so we’ve compiled a list of common questions and answers to give you an idea of whether or not you’re a candidate for our Impressions aligners.

What Are You Looking to Fix?

This is by far the most important indicator of candidacy for Impressions. What exactly are you looking to improve about your smile and how severe is your condition? Invisible aligners are great to fix a host of common issues一crowding, spacing, overbite and underbite一but there are limits to what they’re able to do: severe orthodontia is best left up to traditional correction systems.

If your issues are severe, you may be better suited to traditional braces, clear braces or the Invisalign system. The best way to find out is to come in and speak with one of our doctors during a complimentary consultation. If they find that you qualify for Impressions, you could get started with an 3D iTero digital intraoral scan before you leave the office that day!

Are Your Teeth Healthy?

Invisible aligners surround the teeth, slowly pushing them into proper placement. Due to the design of these aligners, it’s important that a patient’s teeth be in good dental shape. Wrapping a set of teeth in durable plastic for 22 hours a day can exacerbate existing dental issues.

Anyone interested in Impressions aligners must have visited their dentist within the last year and have any cavities filled ahead of time. Taking care of these steps in advance will make treatment that much easier and ensure your oral health is in top condition, which can further benefit the rest of your body.

What Is Your Age?

Candidacy for Impressions certainly depends on a person’s age. Invisible aligners benefit adults and older teenagers the most一their teeth and jaw have stopped growing, and they’ll be able to comply with the needs of treatment. As an added bonus, invisible aligners offer transparency, which is a much bigger area of focus for older patients. They want to be able to seek the treatment they’ve always wanted without putting their life on hold.

With Impressions, you get to see your smile change and don’t have to feel self-conscious while it’s doing so. Bulky metalware can make a young adult feel like a kid again, and rarely go over well in office settings. On the flip side, younger patients benefit from traditional braces because they don’t need to be removed at any time during treatment. While there are exceptions to every rule, generally candidacy is best for those patients that are nearing adulthood or already there.

Are You Dedicated to Fixing Your Smile?

This kind of question is important for anyone seeking orthodontic treatment一the investment is significant and work is certainly required一but it’s especially important for those interested in Impressions.

One of the key differences between invisible aligners and traditional methods of treatment is that aligners can be removed. When an Impressions patient eats or drinks anything other than water, their aligners have to be removed to keep them clean and sanitary.

Afterwards, the patient must brush and rinse their mouth thoroughly before replacing their aligners. It is also important to regularly clean aligners to keep them free of bacteria and prevent clouding. Though Impressions is certainly easier and more comfortable than most orthodontic options, this responsibility cannot be overlooked.

After the treatment period, which lasts between six to nine months on average, you will be responsible for wearing your retainer to maintain the new shape of your teeth. This is standard for all orthodontic correction options, but it’s important for a patient to understand what’s expected of them before beginning treatment. Invisible aligners are only as effective as you allow them to be; if you don’t wear them for the recommended 22 hours a day, they will not produce the best results. Younger patients with less discipline may be inclined to remove aligners because of some discomfort, and thus are not recommended to seek this style of treatment.

What Other Dental Work Have You Had?

Though previous orthodontic corrections and dental work do not exempt your candidacy for Impressions, it’s important that your doctor know ahead of time so that they can decide if aligners are the right fit. Many adults who previously received orthodontic treatment via traditional metal braces may have a permanent retainer on either the top or bottom rows of their teeth. If this is the case, the retainer will need to be removed before they can begin treatment with Impressions. The aligners can’t shift a permanent retainer, and it would hinder their ability to correct that row of teeth.

The same is true for implants or bridges. Implants are screwed into the jawbone, and thus will not move during treatment. Talk to your family doctor about the best course of action if you currently have permanent or semi-permanent pieces in your mouth, and please feel free to come in for a complimentary appointment to consult with our doctors as well.


While all the above questions should be considered before you make a decision about treatment, the most important one really is, are you ready to have the smile that you’ve always wanted? Impressions is an exciting option for those who are seeking mild to moderate orthodontic correction. Because of the teledentistry model we use, patients save time and money when they use Impressions. Just read what our good friend and patient Kaitlin Gonzalez had to say about her experience using Impressions.

There is a lot to love about invisible aligners, but they may not be the right style of treatment for every individual. Ask yourself the above questions or fill out this small questionnaire to find out if Impressions is right for you.

Woman starts Impressions treatment in North Carolina

How Impressions Brings Orthodontics to More People in North Carolina

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just released a report saying that more than 60% of counties in the U.S. do not have an orthodontist office. This means that residents of those counties do not have easy access to an orthodontic practice and likely have to take additional time off work and out of school to seek treatment. Impressions is doing its part to help out. Thanks to the teledentistry model in place, more Americans, and specifically those in our home state of North Carolina, are able to access quality orthodontic care and achieve the smile of their dreams from the comfort of their homes.

Impressions is a new and exciting orthodontic care option that delivers the trays to you. Instead of spending a chunk of time in-office, most of the treatment for Impressions can be done from your favorite spot on the couch. Our aligners, made from the same ultra durable material as Invisalign, are delivered all at once, so a patient can follow instructions and see results in less time than normal.

Since less in-office time is needed for treatment, Impressions is able to reach a wider audience. We’ve been able to help patients from all over the state of North Carolina. Three trips to one of our ImpressionsHubs, including the complimentary consultation, is all that’s required to get straighter, brighter teeth in a matter of months. Find out if you’re a candidate…

Why Use Impressions?

Though we are proud that the teledentistry model has made quality care available to those who are traditionally underserved in this country, there are other great reasons to use Impressions too! Even if you live in a county that has a strong orthodontic presence, you may find Impressions is easier and more affordable than the options offered at a traditional practice. That’s because Impressions has revolutionized the clear aligner system.

Unlike Invisalign, which is effective but often costly, Impressions produces results for half the cost of traditional clear aligners at half the required time. We developed this infographic to provide more information about Impressions and what to expect.

Impressions Was Created By BRO’s Dr. Roberts

Dr. Luke Roberts developed Impressions because he sincerely believes that more people deserve the smile of their dreams. After years of working in an established orthodontic office, he realized that many members of our community in Western North Carolina can not afford traditional treatment, and thus are unable to make the changes that they hope for.

With Impressions, our driving goal is to bring orthodontic treatment to more people across the U.S.

How Does These Invisible Aligners Work?

Impressions is an incredibly easy-to-use system that also offers results. When you come in for a consultation at one of our ImpressionsHubs, a doctor will examine your jaw and teeth. If you are a candidate for Impressions, you will receive an iTero Digital Scan that same day at no cost to you and will be able to see a 3D image of your future smile within minutes.

Why 3D Scans Are Better Than The Putty for Impressions

We decided to use the iTero Scanner because we saw how the traditional dental impressions taken with putty often lead to ill fitting aligners. A quality impression is one of the most crucial aspects to treatment, so we took a page out of the Invisalign book.

Instead of sending putty and a tray to patient’s houses and expecting them to get a good impression on their own, we bring our patients to an ImpressionsHub and take a comprehensive, accurate 360 degree digital scan of their entire mouth and build our aligners from there. With the iTero Scan, nothing is left up to chance. Patients will be able to preview their treatment course from the office and leave knowing exactly what to expect moving forward. That’s just another reason to love Impressions invisible aligners.

Straight Teeth in Half the Time As Invisalign

Impressions is designed to provide treatment in a drastically reduced amount of time. No, we haven’t cracked some secret code that makes your teeth move at hyperspeed. The mission of Impressions from its inception was to provide orthodontic care to those who need mild to moderate correction in the Asheville area. Most Americans would benefit from some kind of orthodontic care, but only a handful are able to afford it.

Impressions wants to bridge that gap, offering corrections in cases that aren’t as serious as others. On average, our patients are able to achieve the smile of their dreams in only six to nine months. Compare that to the average treatment time of Invisalign (18 months) or traditional braces (24 months), and you can see why so many people in Western North Carolina are looking to Impressions for orthodontic care.

Straight Teeth for Half the Cost of Invisalign

Finally, Impressions costs much less than most other orthodontic treatment options, and that is for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, Impressions is an at-home orthodontic treatment, which means that the majority of your #teethgains can be done from inside your office or the comfort of your couch. Not only will you spend less money out of pocket for the treatment, you won’t have to waste resources on gas and time away from work to make constant appointments.

Of course, our team is available to you via phone, email, or social media. If needed, you can make emergency appointments at our ImpressionsHub. Fortunately, most patients will only need to come into the office three times throughout their entire treatment.

Within six weeks following your consultation appointment, your invisible aligners will be shipped to your front door. You’ll wear each set for the dictated amount of time before switching to the next one. All of your materials will be labeled and each Impressions kit comes with a short but detailed manual (with illustrations), as well as a complimentary whitening gel.

Before you know it, you’ll be sporting a bright, white, perfectly aligned set of teeth that everyone around you will be complimenting.

Book Your Consultation Today

We understand that life moves a mile a minute, and more people than ever are working long hours to achieve their dreams. Impressions is the orthodontic option that works with you. It offers quality care alongside convenience and affordability. To find out if you are a candidate for Impressions treatment, click the button…

Woman smiling about getting her Impressions invisible aligners

14 Reasons People Love Impressions Invisible Aligners

Straight teeth in as little as six months, invisible braces that are shipped to your door for half the price of Invisalign, do Impressions invisible aligners really live up to the hype?  It’s understandable that you might be skeptical of these claims, but you ask one our patients, they’ll tell you the same thing– “I love my Impressions!”

This at-home at-home treatment is based on the Invisalign system and proven to straighten your teeth in half the time as those clear aligners.

But don’t take our word for it: read what other people are saying about Impressions and how it can change your life for the better.

1) Get Your Dream Smile in Just 6 Months

So many people end up with treatment that takes years to work. With Impressions, the average length of treatment is 6 to 9 months. That means less time worrying about your teeth and more time flashing a flawless smile!

2) Minimal Office Visits

Impressions starts with a complimentary consultation at the ImpressionsHub where you’ll get to meet our orthodontic specialists in person and get an idea of what to expect during treatment. On that very same day, we’ll take a 3D scan of your teeth that will show you exactly how your smile will transform over the coming months. You’ll leave our office feeling fresh, excited, and ready to make an incredible impression.

3) No Messy DIY Putty Kits

Other providers of at-home alternatives to Invisalign may send you a DIY putty kit to take a mold of your teeth and develop trays from there, but we’ve found that a 3D scan is the most effective way to capture an image of a patient’s teeth. A lot can go wrong when mixing and applying putty to your own teeth; we figured we’d keep it clean and easy, ultimately making the process of getting your invisible aligners more convenient for everyone involved.

4) You Get To Preview Your New Smile

Another great part about our initial consultation is that you’ll be able to see exactly what your smile will look like at the end of treatment before you even walk out the door. That’s thanks to our 3D iTero scanner and some amazing dental technology.  If you want to see a preview of your dream smile, just let us know!

5) Your Impressions Trays Are Shipped to Your Door

Impressions box with clear aligners gets delivered to patient in Asheville

Your entire set of trays will be shipped directly to your door within six weeks of your initial consultation. You hardly have to leave your house to get started on the smile of your dreams. Our box includes every aligner that you’ll need throughout treatment, as well as a little something extra!

6) Work with a Diamond-Level Invisalign Orthodontist

You may not be familiar with the phrase “Diamond-Level”, but it’s basically the highest certification that an Invisalign provider can achieve. Translation? You know that your teeth are going to be in good hands throughout treatment.

7) Impressions Aligners Are Made With the Best Material

When compared to other Invisalign alternatives, Impressions is second to none. It’s the best product in its category because of three things:

  1. Every treatment starts with a 3D iTero scan of the teeth
  2. Impressions uses the Invisalign system to develop a treatment plan and manufacture the aligners — so the patient is getting the best product made with the best materials in the clear aligner industry
  3. Impressions treatment is planned by a Diamond-level Invisalign provider. This assures the patient that they will have the best and most effective clear aligner treatment

8) It’s Half the Cost of Invisalign & Braces

Invisalign is a wonderful way to correct one’s teeth, but the cost can be significant. Enter Impressions, the clear-aligner alternative to Invisalign that offers effective correction at literally half the cost. That means that you’ll be saving thousands on treatment and still walk away with a gorgeous set of teeth.

9) They Offer Affordable Financing Options

We believe in Impressions, which is why we want our patients to be able to experience the difference first-hand. To that end, our financing options have never been better. Not only does Impressions cost half of what Invisalign costs, it files with all insurance companies. Still not able to afford it? Don’t worry, we have a number of flexible financing options that can make Impressions available to you.

10) Impressions Aligners Compliment Your Busy Lifestyle

Woman takes out her Impressions invisible aligners before taking a selfie

Impressions is the best orthodontic treatment for people who are constantly on the go. Whether it’s for business, pleasure, or both, you’ll be able to bring your trays with you wherever you go. Since all of your aligners arrive in the mail at once, there’s no need to schedule deliveries or request early pickups, which can end up being quite the hassle. When it’s time to eat or drink, Impressions aligners pop right off!

11) Impressions Comes with a Complimentary Teeth Whitening Kit

Since we know that no perfect set of teeth should have to be dull, we’re offering complimentary teeth whitening with all Impressions kits. Inside your box, you’ll find a sample of a premium whitening gel that will lighten your teeth – you’ll notice significant difference after the first time you use it. See what Kaitlin Gonzalez, makeup artist and online beauty blogger, had to say about it in our interview with her.

12) Have Questions? The Impressions Team is Here to Help

We understand that the idea of “at-home” orthodontic treatment might be a little intimidating. What do you do when you have questions about your trays? And what if a set gets lost? When we launched Impressions, we dedicated ourselves to providing exemplary customer service. We know that unexpected potholes come up on the road to oral correction, which is why we want you to know we are here for you!

See that chat box in the right hand corner? You can ask our team questions whenever you need to!

13) Get Your Perfect Smile一Without Sacrificing your Confidence

The beauty of clear aligners is that they offer the opportunity to achieve the perfect smile without having to sacrifice your confidence along the way. Our trays are made with the most-durable material in the business and are virtually undetectable.

Let’s face it, who wants to spend 18 months with a mouth full of metal in order to get straight teeth? With Impressions, you can feel confident during your treatment, because our aligners are virtually invisible. There’s no need to feel shy as you work your way to the smile of your dreams.

14) Keeps Your Mouth Kissable

Woman feels confident with invisible aligners on date

Maybe this isn’t on the top of everyone’s list of priorities, but it’s certainly nice to know. With Impressions, your teeth are treated by a clear set of plastic aligners made from a super durable material. You’ll be able to feel the difference that the aligners are making, but your significant other won’t.

Kate Gonzalez smiles to show off her Impressions invisible aligners

Beauty Blogger, Unstoppable Mom, and Rising Instagram Star Kaitlin Gonzalez Shares Her Impressions Story

Kaitlin Gonzalez understands aesthetic appeal…

As a freelance makeup artist and online beauty blogger with over 13k Instagram followers, she is literally the face of her company. When Kaitlin needed discreet orthodontic correction, she saw the appeal in Impressions invisible aligners right away.

Recently Kaitlin sat down with us to discuss the details of her experience with Impressions (so far). We couldn’t be more excited to share her Impressions journey with you today!

How did you find out about Impressions?

Well, I had an acquaintance who worked for Dr. Roberts at Blue Ridge Orthodontics in Asheville. She asked if I had ever considered doing something to correct my smile. By chance, I had recently gone in to get scanned for Invisalign with a different orthodontist. So this acquaintance excitedly shared the details of this new treatment they were offering called Impressions. Compared to Invisalign, these new invisible aligners were incredibly affordable!

You see, this was not my first time seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult. I had gotten traditional metal braces about 6 years ago. After 18 months of treatment, my smile was certainly looking better, but I wasn’t great about wearing my reminder. It eventually got to the point where my retainer didn’t fit in my mouth anymore. After that, I admittedly gave up on it. If I was going to going to make this investment in my smile again, I wanted to do things differently. After learning about all of the advantages with Impressions, it was a pretty easy choice.

Did you have any concerns about the treatment before you got started?

I was worried that I’d be required about to come in to their office frequently一this would have been a deal breaker for me. Fortunately, that is not something I have to worry about with Impressions. When they say it is an “at-home orthodontic treatment,” they mean it! Impressions invisible aligners are a perfect fit for me as a mom and business owner who works from home.

Compared to traditional metal braces and Invisalign, the Impressions treatment plan is much more affordable, requires less office visits, and takes a lot less time. If you are curious about Impressions, they will offer you a complimentary consultation at the ImpressionsHub — it’s definitely worth it!

What was the experience when you visited our ImpressionsHub?

It was great!!

Everyone is very welcoming and their ImpressionsHub is nothing short of impressive. The staff is great and I loved Dr. Schuler! During my consultation, they were very open and took the time to go over each of my options. That made a big difference for me一I felt cared for right off the bat.

Upon arriving, I met with the treatment coordinator and got some pics and X-rays taken. Then I was shown a video and a real example of the impressions trays, which I liked. After that, I met with one of their orthodontists, Dr. Schuler. She made sure I understood what I would need to do to ensure the best results with Impressions, but she wasn’t pushy about anything.

My projected treatment time was just 16 weeks!!

Were you shown how Impressions would transform your smile when you came in for your scan?

Yes! I was able to see a 3D preview of my smile, which took less than 10 minutes to complete— it was super fast. I was given the option to come back in again to meet with the Dr. Schuler if I had any concerns about the treatment plan after the scan. While I didn’t have to, I really appreciated that Dr. Schuler would have been willing to meet with me again. It really made me feel important and cared for, which was awesome!

Can you tell us a little bit about the Impressions box when it arrived at your home – what was your initial Impression?

I got my Impressions box in about two weeks (though it normally takes up to six.) It was delivered right to my doorstep and it contained this hand written note from the person who had packed it. The note was really touching and encouraged me to reach out if had any issues. There are details and clear instructions for everything included in your Impressions box, like what you need to do with the trays.

Impressions box with clear aligners gets delivered to patient in Asheville

It was short, sweet and easy to follow.

There was a sample of the premium whitening gel in the box, which worked really well for me! I will probably end up buying more of the whitening get after I run out. They also include a sticker in the box that has some details about the person who packed your Impressions box. For me, this personable touch makes a really big difference and elevates the whole experience. I learned that my box had been packed with care by Karissa.

So another cool aspect of Impressions is that you get all of your trays right at the start. You are getting a sneak preview of what my teeth will look like by the end of treatment. That’s really cool!

Anything you wish you knew before you started on Impressions?

I don’t think so, it really has been a simple process for me. It’s not difficult to stick to your treatment plan with Impressions invisible aligners. One personal tip: I always have my tray case on me. This habit works as a nice little safety net, since I don’t need to stress if I ever have an unexpected reason to take out my tray.

At this point, I’m five weeks in with Impressions and everything has become second nature for me.

How do you clean your trays?

I haven’t had any issues with cleanliness.

Holding Impressions invisible aligners in Asheville, NC

The box included a special cleaner solution that works on invisible aligners like Invisalign, but I honestly haven’t had to use it yet. I brush my trays every time I brush my teeth, plus I use cleaning crystals.

What is your favorite part about the Impressions treatment?

I know I’m getting the smile of my dreams without having to sacrifice anything for it. Unlike when I had metal braces in my mouth six years ago, I never feel self conscious with Impressions. As I’ve been growing my Instagram following, this has been an incredible perk! Ironically, my husband has traditional braces right now.

Why do you think others should consider Impressions compared to other treatment options?

Well, if you’d like to get your dream smile without having to struggle through the self consciousness that comes with traditional orthodontic treatments, I would highly recommend Impressions invisible aligners!

It’s cheaper than braces and Invisalign and I can’t praise how convenient it has been for my busy lifestyle. As one person who has actually had traditional braces as an adult, I can confidently say that Impressions is far easier, less painful and less invasive.

Kaitlin, thank you so much for talking with us and we are so happy to hear how much you’re loving your experience with Impressions!

You can follow Kaitlin Gonzalez @katedgonzalez on Instagram and find her go-to beauty products at Younique.

Bride shows of straight smile she got from Impressions invisible aligners

Impressions Will Be at the Veils & Tails Wedding Festival in Greenville

Attention all brides- and grooms-to-be: We’re excited to announce that our Impressions Pop-Up Shop will be at the Veils and Tails Wedding Festival in Greenville, SC on Tuesday, June 12th! Why you should you stop by? One of our orthodontists will be with us as well as the entire Impressions team and our 3D scanner. This means that you can have your initial consultation at the festival!

On top of that, we have a special offer for anyone who stops by our pop-up shop: $100 off the total cost of treatment  if they get started that day! Given that Impressions is already half the cost of Invisalign, this is a pretty amazing deal! (You can see if you are candidate for Impressions by clicking the button below)

Anyone who’s gone through the rigamarole of wedding planning knows that success is in the details, including color coordination, floral arrangements, music selection, and the kind of food that will be served at the reception. You’ve already taken so much time to organize this celebration, why not guarantee you’ll have the perfect smile?

We’ve helped many brides and grooms in the Asheville area achieve their dream sm(aisle) moment. Now, we’re excited to set up shop in Greenville!

How can your naturally gorgeous smile be improved? Read on for a couple of our suggestions.

Teeth Whitening

You have options when it comes to the whitening of your teeth, but it’s always a good move prior to nuptials, especially for the bride. You don’t want your teeth to look lackluster next to the brilliant shade of cream or white that you’ve chosen for your gown.

Premium Teeth Whitening In Every Impressions Box

The fastest and most effective way to whiten your teeth is a professional treatment. Luckily, this is something that you automatically receive when you choose to get your teeth straightened with Impressions!

Bride-to-be gets Impressions Box delivered to her door

DIY – At Home Whitening

It’s an exciting moment when you receive your Impressions Box. Opening it up and seeing all your trays at once provides a surreal preview into what your smile will look like when your treatment is completed. On top of that, each box comes with our premium teeth whitening treatment solution. This is the ultimate way to whiten your teeth at home!

All you need to do is put some of the teeth whitening solution into your tray before you go to sleep for the night. While you are getting your well-deserved beauty sleep, our special solution will be doing some serious to ensure you have a smile that really sparkles!!

Remember that it’s crucial not to eat or drink anything that could stain your teeth for at least two days before the wedding. Afraid you’ll turn into a bridezilla without your morning caffeine boost? No worries, just use a straw.

Straight Smile Perfection

While a bright smile is good, one complete with beautiful, straight teeth is even better! That’s why we’re coming to the Veils and Tails Wedding Festival with our Impressions team and iTero scanner in tow.

If you aren’t familiar with Impressions, it’s a proprietary orthodontic service that straightens teeth through clear aligners in half the time and for half the cost of Invisalign. Though the Impressions trays are made from the same top-notch material, Dr. Luke Roberts has invented a method of production that cuts down on overhead costs and only requires two office visits. The rest of treatment is done from the comfort and convenience of your home. Come see us at our pop-up during Veils and Tails for more information and learn if Impressions is right for you.

To make the deal even sweeter and reward those soon-to-be brides (and grooms) who have worked so hard, we are offering $100 off total treatment for anyone who starts treatment that day!

We cannot wait to meet the lovely brides and grooms in Greenville and help them achieve the smiles of their dreams. Veils and Tails will be held on Tuesday, June 12th and tickets are available online. You can find more information and purchase tickets at the Wedding Festivals website.

Holding Impressions invisible aligners in Asheville, NC

Introducing Impressions – A New At-Home Invisalign Alternative

“You may need braces…”

This isn’t exactly the news you want to hear when you go to your dentist. If you’re a professional or actively trying to find that special someone in your life, a mouth full of metal doesn’t exactly fit well into your lifestyle.

Invisalign is a good alternative to consider, but that treatment will run about $7,000. You may have invisible braces, but you’ll also probably need to cancel that upcoming vacation escape.

But wait, there’s another option…

What’s more, this Invisalign alternative takes half the time and is only about half the cost. This is the revolutionary Impressions treatment program.

Infographic describes Impressions treatment plan and cost

What Exactly Is “Impressions” & Why Should I Care?

Impressions is an at-home take on the Invisalign formula, developed by an orthodontist who has the distinction of being a Diamond-level Invisalign provider (among the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the country).

With Impressions, we have created an awesome new solution for people who are seeking an “at home” orthodontic treatment. It is safe, effective and significantly less expensive than Invisalign or other traditional orthodontic treatments.

The people who have completed the Impressions program all have one thing in common – they have more confidence! Studies show that an improved smile boosts self esteem and naturally builds your confidence in social settings. In addition, you’ll come away with whiter teeth thanks to our patented aligner whitening system!

Wait…How Does Impressions Differ from Invisalign?

Do you know anyone who has ever gone through the Invisalign treatment process? Patients get a 3D scan of their teeth taken and a set of aligners are created. These aligners utilize attachments that help guide misaligned teeth into their proper place.

Unlike traditional braces, your aligners can be removed at any time. This makes eating and brushing your teeth much more convenient and is a preferred option for adults in need of orthodontic treatment. That being said, Invisalign still requires several in-office check-ups over the course of treatment.

Unlike other Invisalign alternatives, we don’t like dealing with the goopy, messy results that can come from taking your impressions at home. We will have you come into our ImpressionsHub, and we’ll take a 3D scan of your mouth. It’s a quick and painless process that always delivers accurate results.

After your scan, you’ll receive your Impressions kit in the mail, and you are good to go! Impressions aligners are changed on a weekly basis in order to move teeth into proper alignment. Unlike Invisalign, our at-home treatment doesn’t require any attachments on the teeth. All in all, the only other time(s) you’ll need to make an office visit would be for a refinement scan and possibly a retainer appointment.

What Issues Can Be Treated with Impressions?

Our Impressions system can be used to treat a wide range of issues that are keeping you from your perfect smile. Wondering if you are a candidate for Impressions? Here are some of the conditions we can treat:

  • Crowding and spacing issues
  • Overbites
  • Underbites

How Long Does Impressions Take Compared to Invisalign?

On top of costing half as much, the Impressions treatment plan takes half the time! You will have a transformed, confidence-boosting smile in only 6 to 9 months after your Impressions Kit arrives in the mail. So how does this compare to Invisalign or traditional metal braces?

  • Invisalign takes about 18 months on average to correct moderate to severe orthodontic issues.
  • Traditional metal braces take 24 months on average to correct moderate to severe orthodontic problems.

How Much Less Costly Is Impressions Compared to Invisalign?

If you want Invisalign, this clear aligner treatment will run you about $6,800. Does insurance cover any portion of the treatment? Yes, it does. Depending on what coverage you have, between $500 to $1,500 can be covered.

Impressions, on the other hand, will only cost $3,500 for the entire treatment! That’s a pretty big difference, especially if you are a young professional with a busy lifestyle and bills to pay. On top of that, insurance can cover between $500 to $1,500.

Why You’re Getting the Highest Quality with Impressions

If you are looking for an alternative to Invisalign, there are plenty of options out there. However, not many of them have been developed by an orthodontics team that is one of the leading Invisalign providers on the planet. When Dr. Roberts developed Impressions, he wanted to provide a top-of-the-line orthodontic treatment that was more convenient and could be offered at a more accessible price point.

That being said, quality was not something he was willing to sacrifice in order to get there (unlike other Invisalign alternatives). Impressions aligners are made using the advanced material that is used in Invisalign aligners.

The Impressions At-Home Routine

Six weeks after your initial consultation and 3D scan, you’ll receive the Impressions Kit in the mail. This will contain your aligners and everything else you’ll need to stay on track as you embark on your new treatment plan.

In addition to your aligners and the cases for your trays, you’ll also find the Impressions manual. This will show you how to “seat” your aligners for the first time by properly positioning them and using your “chewies.”

To seat the aligners, you:

  1. Look for the markings that distinguish Upper “U” from Lower “L”
  2. Using even pressure, put the aligners in place
  3. Place chewies between your top and bottom teeth and bite down
  4. Make sure the aligners are tightly on your teeth without gaps

You’ll be wearing your Impressions aligners for 20 to 22 hours per day. You can take them out to eat and drink (no need to remove them to drink water). Be sure to brush your teeth and the aligners before placing them back in your mouth!

Ready to Get Started?

If you are a busy individual who doesn’t want to put your life on hold while transforming your smile, then Impressions is a no brainer! Impressions costs about half as n= traditional Invisalign or braces do, and aligners are still made with Invisalign’s highest quality material.

Click here to see if you are a candidate for Impressions. If you have already started the program, we’d love to see how you’re progressing! Click here to join us on Facebook or share a pic on Instagram with the hashtag: #Impressionsmile

Impressions at home treatment kit arrives in Asheville

Getting Started with Impressions

For patients seeking a legitimate “at-home” alternative to Invisalign, we are proud to introduce Impressions!

The Impressions invisible aligners are the best product in the at-home category for 3 key reasons:

  1. We guarantee perfect impressions because our treatment begins with a 3D iTero scan of the your teeth.
  2. We’ve developed Impressions based on Invisalign’s cutting-edge system, so you are getting a high-quality product backed by the best materials in the clear aligner industry.
  3. Your treatment plan has been developed by a Diamond-level Invisalign provider. Rest assured that you wouldn’t be getting that level of treatment from any other Invisalign alternative.

Want to see if you’re a candidate for Impressions?


Impressions Starts with a Scan

Alright, so you think you are a candidate for Impressions, that’s great! If you’re ready to have a smile that’s truly worth beaming about, it is super easy to get started with Impressions. Here’s how it works:

  1. Complete our candidate form and set a time for your initial scan at an ImpressionsHub.
  2. On that day, you’ll come in and meet with our orthodontic specialists.
  3. We’ll take a quick scan of your teeth using our 3D digital iTero scanner.
  4. You will receive your Impressions kit (link to post about what is in the Impressions Kit) in the mail in 6 weeks.
  5. Follow your treatment plan.
  6. Make an incredible impression with your new smile in 6 to 9 months.

You might be wondering why we don’t offer at home impressions as a part of this orthodontic treatment. While this is something that other Invisalign competitors offer, there is a specific reason we start each Impressions treatment with a 3D scan – because it is far too easy to make a bad first impression with those do-it-yourself at home kits.

4 Reasons Why We Use 3D Scans for Impressions

1) Trays Aren’t the Right Size

You’re excited to take your first impression of your smile, and you find out that the trays you received are not the right size. This is certainly a bummer – and, yes, it does happen. This is especially disappointing if you had planned your treatment schedule around a special event (like your graduation or wedding) in 6 to 9 months. Now you find yourself facing an unexpected delay and having to wait even longer to achieve the smile of your dreams. You’ll have to ship the original trays back and wait for a while to get your adjusted tray size.

2) Putty Mixing Issues

If the size of the trays is correct, then you have the putty/impression mold to deal with next.  You need to make sure that the gray and purple putty is completely mixed into one solid color. If you are still seeing some purple swirls in the mix, then it isn’t going to be able to set properly and capture a perfect impression.

If you are able to mix the material properly, be ready to take that next step as the putty will begin to harden immediately. You need to have it properly placed in the tray and in your mouth within a minute. If you have any interruptions (kids in the house, a lively pet or even just a needy roommate), you could run into some issues.

3) Imperfect Impressions from the Tray

So once the putty has been put in place, then it is time to place it in your mouth. You’re probably thinking, “No issue there!” – but here’s the thing. This is more complicated than it seems on the surface. When it’s in your mouth, you need to keep that tray steady. Otherwise, you can end up with:

  • A double imprint of your teeth and gums
  • A distortion of the shape and length of your teeth

You need to place the tray in your mouth very carefully, and keep it in place for three and a half minutes. You’ll need to resist the urge to bite down, talk or laugh…

4) Having to Repeat the Process 3 More Times

Finally, you will need to repeat this whole process at least 3 more times. Why? Because that is the only way to ensure your aligners actually are accurate.

With Impressions, we can ensure a 100% accurate impression each time because our treatment always starts with a 3D iTero scan of your teeth!

Holding Impressions invisible aligners in Asheville, NC

Why Are 3D Scans Preferred?

Getting a 3D iTero scan is the fast, easy and more accurate alternative to the at-home kits our competitors rely on. Instead of worrying about whether you’ve done it correctly, one of our talented orthodontists will capture a perfect 3D image of your mouth. As your mom probably told you, first impressions are extremely important – you don’t want to mess that up!

When you visit the ImpressionsHub, you’ll meet with one of our orthodontists and use our 3D iTero scan technology to take a digital scan of your teeth.

Here are few reasons we like to use the iTero system?

  • It’s non-invasive, painless, and it generates a perfect 3D image of your mouth in minutes.
  • This is quick and efficient in a way that makes the putty mold impression obsolete.
  • Once the scan is complete, you will have the opportunity to see your scan results and ask some questions about the Impressions program with one of our orthodontists.

What Happens After the Scan?

You’re on your way to:

  • A better smile
  • More confidence
  • Better overall health

Following your scan, you will be able to see the results and learn a little more about the current state of your mouth – and more importantly, get a 3D preview of what your new smile is going to look like. All of this can be shared with you via email upon request.

Impressions Orthodontic specialist holding at-home treatment kit

Your Impressions Trays Are Shipped Directly to You

6 weeks after your initial consultation and 3D scan, you’ll receive the Impressions Box in the mail! This will contain your aligners and everything else you’ll need to stay on track as you embark on your new treatment plan.

Get Impressions Today

If you are a busy individual who doesn’t want to put your life on hold while transforming your smile, then Impressions is a no brainer! Impressions costs about half the price of traditional Invisalign or braces, and aligners are still made with Invisalign’s highest quality material.

Click here to see if you are a candidate for Impressions. If you have already started the program, we’d love to see how you’re progressing! Click here to join us on Facebook or share a pic on Instagram with the hashtag: #Impressionsmile